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Yell Oh Girls

Author : Vickie Nam
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In this groundbreaking collection of personal writings, young Asian American girls come together for the first time and engage in a dynamic converstions about the unique challenges they face in their lives. Promoted by a variety of pressing questions from editor Vickie Nam and culled from hundreds of submission from all over the country, these revelatory essays, poems, and stories tackle such complex issues as dual identities, culture clashes, family matters, body image, and the need to find one's voice. With a foreword by Phoebe Eng, as well as contributions from accomplished Asian American women mentors Janice Mirikitani, Helen Zia, Nora Okja Keller, Lois-Ann Yamanaka, Elaine Kim, Patsy Mink, and Wendy Mink, Yell-Oh Girls! is an inspiring and much-needed resource for young Asian American girls.

Booktalks and More

Author : Lucy Schall
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Inspire teenagers to read quality literature and help them explore issues relevant to their lives. This outstanding book offers motivational, ready-to-use booktalks for more than 100 of the best new reads for teenagers, guaranteed to pique teen interest. With a focus on recently published fiction and nonfiction titles in a wide variety of genres and themes, these dynamic booktalks center around issues, problems, and challenges that young adults are facing.

Asian American Sexual Politics

Author : Rosalind S. Chou
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Asian American Sexual Politics explores the topics of beauty, self-esteem, and sexual attraction among Asian Americans. The book draws on sixty in-depth interviews to show how constructions of Asian American gender and sexuality tend to reinforce the social and political dominance for whites, particularly white males, even in the supposed “post-racial” United States. Drawing on established scholarship on the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, Asian American Sexual Politics shows how power dynamics shape the lives of young Asian Americans today. Asian American women are often constructed as hyper-sexual docile bodies, while Asian American men are often racially “castrated.” The book’s interview excerpts show the range of frames through which Asian Americans approach the world, as well as the counter-frames they construct. In the final chapter, author Rosalind S. Chou offers strategies for countering racialized and sexualized oppression. This provocative book shows how persistent racism affects Asian American body image, self-esteem, and intimate relationships.

Korean Immigrants in Canada

Author : Samuel Noh
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Koreans are one of the fastest-growing visible minority groups in Canada today. However, very few studies of their experiences in Canada or their paths of integration are available to public and academic communities. Korean Immigrants in Canada provides the first scholarly collection of papers on Korean immigrants and their offspring from interdisciplinary, social scientific perspectives. The contributors explore the historical, psychological, social, and economic dimensions of Korean migration, settlement, and integration across the country. A variety of important topics are covered, including the demographic profile of Korean-Canadians, immigrant entrepreneurship, mental health and stress, elder care, language maintenance, and the experiences of students and the second generation. Readers will find interconnecting themes and synthesized findings throughout the chapters. Most importantly, this collection serves as a platform for future research on Koreans in Canada.

Wanting to Be Her

Author : Michelle Graham
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How do you feel when you look at a magazine cover? Do you ever look at the models and wish you looked like them? Most women have had that experience. When you go to the health club, you notice how buff the woman to the left is and how skinny the woman to the right is. And when you go out, you see the guys flocking to talk with certain women and wonder if your looks stack up to theirs. When you get dressed in the morning, do you worry about whether your jeans are flattering? Do you think about who you are going to see when you decide how to do your hair? When you eat a meal, do you think about those magazine models again? Most women do. And they are buying into a lie. In this book Michelle Graham reveals how easy it is to fall into the trap of viewing your body through the lens of culture rather than through the eyes of God. She helps you understand that these are not the things that God wants you to dwell on. And these are not the true qualities of beauty. As you read this book you will discover that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, and it cannot be airbrushed or faked. In these pages you will discover the true secrets of a positive body image.

Bold Ink

Author : Deborah Reber
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Fiction. Poetry. Cultural Writing. Education. A compilation of writing from girls and women ages 11 through 55. This unique collection of poems, short stories, essays, songs and scenes addresses everything from love and war to culture and current events. As a result of such diverse voices, BOLD INK provides the reader with insight into the minds of today's young women, while celebrating the art of creative writing like no other anthology.

Well Water Woman

Author : Gloria Ng
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Well Water Woman is a personal narrative of a Chinese American female who explores and reconstructs her journey from girlhood to womanhood, piecing information from two generations of memories to weave the life and legacy of the paternal grandmother whom she has never personally met. This short memoir explores the inner workings of spirit through the cycle of birth, life, death, and eternity.

