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You Gotta Laugh to Keep from Cryin

Author : Sam Venable
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From "Knoxville News-Sentinel" humor columnist Venable comes a rollicking view of life after 50 that will leave readers laughing and happy to be members of the AARP set.

Dreamseeker s Road

Author : Tom Deitz
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Halloween is rapidly approaching. In the chill of late October, three childhood friends gather in the forest to partake in a dangerous rite: David Sullivan and Alec McLean, who once walked the world of Faerie...and young Aikin Daniels, a “Mighty Hunter” desperate to join the select brotherhood of those who have trod the Straight Tracks. In the moonlight, in separate dreams, their quests are revealed to them—enticing each into the Otherworlds with promises of glorious adventure, lost love regained...and vengeance. But All Hallows is no time for a group of inquisitive college students to be traipsing back and forth across forbidden borders. For this Samhain night is owned by a dark and hideous power older than Faerie itself—an irresistible force that combs the Tracks in search of blood and souls. Only the dawn can save those whom he pursues—an eternity for David, Alec, Aikin and their friend Liz Hughes, who find themselves at the mercy of unrestrained chaos in a perilous, uncertain place. But suddenly there is no escape—not even in their own familiar mortal realm of cars and friends and rock ’n’ roll. For the World Walls are breaking down—and can no longer restrain the terrible mad ride of the Wild Hunt.

An Infrequent Pairing

Author : SaFiya
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"So, when are you going to let me take you out again?" asked Dillon, leaning over the armrest between us. "Well, I'm not sure, I'll have to check my calendar" I said, bashfully leaning away from him and the pull I was feeling to kiss his lips. Ouch. I hope he didn't see me bump the back of my head against the window, I thought. I think she bumped her head, mused Dillon. He leaned over closer. It must be the moon, I thought. The moon works in mysterious ways. People are oftentimes inclined to do things in the night that they might find unthinkable by the light of day. It has got to be the moon. I tried to reason with myself. Why am I sitting here playing hard to get when I know darn well that I want to kiss this man? I searched Dillon's eyes for an answer but his facial expression betrayed his thought process. I think she wants to kiss me. Nah, maybe it's just the Grand Marnier talking. I'll let her make the first move. -Excerpt, An Infrequent Pairing Whimsical and provocative. An Infrequent Pairing is an arousing narrative of life's conundrums and passions.

Someday I May Find Honest Work

Author : Sam Venable
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Read an excerpt Tennessee humorist Sam Venable has been tickling funny bones in print for more than twenty-five years. Someday I May Find Honest Work is a collection of 125 of his columns, many of which originally appeared in the Knoxville News Sentinel. In these warm and witty pieces, Venable pokes good-natured fun at everything from fast food to government folly, from high-tech confusion to the perils of aging, from the eternal strife between the sexes to daily life in East Tennessee. Four days a week, Venable chronicles life and all the strange and absurd things that go with it: the latest medical- scientific "advances," wacky warning labels, the complexities of modern living, and the enduring quest for lottery riches. Essays with titles such as "Doctor Feelgood's Diagnosis," "Crown Prince of Aggravated Stupidity," "The Sweet Taste of Tax Law," "One Mrs. is Quite Sufficient," "Hard to Hide from a Camo Sale," "Ah, to be Young and Dumb Again," and "A Respite from Respites" demonstrate the author's uncanny ability to find the humor in everyday events. With his lively commentary and quirky observations, Venable brings an uncommon perspective to common experiences. Of course, he doesn't take himself too seriously, either. In his introduction "Clocking in at the Word Factory," he writes of the difficulties of creating a new column several times each week: the pressure of a deadline, the constant demand for creativity, the stress of facing a blank page that demands amusing words day in and day out. But even as he describes these trials and tribulations, Venable admits-with what you can be certain is a big grin-that it sure beats workin' for a living. Sam Venable is a humor columnist for the Knoxville News Sentinel. The winner of numerous writing awards, he is the author of ten books, including I'd Rather be Ugly than Stuppid, From Ridgetops to Riverbottoms: A Celebration of the Outdoor Life in Tennessee, and You Gotta Laugh to Keep from Cryin': A Baby Boomer Contemplates Life beyond Fifty.

