Ink in the Wheels

Author : S. Barton Cutter
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Ink in the Wheels: Stories to Make Love Roll delves into themes of family influences and dynamics, creating external and internal support networks, direct support staff and the balance of caregiving, losing faith in one another and ...

Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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... periphperipheral surfaces of the rolls in contact with the said eral surface of
said wheel , means for rotating said wheel ... mounted wheels absence of milk ,
the axis of said portion of the passage whose axes are on the skew to apply ink in

The House on Wheels

Author : Stolz (Mme. de.)
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I have seen neither pens nor ink in the carriage . ' “ Well , it wasn't easy , I can tell
you ; I began by carefully saving a bit of white paper in which a shophad wrapped
some red ribbon for my black velvet body ; then I cut a point to a bit of stick to ...

Specifications and Drawings of Patents Relating to Electricity Issued by the U S

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7 shows the appearance of the record of carries one of the wheels E . The other (
marked character representing the letters ... The | Having thus described my
invention , what I wheels are partially immersed in a vessel , I , claim isfilled with
ink ...

The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia

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the four surfaces of which the types are firmly fixed in gal- wheels , S , are of the
same size as the inking cylinder . leys . ... The ink a small wheel , G , turning a
large one , F , upon the end of cylinder KK receives its ink from the distributing
rolier ...

The Wheels of Chance

Author : Herbert George Wells
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line of the reddest of red ink. In his little cyclist hand-book there is a diary, and in
the diary there is an entry of these things — it is there to this day, and I cannot do
better than reproduce it here to witness that this book is indeed a true one, and ...

Encyclopaedia Britannica

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Thus , at the ends of plied with ink by a third roller N , made of metal , the bar P ,
two springs e e are affixed , and in the and turned as true and cylindrical as
possible . The ends of these springs small rollers or wheels are fit . ink is
deposited in ...

Printers Ink

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Editor of PRINTERS ' INK : Editor of PRINTERS ' INK : One new firm of cycle
manufacturers early Gifts for guesses are coming ... She spends most of the ing
the nearest to the position of same will time from 8 till 5 on one of the wheels
made be ...

Specifications and Drawings of Patents Issued from the U S Patent Office

Author : United States. Patent Office
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... art to which it appertains to of the wheels to relieve itself of its load , and inake
and use the same , reference being had ... K represents a sliding hooked rod ,
adapted | atum is a regular discharge of ink in proper to be operated by the
driver's ...

Mining and Scientific Press

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Ink Eraser . These sail wheels , set in pairs , can be placed , according to the size
of airship aimed at , in one or more groups will erase ink and ink blots without
leaving any DETACHABLE BUCKET WIRE - ROPE TRAMWAYS , of two wheels

Muscle Car Interior Restoration Guide

Author : Daniel Strohl
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If the repair is acceptably smooth and blends well with the rest of the steering
wheel (by touch, that is; it doesn't visibly ... Constant rubbing from your hands,
and the oils and dirt left behind, erase the black ink from the steering wheel
surface, ...

The Canadian Patent Office Record and Register of Copyrights and Trade Marks

Author : Canada. Patent Office
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... to form an ink reservoir and the air tube being formed with a longitudinally
extending external groove forming an ink duct ... 15150 in combination , a pair of
wheels , a frame supported by the wheels , a crank shaft supported by the frame ,
a ...