Piper Reed Campfire Girl

Author : Kimberly Willis Holt
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Piper and her family are going camping--nothing could be better. But when Piper finds out that the camping trip is on Halloween, nothing could be worse! Still, catching fish, roasting marshmallows, and sleeping in a trailer are right up Piper's alley, even if getting poison ivy is not. Get ready for another terrific adventure starring the ever-spunky, ever-loving Piper Reed.

Stories from Elsewhere

Author : Jim Curtiss
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A collection of fictional and non-fictional stories, inclduing excerpts from the novel Every Thing Counts (The Akashic Reader), where author brings together his wry observations of life among Czechs, the Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, the Polish and the Spanish.


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New Moms One Million Daimoku Chart

Author : Gloria Ng
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New Moms One Million Daimoku Chart was created for new moms with constant interruptions-- diaper changes, nursing fits, sleep deprivation and other related occurrences. Five minutes at a time of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is all it takes to get to One Million Daimoku! As you fill out the chart, you will also come across specific passages from Nichiren Daishonin's writings that pertain to motherhood, women, and children. Net proceeds from sales of this book are donated to SGI-USA.

ridiculous hilarious terrible cool

Author : Elisha Cooper
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Elisha Cooper spent a year hanging out at a Chicago high school— listening and sketching students. He followed eight kids, mostly seniors, through their entire year, and by telling their specific stories he gives us a more general picture of what it’s like to be a high school student. Part documentary, part sketchbook, this is a, thoroughly entertaining account.

Christian Register

Author :
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The Unitarian Register

Author :
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Life Lessons for My Black Girls

Author : Natasha Munson
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The Girls of Central High

Author : Gertrude W. Morrison
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A stirring tale of high school life, full of fun, with a touch of mystery and a strange initiation.

The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There

Author : Catherynne M. Valente
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"One of the most extraordinary works of fantasy, for adults or children, published so far this century."—Time magazine, on the Fairyland series September has longed to return to Fairyland after her first adventure there. And when she finally does, she learns that its inhabitants have been losing their shadows—and their magic—to the world of Fairyland Below. This underworld has a new ruler: Halloween, the Hollow Queen, who is September's shadow. And Halloween does not want to give Fairyland's shadows back. Fans of Valente's bestselling, first Fairyland book will revel in the lush setting, characters, and language of September's journey, all brought to life by fine artist Ana Juan. Readers will also welcome back good friends Ell, the Wyverary, and the boy Saturday. But in Fairyland Below, even the best of friends aren't always what they seem. . . .

The Girl who Loved the Beatles

Author : D. B. Gilles
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The Girl from Gladden Street

Author : Jeannette McDonald
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Sometimes, life plays little jokes. For Jeannette McDonald, growing up in a small town in West Virginia in the 1950s, life had three particular jokes in mind: naming her after a famous movie star, giving her a birthday just after Valentines Day, and letting her grow up on a street named Gladdena place as far from glad as Jeannette was from being a movie star. Growing up is supposed to be a time of wonder and joy. For the girl on Gladden Street, the wonder was in discovering that when life plays jokes, anything is possible if you keep a healthy attitude. Ms. McDonald relates that some of lifes harshest realities can lead to new awakenings and a better life. Peppered with a series of brief, episodic, coming-of-age vignettes that illustrate Ms. McDonalds life and much of the American landscape of the 1950s, The Girl from Gladden Street provides a reminder that some of our most valuable lessons come from events experienced during the most impressionable times of life.

The William and Mary Girl

Author : Diana Strelow
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You cant get there from here. Not any more. No road exists today to take you to take anyone anywhere near the place where the awful things happened. The reason no one can go there, though, is that its no longer there -- the ostensibly happy and naive; the joyfully prosperous world that was America in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Id made a life in that world; living in it was for me, for a long time, incredibly good; But one day everything I loved and believed in and counted on became something more horrible, even, than I remembered happening years before; what happened to my life now would take years to overcome. When I was thirteen, my father--- in almost every way an intelligent, kind, sensitive man, found himself gratifying my mothers rage: I had talked back angrily to one or both of them. I was not a beautiful child; I knew that and hated it. And later Id know that Mama wanted no ugly duckling in her life-- I loved Mama, but what she couldnt feel for me was clear. Too often a terrible scene would begin to play itself out; insane, angry violence would again overwhelm me, demolishing everything I was; Id feel it for the rest of the day and the night as well. And as Daddy imparted his rage to me -- to my life itself -- my own anger would rise to meet it; the scenes that took place at our house were terrible. And later, the halting, painful, always slow climb up the stairs to bed was always more of an ordeal than I could bear to face. And I was sure that with every blow my father administered, as he swung again and again at my head,, that my life had already been ruined, that I could never overcome what had been happening. Although for years I hoped I was wrong about that, and I did my best.... and continued to hope.....