For Crying Out Loud

Author : C. P. Whitaker
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For Crying Out Loud centers around a one damn thing after another, conflicted modern day relationship. Humorous, poignant and unpredictable, the reader laughs, cries and rides the emotional roller coaster with the two main characters. Unique in its style, Alex and Marissa are both separately relating the story of their budding romance to their mutual therapist. Twists, turns and shocking surprises will keep the reader glued to every page. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill romance, For Crying Out Loud will leave you crying for "More!"

Peace Locomotion

Author : Jacqueline Woodson
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The stunning companion to the National Book Award finalist--from a three-time Newbery Honor winning author Twelve-year-old Lonnie is finally feeling at home with his foster family. But because he’s living apart from his little sister, Lili, he decides it’s his job to be the “rememberer”—and write down everything that happens while they’re growing up. Lonnie’s musings are bittersweet; he’s happy that he and Lili have new families, but though his new family brings him joy, it also brings new worries. With a foster brother in the army, concepts like Peace have new meaning for Lonnie.Told through letters from Lonnie to Lili, this thought-provoking companion to Jacqueline Woodson’s National Book Award finalist Locomotion tackles important issues in captivating, lyrical language. Lonnie’s reflections on family, loss, love and peace will strike a note with readers of all ages.

Laugh to Keep from Crying

Author : David Kenan Timmons Sr.
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Smiling may be difficult to do when you’re faced with adversity and challenges in your life. God does not guarantee that you will not have problems or you will not be put through tests. He does in fact promises that He will not put more on you than you can bear. The tests that He puts you through are to make you stronger. Once you have overcome all of the obstacles that stood in your way through faith, you realize that you have strength that you never thought that you had. God is telling you that you had this strength the whole time. Sometimes, when we doubt ourselves, we’re too blinded to see that we are actually stronger than we anticipated. My wife, Christy, was a prime example of possessing strength that she did not thought she possessed. She fought hard until the very end and for that, I’m grateful.

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Author : Dayne Edmondson
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Aliens have invaded the Milky Way. Captain Martin and his fleet at the opposite end of our galaxy is all that stands between the emerging ancient aliens and certain destruction of humanity. Even with the help of powerful magic, the alien menace may be too much to overcome. Elsewhere, Agent Hague chases down rumors of a secret cult after an assassination attempt on the president of the Federation's life. With the emergence of the long-foretold aliens, the Federation stands on the brink of destruction. Can Captain Martin and his allies hold the line? Can Agent Hague uncover a plot within the Federation? A tribute to Star Wars books of old, and the first book in a new trilogy in the existing Seven Stars Universe, "Emergence" is set nearly two thousand years after "Shadows Fall" and features cameos from many of the longer-lived heroes of ages past. Click now and jump into the adventure today.

Pipe Dream

Author : Solomon Jones
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The lawyer turned on the tape recorder, handed his client a cigarette, and lit it for him. Black drew hard, squinting as the smoke rushed into his lungs. "Where do you want to start?"the lawyer said, lighting a cigarette of his own. "I guess there’s only one place to start; at Broad and Erie." Johnny Podres, a politician whose record against corruption had been propelling him straight to the mayor’s office, is found murdered in a North Philly crack house. Enter Samuel Jackson, a.k.a. Black, a drug addict who knows better, a man embittered by the fact that he can’t seem to escape from his addiction to crack cocaine or, for that matter, from himself. Though he was once a family man with a wife and son, Black’s only concern these days is getting his next high, that is, until he stumbles across a friend and fellow addict, Leroy, and both become prime suspects in the Podres murder. Black and Leroy hook up with two female pipers: Clarisse, a registered nurse who is slowly losing to crack any semblance of a respectable life, and Pookie, who already has lost it. Soon the hunt is on for all four as they try to stay one step ahead of a police department under tremendous pressure to solve the case—because if a killer isn’t found soon, this could blow up into one of the biggest scandals in Philadelphia history. Solomon Jones weaves a suspenseful story against the backdrop of corruption in the Philadelphia police department and centers it on a group of drug addicts who, in the process of fleeing the law, come to terms with their own addiction, leading to some devastating consequences.