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The Great Provider

Author : Jenny Edwards
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In this extraordinary memoir Jenny vividly recounts her past with emotional honesty making it an absorbing account of the incredible life of THE GREAT PROVIDER her father Ernest Johns. A Powerful true story of Love and Life.

Gird Your Mind

Author : Uchenna Egbuchulam
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There is a saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow, but the reality of that statement depends on how the youths train themselves and how they choose to live their lives while growing up. The decisions you take as a youth will certainly go a long way in influencing how you end up in the long run. Gird Your Mind is a motivational book directed at teaching youths all over the world the fear of God and the need to serve him in the days of their youth. The author, having associated himself with worldly things in the past, and now under the influence of the Holy Spirit, was able to point out certain things you should avoid and what to do, as a youth, if you want to have the bright future that you desire. Gird Your Mind is a must-read not just for youths but for everyone.

Go Be Great Overcome and WIN

Author : Travis Wolfe
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Discover what it takes to overcome and WIN!Do you find it difficult to succeed? Is your past keeping you from having happiness? Does it seem impossible to find total fulfilment in life?Travis Wolfe answered YES to these questions.Born into poverty, placed into foster care, abused, arrested and told he'd never amount to anything in life - Travis defied all odds and survived the gauntlet. Today, he's the founder of his own company, a speaker, a motivator, a father, a husband and a success. On his quest in search of greatness, Travis uncovered the secrets to exceptional achievement and found what it takes to be happy and fulfilled.In this book, you'll learn the secrets on how to: - Overcome any obstacle- Attract what you want in your family life, social life, finances and career.- Create the life you want to live- Define and achieve your American Dream- Turn your nos into yeses, your failures into successes - Have abundance in every area of your life!"When you become determined not to lose, that's when you'll WIN!"

Prayers for New Brides

Author : Jennifer White
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A new wife is seldom aware of the intense spiritual battle threatening her dreams of happily ever after. Often, she enters the marriage without the benefit of great examples, biblical knowledge, and mentors offering godly wisdom. The battle begins and she is unarmed. Can she survive? Will her marriage become another divorce statistic? Marriage is God’s design. He has a battle plan, the power and the resources to win. When a wife knows who God is and what He can do, she can trust Him to sustain her and her marriage. Her joy will be complete as she allows Him to empower her to do more for her union than she can imagine.

Me My Man My Lord

Author : Andrea Tootle
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In writing this book, I found direction and guidance from God, in the name of Jesus, by the Holy Spirit of God. I always knew there was someone watching over me. It wasn’t until my, then, spouse gave me the Bible to read that I gained understanding about life through reading God’s Word. God drew me in quietly and with a loving heart. He spoke to me through the words written in His Will, the Holy Bible. It is my hope this book will be a guidepost in the maturation of God’s children. Throughout life, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy, but Jesus came that we might have life... life more abundantly. God is love and self love is very important because hurt people, hurt people. Romans 8 helps God’s children walk in the Spirit of God, and I hope this manuscript will offer a framework for our new nature in Christ Jesus for Believers. Ephesians 4: (11) It was He who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers. (12) to prepare God’s people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up (13) until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Bipolar Not So Much Understanding Your Mood Swings and Depression

Author : Chris Aiken
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Approaching depression as a complex disorder with many different facets rather than all-or-nothing. Depression confuses the mind, strips away hope, and causes people to blame themselves for an illness they never asked for. This book presents a revolutionary new understanding of the concept of depression and offers readers skills and strategies to manage it. No longer is this a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, and antidepressants are no longer the one-size-fits-all treatment. Mood disorders are now seen to form a spectrum of problems, from common depression on one end to full bipolar disorder on the other. In between these extremes are multitudes of people who are on the middle of the mood spectrum, and this book is for them. The first part of the book helps readers answer the question, “Where am I on the mood spectrum?” By laying the foundation for understanding this spectrum, Aiken and Phelps highlight the key distinctions that define unipolarity, bipolarity, hypomania, mania, and depression. Readers will be able to discern which definition best fits their experience, and use this understanding to learn which treatment methods will work best. The authors also empower readers to look beyond antidepressants. They walk readers through new medications for the mood spectrum, and offer a guide to non-medication treatments that anyone can use on their own, from diet and lifestyle changes to natural supplements. The book also discusses other innovative technologies that can aid in recovery, including dawn simulators, mood apps, and blue-light filters. This thoughtful and beneficial book will offer readers skills and strategies, as well as hope, in the face of debilitating mental challenges.

Stories Of My Youth A Collection of Stories and Thoughts for My Children

Author : David B. McKinney
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The Avenue Goes to War

Author : R. F. Delderfield
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Life didn't stop in the Avenue because the war had started . . . Berni Carver joins up with the Commandos with his twin brother hoping they will serve out the war together. Archie Carver is determined to end the war richer than when it started. Elaine Fraser seizes her opportunity to live a little now her husband is out of the way. War has broken out and the blitz will soon change everything in the Avenue. Many men have gone off to fight but others stay behind with less honourable intentions . . .

Church This Week

Author : Andrew Miller
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A 12-year collection of weekly church mails from a pastor to his congregation

He Was There All the Time

Author : Evangelist Judy Washington
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I moved on in life, but for over forty years, my heart, my thoughts, my pain dragged within. I wondered if would I ever get closure, if would I truly live this life and that more abundantly. I just wanted to unpack the years of baggage that stayed snuggled within my heart and mind. I just wanted answers. I just wanted to see and hear childhood friends I hadn't seen since fifth grade. What did everyone look like? What had resulted from their lives? Would I ever catch up? There had been such a void, like watching a normal hour-and-a-half movie that ended only after fifteen minutes into it, and next you see scrolling across the screen The End. But it's all behind me now. The great God that I serve is a man that cannot lie. His promises have been yea and amen. He allowed me to journey along and discover that he was there all the time, and at age fifty, my closure came. The enemy was exposed. I am set free, and my journey continues as I go forward with God right there with me, helping others to be set free of past trauma, pain, and torment. The devil is a lie. We are victorious. We are what God said we are, fearfully and wonderfully made, and we were predestined to be more than a conqueror, and he came that we would have life and live more abundantly. Be encouraged and never forget he is there all the time.