Truth in Motion

Author : Martin Holbraad
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Embarking on an ethnographic journey to the inner barrios of Havana among practitioners of Ifá, a prestigious Afro-Cuban tradition of divination, Truth in Motion reevaluates Western ideas about truth in light of the practices and ideas of ...

The Gripping Truth about Forces and Motion

Author : Agnieszka Biskup
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"Describes what forces are and how motion works through humor and core science content"--

On the Nature of the Truth of the Laws of Motion

Author : William Whewell
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Thus we are led to the assertion which has already been noticed , that the
quantity of motion in the world is always the same . And we now see how far the
necessary truth of this proposition can be asserted . The proposition is
necessarily true ...

Father Malebranche his Treatise concerning the Search after Truth To which is added the author s Treatise of Nature and Grace All translated by T Taylor The second edition corrected With the addition of a Short Discourse upon Light and Colours etc

Author : Nicolas Malebranche
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Now that new Motion of the Soul , ( or rather that Motion of the Soul newly
determin'd , join'd to that of the Animal ... The Love of Truth , of Justice , of God
himfelf , and every other Love that is in us , by the first Institution of Nature , have
ever ...

Storage and Retrieval for Media Databases

Author :
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In Section 2 , we describe the subjective ground truth for motion activity that we
generated by conducting a psychophysical experiment . In Section 3 , we present
a set of motion activity descriptors based on compressed domain block motion ...

A free enquiry after truth

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They have not acted at all times surely : motion has a beginning ; it cannot , by its
own nature , be eternal and beginningless . The present arrangement of the
universe in which the stars and planets are constantly moving , cannot have
existed ...

The Open Court

Author : Paul Carus
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But it is manifest that if we answer these questions in one way, physical motion,
as ordinarily conceived, is the real truth of nature. While if we answer them in
another way, such conception is founded on an illusion, not unlike that which
leads ...

On Truth and Error

Author : John Hamilton
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Thoughts, in Prose and Verse, on the Principles of Truth, and the Causes and
Effects of Error John Hamilton ... It does not then cease to be “ air ; ” but till it thus
is in motion , it is not “ wind ; " so till God is in action influencing the heart ( not
ready ...

On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals

Author : William Harvey
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I even ventured to hope that I should have the comfort of finding all that you had
granted me in your sheer love of truth , conceded by others who were
philosophers like yourselves . True philosophers , who are only eager for truth
and ...

Demonstration of the Truth of the Christian Religion

Author : Alexander Keith
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Such , in fact , is the actual motion of the moon . And according to the Nebular
Theory , and because of this once increasing rotary motion , by which the waters
or nebulous fluid were separated from each central condensing mass , the moon

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Author : Calif.) Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (1989 : San Diego
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Much of the work in motion analysis aims at the determination of motion
parameters and depth of environmental points . In order to assess the
effectiveness of motion algorithms it is necessary to obtain motion data with
ground truth of known ...

Seeking Truth Roger North s Notes on Newton and Correspondence with Samuel Clarke c 1704 1713

Author : Jamie C. Kassler
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So that the result is that motion is but a word by which men mean they know not
what; they would have it somewhat, if they could and yet they cannot be without it.
And in truth motion and no motion, respecting such body as to itself[,] is all one, ...