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Dictionary of spoken Chinese

Author : United States. War Department
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This book is about the story of Desiree Chase and based on a true story, which takes place in Harlem, New York. Desiree is the eldest of three children, born to her parents during the mid-1950s. The book makes reference to the various trials and tribulations that Desiree had to encounter during her lifetime. From her mother and father's divorce, loosing both of them, her father while she was in her 20's then her mother later in life. To raising her children in a Christian home while dealing with alcoholism and abuse, which was the relationship between her and her husband and surviving that conflict with great spiritual courage and determination. Even though Desiree understood that no human being was perfect, including herself, she still considered herself a woman that was, just as all of us, created in the image of the true and living God. With that in mind, she decided to pick herself up after her divorce, continued to care for her children and then her granddaughter and worked two jobs both full time to do so. She also decided to return to college to receive what she needed to soar high in the employment world and in her own world. She also experienced more disappointment both on the job and in her personal life when she realized that discrimination still existed during these days and times while being considered for promotion in an employment that she loved and enjoyed in the social services world, which is to be aimed at the improvement of the human condition of others, as well as their employees. This has occurred to Desiree twice which was a definite discouragement and extremely depressing to the point that she felt that she needed to enter professional therapy for help and to maintain her own sanity. It is amazing what happens when she stands up for her own rights, her dignity and her beliefs and not fall for just anything. Desiree had to come to learn that even though she was at a very low point in her life at various times, someone was standing behind her holding her up and had her back the entire time, when thought there was no one there.

Spiritual Digest for Each Day of the Year

Author : Adebayo Afolaranmi
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A collection of 366 quotes for each day of the year with corresponding Bible verses, hymns and suggested weblinks for the hymns as used in various aspects of the Internet ministry of Pastor Bayo Afolaranmi. There is an index each for the themes, authors, hymns and Bible verses used at the end of the collection.

The Victorious King of Most High

Author : John 14 23 Ministries Inc
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The Cost of this Product: Chapter 8 alone is priceless. Revelations of God and Christ revealed that 3rd and 2nd Heaven spirits, Christians that have fallen asleep and O.T. saints suffered, were killed and put in damnation fire, all from God having become jealous of ME. After 2003, God departed the Sceptre for the Kingdom of God through The Lion of the Tribe of Judah/Christ, to The Royal Tiger over Light, ME, LORD WILBERT, The Rev. Ch. 1 God Oil Anointed and Spoken Victorious King of Most High: From Genesis 49:10 "The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a law giver from between his feet until Shiloh (Jesus Christ) come.", & Matthew 21:43 "Therefore, I say unto you, The Kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof." John's son, Joel Osteen: "You've honored God. You've been faithful. You passed the test. Now, God is saying, there's about to be a flood, but not with water." It's a flood of Favor." People will come out of the wood work to help you out." Kenneth Copeland: "Jesus words trump everything else." T.D. Jakes on God's behalf: "A new Dimension of Grace" "I want you to have Dominion. Run it! Run it!" "If you couldn't handle it, I would have shut the door. When I open the door, it's a sign, you can handle it!" The World Renowned King of Preaching, Bishop Clarence E. McClendon: "No, No. Not heresy. Not things that take us away from the word or from the person of Christ." "It's gonna begin with what Jesus said. It's gonna be rooted in what Jesus said." "Why? Because somebody saw something you didn't know you needed."

The Oil Weekly

Author :
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Subcommittee Hearings on H R 3215

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services
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Life and Works of Saint Gregentios Archbishop of Taphar

Author : Albrecht Berger
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In the late 10th century, an anonymous author wrote the fictitious account of a religious dialogue between Archbishop Gregentios and the Jewish scribe Herban and included it in a life of Gregentios based on earlier sources, which indicate that he was a missionary in Yemen in pre-Islamic times. Albrecht Berger examines and translates these texts, and he presents a critical edition. Key Features first edition of a large proportion of the extant texts critical edition using all known manuscripts, including those which only recently have been discovered


Author : Roderick Thorp
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A sober cop’s life is upended when his powerful ex-brother-in-law is murdered Quitting drinking may have saved Frank Devlin’s life, but it killed his career. When the NYPD detective got sober, he also stopped taking bribes, and his rise through the ranks slowed to a crawl. After thirteen years of working the drug-plagued Lower East Side, he has a new relationship and a modicum of inner peace—both of which are threatened when Devlin’s past comes back to destroy him. A crazed junkie guns down a Senate hopeful and his mistress, and the police suspect that Devlin may be involved for two reasons: the candidate was once his brother-in-law, and the junkie was his longtime snitch. To clear his name, Devlin must sort out a murderous conspiracy that will make him wish he had never climbed onto the wagon.

Chinese Buddhism

Author : Joseph Edkins
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Electrical Engineer

Author :
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