Animals in Stone

Author : Alexandra Anna Enrica van der Geer
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After the Indus Valley period, there is an archaeological silence of about a millennium as far as animal ... judging from the archaeological remains of settlements and fortifications, but no animals in stone sculpture have been found ...

The Stepping Stone to Natural History Vertebrate Or Backboned Animals

Author : James Owen (naturalist.)
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A. Little animals produced from the spawn about a month after it is deposited . Q. What is the appearance of the Tadpole ? A. It seems to consist merely of a head and tail ; with a pair of tufted gills attached to each side of the head ...

Plant Stone and Animal

Author : Maria Yraceburu
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She told the story to all the people. bik'egubijedidíí – our animal prayers – teach us not to be one sided, to live our way, and allow others their way. This is the Path of Peace among All Our Relations. According to bik'egubijedidíí, ...

A descriptive catalogue of stone earthen and vegetable animal materials and bronze in the Museum of the Royal Irish Academy Illustrated with numerous wood engravings With a preface by J H Todd

Author : Sir William Robert Wills WILDE
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SEPULTURE : -Urns , vases , and the objects found therein ; incinerated and other bones of men or the lower animals ; Ogham stones , crosses , effigies , tombstones . 12. MISCELLANEOUS : - All objects , arranged according to their ...

Science in Modern Life

Author : James Richard Ainsworth Davis
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At the opening of the New Stone Age the climate was temperate, the animal and plant life was essentially similar to that of the present day, and Great Britain was finally an island. It is very generally held that there is a considerable ...

A Study Guide for Ruth Stone s Another Feeling

Author : Gale, Cengage Learning
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Belief in the ethical treatment of animals depends upon a recognition of the legitimate emotional states ... Interestingly, Stone's poem does not specify whether the pigs in question are wild pigs or perhaps locallyowned pigs left to ...


Author : Andy Goldsworthy
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Stone gathering Stonework by Joe Smith and Philip Dolphin Photograph by Julian Calder RAY DEMESNE, NORTHUMBERLAND SPRING 1993 Slate dome hole Wall by ... One enclosure contains randomly placed stones - as animals in a confined space.

Urban Habitats

Author : C. Philip Wheater
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animals use stones as refuges from extremes of microclimate (drying or freezing) or to avoid predation. ... If the stone is carefully lifted then, with a little practice, the animals may be picked up, preferably using a pair of ...


Author : Michael E. Moran
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There are many methods of getting an animal to form stones, though the specific type of stone makes each model unique. ... The urinary tracts of animals are different than humans and include significant characteristics that make them ...

The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Travel and Tourism

Author : Linda L. Lowry
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Lesego S. Stone Moren Tibabo Stone Wildlife tourism encompasses interacting with and observing wildlife. The interactions range from inert observation to touching and/or feeding the species observed. There are areas of overlap between ...