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You Might Be a Cowgirl If

Author : Jill Stanford
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From Jill Charlotte Stanford, author of the Cowgirl’s Cookbook and Wild Women and Tricky Ladies, this is the thinking girl’s guide to living like a cowgirl. It’s not all sequins and silver buckles—but following the way of Dale Evans and Rodeo Queens and finding your inner cowgirl, you can acheive your own cowgirl style, find the cowgirl way, and fit it to your life in the city or on the range.

Promote Your Inner Cowgirl

Author : Dr. Lynda Flowers
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For those who have denied their inner cowgirl for far too long, it is time to level up, jump back in the saddle, and return to life’s passion with Promote Your Inner Cowgirl. Lifelong cowgirl, entrepreneur, and nurse practitioner, Dr. Lynda Flowers has the answer. Throughout her life she’s had to balance the rigors of work and family with time to enjoy her love of horses. Now, after founding several startups, including her cowgirl coaching business, Dr. Flowers guides fellow horse lovers away from their frustration and toward the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. In Promote Your Inner Cowgirl, Dr. Flowers sets forth a framework to launch a business, generate income, and free up time to do what horse lovers love, along with how to: Set boundaries while aligning their goals and passions Stand out as a leader and team player Find and launch a business that works Turn past failures into future successes Identify a team that is supportive

The Cowgirl s Man

Author : Ruth Jean Dale
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BEAUTY Of course, Niki Keene had followed her sisters 1 to Hard Knox, Texas—the Keene triplets were inseparable. And yes, she helped run their fledgling dude ranch. But when the townsfolk entered her in the Queen of the Cowgirls contest, she had to laugh. How could you be Queen of the Cowgirls when you were terrified of horses? Besides, she was sick to death of being "the beautiful one." AND THE BEST She wasn't laughing when hotshot cowboy Clay Russell launched an all-out campaign to change her mind. He was so sexy and so persuasive, she figured she was doomed one way or the other. It was either ride and rope—or lose the only man who'd ever made her glad

Cowgirls Cook for the Great Outdoors

Author : Jill Charlotte Stanford
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From refreshing beverages to packable stews and casseroles perfect for feeding the crowd on branding days to cast-iron recipes perfect for a pack trip into the mountains, Cowgirls Cook for the Great Outdoors features more than ninety recipes that the modern cowgirl needs to keep her crew fed and her family happy on the trail or around the campfire. Start your day with the Cowgirl's Easy Chicken and Waffles, or Beer Batter Pancakes with Citrus Bourbon Syrup. Fill your backpack with Cowgirl Jill's Beef Jerky or Pack Mule Cookies for a snack on-the-go. And as the sun sets in the west, enjoy a Camp Kebabs, Smokey Beans, or Hearty Dutch Oven Nachos with a cold glass of "moonshine" around the campfire. No matter how you spend the day in the great outdoors, these dishes will fill your belly and feed your soul!

A Cowgirl s Secret

Author : Melinda Curtis
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Could saving the ranch… Mean a future together? Cowgirl Cassie Diaz has a secret—a bull riding accident may have stolen her dream of motherhood. She needs to recover, but how can she rest with her family’s ranch in peril? Recent Second Chance, Idaho, arrival Bentley Monroe offers help, and his quiet strength makes her feel safe. Loving him could heal her wounds, but would she have a future with this family man? USA TODAY Bestselling Author The Mountain Monroes Book 1: Kissed by the Country Doc Book 2: Snowed in with the Single Dad Book 3: Rescued by the Perfect Cowboy Book 4: Lassoed by the Would-Be Rancher Book 5: Enchanted by the Rodeo Queen Book 6: Charmed by the Cook's Kids Book 7: The Littlest Cowgirls Book 8: Caught by the Cowboy Dad Book 9: A Cowgirl's Secret

Breakfast Santa Fe Style

Author : Kathy Barco
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when in Santa Fe it's the best meal of the day. From breakfast burrito stands to leisurely weekend brunches, this book is the guide to the wide array of breakfast--Santa Fe style.

The Cowgirl s Unmistakable Love

Author : SJ McCoy
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The Cowgirl's Unmistakable Love is the second book in MacFarland Ranch, the new, sweet n steamy, western romance series from USA Today Bestselling author SJ McCoy. While there are six sexy cowboy brothers in the MacFarland family, their sister, Jane, would never describe herself as sexy, or even good-looking. As far as she's concerned, she's just plain Jane - and she's fine with that. She doesn't need people lying to her to make her feel better about herself. She’s good at her job and takes good care of all her animals. She’s a decent person, and that’s all that matters. Her brothers and her friends know better than to try and talk her up. But newcomer to the valley, Rocket, hasn't learned yet. He keeps telling her that she's beautiful. She keeps telling him that he's mistaken. Rocket had a rough childhood - to put it mildly. He grew up in foster care, shunted from one placement to the next. He mostly prefers animals to people. Animals are more straightforward and honest with their emotions. He's landed himself in trouble in the past protecting them, but he has no regrets. Women have always thrown themselves at him, and he doesn't mind obliging them. They only want him for one thing, and that's the only thing he's interested in sharing with them. Until Janey. She's the kind of woman he thought he'd never meet. She's smart; she's a veterinarian. She loves animals just as much as he does. She's kind and has the biggest heart. She's the most beautiful person he's ever known, and ... she claims that she's not interested. She refuses to believe him when he tells her that she's beautiful. She tells him that he's mistaken. But he's not. There's no mistaking the fact that he's falling hard for her, but how will he convince her that she's everything he wants?

The Chrome Cowgirl Guide to the Motorcycle Life

Author : Sasha Mullins
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A girl’s gotta have a passion--why not a motorcycle? Like a love letter from the wild side of life comes this book from “chrome cowgirl� Sasha Mullins. A primer for women who ride, or want to, or might simply like to jumpstart their lives, the book covers the ground in a way that’s as entertaining as it is informative. Whether it’s how to ride, what to do to your bike, or what to wear, Sasha has the advice. What’s more, her bike savvy and street strategies pack powerful lessons, offering a friendly word from the wisecracking on how to get the most out of life’s wild ride. From choosing, maintaining, and repairing a bike to honing your vocabulary and checking your attitude, there’s something here for every woman who ever dreamed of saddling up and becoming an easy rider in control of her destiny.

Every Cowgirl s Dream

Author : Arlene James
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THE COWBOY OF HER DREAMS Kara Detmeyer was leading the biggest cattle drive since the days of the Old Wild West and facing the challenege of her life. Ropin' and ridin' across three states was simple compared to losing her heart and soul to ruggedly handsome wrangler Rye Wagner. He was husband material, all right—though he wouldn't admit it—and his eight-year-old son was a charmer in the making. Could Kara convince the Wagner men that becoming her family would prove the ultimate adventure? THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! She can hog-tie and four-legged animal—but can that special woman lasso the cowboy's who's stolen her heart?

The Cowgirl s Forever Family

Author : Helen Lacey
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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ONE WEEK TO BUILD A HAPPY-EVER-AFTER? The cowgirl: Brooke Laughton wants one thing: the family she can't have. When a gorgeous man and a giggling baby girl step onto her Cedar River ranch, her dream comes true. Or so she hopes… The city boy: Tyler Madden wants to find the baby's unwitting birth father—Brooke's missing brother—and fulfill a promise to the late mother. Then he can go back to his lucrative law practice. Or so he hopes… But one little baby has a different agenda. Little Cara wants a family…and the lonely cowgirl and the commitment-phobic lawyer are just the mommy and daddy she needs! She's got one week to show them what's right in front of them. Desire. Love. And the promise of a forever family…