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You Are Awesome

Author : Neil Pasricha
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#1 international bestseller Publishers Weekly bestseller The Globe and Mail (Toronto) The Toronto Star bestseller The Vancouver Sun bestseller From Neil Pasricha—New York Times, million-copy bestselling author of The Book of Awesome series and The Happiness Equation, thought leader for the next generation, and one of the most popular TED speakers in the world—comes a revelatory and inspiring book that will change the way we view failure and help us build resilience. We are lucky. For most of us, famine, plague, economic depression, and other life-threatening catastrophes are the stuff of history books. We’re living in an era with the highest-ever rates of longevity, education, and wealth. Cars drive us home as our phones entertain us before we arrive to food delivered to the front door. We have it all! But there’s just one side effect. We no longer have the tools to handle failure...or even perceived failure. When we fall, we lie on the sidewalk crying. When we spill, we splatter. When we crack, we shatter. We are turning into an army of porcelain dolls. A rude email from the boss means calling in sick. Only two likes on our post means we don’t have friends. Cell phones show us we’re never good enough. Yesterday’s butterflies are tomorrow’s panic attacks. Record numbers of students have clinical anxiety. And what about depression, loneliness, and suicide? All rising! What do we desperately need to learn? RESILIENCE. And we need to learn it fast. Read You Are Awesome to learn: • The single word that keeps your options open after failure • What every commencement speech gets wrong • 3 ways to dramatically accelerate your ability to learn and adapt • The 2-minute morning practice that helps eliminate worry • Why you need an Untouchable Day (and how to get one) • and much, much more... Because the truth is, you really are awesome.

Building the Awesome Organization

Author : Katherine Catlin
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Acclaim for Building the Awesome Organization "A quick, concise entrepreneurial guide that yields real-world solutions for both start-ups and established businesses." —Bob Nelson, Ph.D., Author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees "Finally—a book that provides practical, actionable advice to entrepreneurs and CEOs on how to develop an organization to support growth. This book is a ‘must read’ for anyone trying to accelerate the growth of a company." —Pat Cloherty, President, The U.S. Russia Investment Fund and former President and General Partner of Patricof & Co. Ventures, Inc. (now Apax Partners) "Building the Awesome Organization provides leaders and entrepreneurs with valuable tools for navigating the storms of growth." —Gary Hoover, Founder, Hoover's Inc., Author of Hoover's Vision: Original Thinking for Business Success "I read a lot of business articles and books looking for a few good nuggets I can use to build and improve our company. When I finished reading this book I got more than a few nuggets. I got an entire gold mine." —Jack Stack, CEO, SRC Holdings, Corp., Author of A Stake in the Outcome Launched in 1992 by Ewing Marion Kauffman to provide opportunity for other entrepreneurs, the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership is the largest organization focused solely on entrepreneurial success at all levels. Funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, the Center offers educational programs, initiatives, and partnerships aimed at helping youth, college students, and adults who want to learn more about entrepreneurship and growing their companies. For information on other books in the series, including Leading at the Speed of Growth, visit

Getting to Know Our Awesome God

Author : Regal Books
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Be Happy Be Calm Be YOU

Author : Sara Katherine
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Take time for yourself with these 100 prompts and mindful meditations to help you through stressful times—no matter what you’re going through. It’s easy to feel stressed, worried, or anxious throughout the day. But what if those negative feelings no longer had to take over your life? This journal can help put your problems in perspective and allows you to think them through with purpose and mindfulness. These 100 soothing journal prompts are designed to help you focus on the present and stop stressing out about the future. Each entry tackles the obstacles that life throws your way on a daily basis and gives you a chance to think about how you’re feeling and how you want to respond through writing exercises, fill-in-the-blanks, and creative drawing prompts. Whether it’s a situation with friends, issues with family, or the pressures of school or work, you will learn how to live in the moment, feel your feelings, and stop stressing out. Now no matter what curveball life throws your way, you have the skills to handle those struggles head on, without feeling overwhelmed. Armed with these meditation skills, mantras, and journal exercises, worrying will be a thing of the past and you can finally breath, relax, and start feeling better about today.

The Awesome Power of Direct 3D Direct X

Author : Peter J. Kovach
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How to program graphics applications using Microsoft's Direct3D Software Development Kit. Code is updated for use with MSVC++6.0.

Awesome God

Author : Neil T. Anderson
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Offers forty meditations to help teenagers learn to experience God's work in their lives.

