Improving Employee Health and Well Being

Author : Ana Maria Rossi
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In the fourth volume of the series Stress and Quality of Working Life, we are pleased to present our book of readings entitled Improving Employee Health and Well-Being. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary group of experts, ...

Research Handbook on Work and Well Being

Author : Ronald J. Burke
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For European employers the main financial incentive is cutting the cost of sickness absence and improving employee health and safety (International HR Forum, 2011; O'Reilly, 2015). Other cultural differences are also noted: US companies ...

Handbook of Research on Key Dimensions of Occupational Safety and Health Protection Management

Author : Živkovi?, Snežana
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Such policies should promote and support the physical and mental health and well-being of all employees. ... The authors referred to previous research that shows how organizations can improve employee health and well-being, specifically ...

Work and Quality of Life

Author : Nora P. Reilly
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Organizational-level health and well-being interventions are a primary lever in improving employee health (Cox, 1997; Griffin et al., 2000; Heaney, 2003). Recently, the UK Foresight project on “Mental Capital and Well-being” project put ...

The Innovation Imperative in Health Care Organisations

Author : Peter Spurgeon
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Demonstrated concern and genuine co-action on employee health and wellbeing is fundamental to building an engaged workforce. ... there remains much scope for improving staff health and welfare across the NHS as a whole.

Examining the Role of Well Being in the Marketing Discipline

Author : Pamela L. Perrewé
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Such healthy workplace programs are defined as “employer-sponsored initiatives directed at improving the health and well-being of workers” (Goetzel et al., 2008, p. 4). These programs are generally based on the recognition that ...

Creating Healthy Organizations

Author : Graham Lowe
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Taking Action to Improve Employee Well-Being, Revised and Expanded Edition Graham Lowe. Furthermore, culture was defined as the behaviors that everyone expects of each other, or as the executive team agreed, “how we treat each other, ...

The Handbook of Stress and Health

Author : Cary L. Cooper
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Optimising workplace interventions for health and well-being: A commentary on the limitations of the public health perspective within the ... In F. Huppert and C. L. Cooper (Eds.), Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing, vol.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Author : Ronald J. Burke
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More organizations today are taking an interest in not only their role in affecting employee health but a broader interest in improving employee health and well-being in the interests of becoming a more effective workplace (Berry et al.

Creating Psychologically Healthy Workplaces

Author : Ronald J. Burke
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Other ways to enhance well-being are to increase support at work, encourage employees to view change as positive, increase worker control and autonomy, and help employees deal more effectively with high levels of job demands.