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Yours Sincerely Giraffe

Author : Megumi Iwasa
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This book is about friendship and the distinctions of living in different parts of the world. A giraffe that lives in Africa meets a pelican who is a mailman. Since the giraffe is bored, she sends a letter to the first animal the pelican can find on the other side of the horizon. The letter passes on to a seal who gives it to a penguin. He reads the letter and even though he does not understand it he writes back, and becomes the giraffe's pen pal. Although they do not know what each other looks like, the giraffe decides to meet her new friend disguised as a penguin!

Dear Professor Whale

Author : Megumi Iwasa
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Now that Professor Whale has retired, he writes many letters to "You, Whoever You Are, Who Lives on the Other Side of the Horizon". Seal and Pelican are busy delivering the letters and Penguin is now teaching. Although he is happy his friends are doing so well, Whale wants a special friend;, who might call him by a friendly sort of name. Like Whaley, maybe, instead of "Professor."In this charming follow-up to the international bestseller Yours Sincerely, Giraffe, another correspondence flourishes across the horizons. The letters bring penguins, whales, and seals together in the famous Whale Point Olympics, where the winners are friendship and humor.

Dear Professor Whale

Author : Megumi Iwasa
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Leaving Before the Rains Come

Author : Alexandra Fuller
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The New York Times Bestseller from the author of Travel Light, Move Fast "One of the gutsiest memoirs I've ever read. And the writing--oh my god the writing."—Entertainment Weekly A child of the Rhodesian wars and daughter of two deeply complicated parents, Alexandra Fuller is no stranger to pain. But the disintegration of Fuller’s own marriage leaves her shattered. Looking to pick up the pieces of her life, she finally confronts the tough questions about her past, about the American man she married, and about the family she left behind in Africa. A breathtaking achievement, Leaving Before the Rains Come is a memoir of such grace and intelligence, filled with such wit and courage, that it could only have been written by Alexandra Fuller. Leaving Before the Rains Come begins with the dreadful first years of the American financial crisis when Fuller’s delicate balance—between American pragmatism and African fatalism, the linchpin of her unorthodox marriage—irrevocably fails. Recalling her unusual courtship in Zambia—elephant attacks on the first date, sick with malaria on the wedding day—Fuller struggles to understand her younger self as she overcomes her current misfortunes. Fuller soon realizes what is missing from her life is something that was always there: the brash and uncompromising ways of her father, the man who warned his daughter that "the problem with most people is that they want to be alive for as long as possible without having any idea whatsoever how to live." Fuller’s father—"Tim Fuller of No Fixed Abode" as he first introduced himself to his future wife—was a man who regretted nothing and wanted less, even after fighting harder and losing more than most men could bear. Leaving Before the Rains Come showcases Fuller at the peak of her abilities, threading panoramic vistas with her deepest revelations as a fully grown woman and mother. Fuller reveals how, after spending a lifetime fearfully waiting for someone to show up and save her, she discovered that, in the end, we all simply have to save ourselves. An unforgettable book, Leaving Before the Rains Come is a story of sorrow grounded in the tragic grandeur and rueful joy only to be found in Fuller’s Africa.

Arizona Highways

Author :
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Giraffe and Other Short Stories

Author : Jonathan M. Purver
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A collection of short stories set in Hollywood and New York City.

The White Giraffe Series The White Giraffe and Dolphin Song

Author : Lauren St John
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11 year old Martine's African adventures begin in THE WHITE GIRAFFE and DOLPHIN SONG, as she meets a magical white giraffe, rescues beached dolphins, and learns of an ancient prophecy that says the child who rides the white giraffe will have power over all the animals. Martine is eleven when she goes to live on a game reserve in South Africa. One night she looks out of her window and sees a giraffe - silver, tinged with cinnamon in the moonlight. In that instant, she knows that she is prepared to risk everything for it, and her thrilling adventures as the child who can ride the white giraffe begin. Join Martine in these heart-warming stories, as she discovers her special gift of healing, and rescues beached dolphins in the islands of Mozambique. These are books full of charm and atmosphere and stunning African landscapes, which will enchant animal lovers everywhere.

The White Giraffe Series Dolphin Song

Author : Lauren St John
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The second book in the heart-warming White Giraffe series by Lauren St John, featuring the African adventures of Martine and her magical white giraffe. A school trip to see dolphins is a dream come true for best friends Martine and Ben - until a storm strikes their cruise ship in the treacherous seas of Mozambique. Rescued by dolphins, they find themselves in an island paradise, but one surrounded by sharks and packed with peril. The idyllic turquoise waters hide a secret that threatens both the children and the dolphins. Martine's special gift might help, but she can't do it alone. When she needs a true friend, who will be there?

The White Giraffe Series 4 book Ebook Collection

Author : Lauren St John
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Join Martine and her magical giraffe, Jemmy, for four heart-warming adventures set in Africa. Martine will discover her unique destiny as the child who can ride the white giraffe, rescue beached dolphins in the islands of Mozambique, race against time to save the world's rarest leopard and uncover a terrible plot in the Namibian desert. This collection includes: The White Giraffe Dolphin Song The Last Leopard The Elephant's Tale

When Mystical Creatures Attack

Author : Kathleen Founds
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Collects humorous, whimsical, and strange stories that combine unusual subject matter with emotional expression and exhibit a broad diversity of form.