Meeks Heit Health and Wellness

Author : Linda Brower Meeks
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ESEA Reauthorization

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
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Half a Century of Japanese Theater IV 1980s

Author : Japan Playwrights Association
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This series offers performable English translations of modern Japanese plays. This volume contains five plays: ""Ode to Joy"" (Kitamura So); ""Nippon Wars"" (Kawamura Takeshi); ""A Legend of Mermaids"" (Chong Wishing); ""Thread Hell"" (Kishida Rio); and ""The Red Demon Akaoni"" (Noda Hideki).

God s Awesome Promises for Teens and Friends

Author :
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This book shows teens how to live healthy, positive lives in His will.

The Absolutely True Positively Awesome Book About Me

Author : Jessica Wilber
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Presents ideas and advice on keeping a journal, along with related activities.

The Upper Room Disciplines 1995

Author : Upper Room Books
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With more than 60,000 copies sold each year, here is one of the most popular of daily devotional resources. Disciplines appeals to Christian readers who look to its outstanding meditations for spiritual growth and enrichment. Fifty-two writers from a variety of backgrounds each offer a week of inspiring meditations centered on scripture from the Revised Common Lectionary.

Using Computer Applications with Introsoftware IBM

Author : Fred Beisse
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Making Cool Crafts Awesome Art

Author : Roberta Gould
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Explains a variety of hands-on art and craft activities, incorporating storytelling, ethnic cooking, music, nature, cultural games, and more.

What re You Looking At

Author : Johnny Ryan
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From the creator of the cult favorite Angry Youth Comix: the one-man MAD magazine strikes again! The most acclaimed (and controversial) humor cartoonist to burst on the comics scene since Peter Bagge, Johnny Ryan mixes social satire with an absurdist sense of humor to come up with some of the most notoriously hilarious comics in the last five years, in the pages of his ongoing comic book series, Angry Youth Comix. It's almost impossible to explain what makes something funny, but whatever it is, fans and critics agree that Ryan has it in spades. The book includes several stories featuring Ryan's signature creation, Loady McGee (and straight-man Synus O'Gynus), a misanthropic, acne-scarred hustler who finds himself in scams that would make Wimpy proud, and responds to almost everything with an endless stream of wisecracks, puns, and X-rated double entendres. Loady's ridiculous crackpot schemesopening a brothel staffed by mutant lizards, get-rich-quick inventions like the "Pussy Hunter 6000," founding a comic book school, and selling used toilet paper passed-off as new, just to name a fewserve as perfect comic set-ups, and Ryan's art is crammed with visual gags and existential asides that brings to mind the great Will Elder (MAD magazine). Needless to say, this is not politically-correct stuff, nor is it for children. Ryan's in-your-face humor spares no prisoners, as these stories indicate: "Hipler," a riotous satire of our "extreme makeover" era and celebrity culture; "Islamic Terrorist Spring Break," in which Ryan seemed to be single-handedly trying to counterbalance all of the self-censorship going on in the early post-9/11 media; and "Ku Klux Kuties," which tests just how far the usual doe-eyed visual tropes can be taken and still make you go, "Aww." The book also includes Ryan's most infamous strip to-date, "The Gaytriot," which caused a PC-stir when it was included in The Comics Journal's otherwise-sincere and serious "Cartoonists on Patriotism" volume in 2002. The collection also features such absurdist classics as "Weight-Lifting Gophers," "The Deaf Chef," "Dolemite's Masters of the Universe," "1976," and a selection of single-panel gag cartoons titled "Johnny Ryan's 'Pukin's' and 'Spit-Ups.'" Find out why Ryan's work has been cited as a favorite of such luminaries as the late Edward Gorey, Simpsons producers George Meyer and Dana Gould, and cartoonists like Joe Sacco, Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Coop, Gary Panter and many others. 152 pages including 16 pages in color.

The Totally Awesome Money Book for Kids and Their Parents

Author : Adriane Gilda Berg
File Size : 62.26 MB
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Uses quizes, games, riddles, charts, and stories to teach children about savings, investments, credit cards, loans, work, and taxes

Awesome Volunteers

Author : Christine Yount
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Remember Me

Author : Bobby Hutchinson
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Remember Me by Bobby Hutchinson released on Aug 25, 1989 is available now for purchase.

Awesome Profits

Author : George Elias
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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God s Awesome Challenge

Author : Harold C. Bennett
File Size : 65.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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