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Author : David E. Kaplan
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Known for their striking full-body tattoos and severed fingertips, Japan's gangsters comprise a criminal class eighty thousand strong--more than four times the size of the American mafia. Despite their criminal nature, the yakuza are accepted by fellow Japanese to a degree guaranteed to shock most Westerners. Yakuza is the first book to reveal the extraordinary reach of Japan's Mafia. Originally published in 1986, it was so controversial in Japan that it could not be published there for five years. But in the west it has long served as the standard reference on Japanese organized crime and has inspired novels, screenplays, and criminal investigations. This twenty-fifth anniversary edition tells the full story or Japan's remarkable crime syndicates, from their feudal start as bands of medieval outlaws to their emergence as billion-dollar investors in real estate, big business, art, and more.

Ruffians Yakuza Nationalists

Author : Eiko Maruko Siniawer
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Violence and democracy may seem fundamentally incompatible, but the two have often been intimately and inextricably linked. In Ruffians, Yakuza, Nationalists, Eiko Maruko Siniawer argues that violence has been embedded in the practice of modern Japanese politics from the very inception of the country's experiment with democracy. As soon as the parliament opened its doors in 1890, brawls, fistfights, vandalism, threats, and intimidation quickly became a fixture in Japanese politics, from campaigns and elections to legislative debates. Most of this physical force was wielded by what Siniawer calls "violence specialists": ruffians and yakuza. Their systemic and enduring political violence-in the streets, in the halls of parliament, during popular protests, and amid labor strife-ultimately compromised party politics in Japan and contributed to the rise of militarism in the 1930s. For the post-World War II years, Siniawer illustrates how the Japanese developed a preference for money over violence as a political tool of choice. This change in tactics signaled a political shift, but not necessarily an evolution, as corruption and bribery were in some ways more insidious, exclusionary, and undemocratic than violence. Siniawer demonstrates that the practice of politics in Japan has been dangerous, chaotic, and far more violent than previously thought. Additionally, crime has been more political. Throughout the book, Siniawer makes clear that certain yakuza groups were ideological in nature, contrary to the common understanding of organized crime as nonideological. Ruffians, Yakuza, Nationalists is essential reading for anyone wanting to comprehend the role of violence in the formation of modern nation-states and its place in both democratic and fascist movements.


Author : Steven Schlossstein
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From the depths of cultural isolation as a young boy in a village of outcasts on the desolate island of Shikoku, Fumio Kosaka rises through the ranks of the Sumikawa Gumi, Japan's largest & most powerful criminal clan & the only real family he has ever had, stopping at nothing until he becomes...The Japanese Godfather. San Francisco's Detective Jack Spencer tries to stop the yakuza with an all-out attack on the Japanese mafia's cunning strategy in California. This action-packed adventure takes you behind the scenes of the Lockheed affair of the 1970s, behind the Recruit scandal of the 1980s, behind the powerful money-politics of modern-day Japan. A classic philosophical clash between East & West. Steven Schlossstein, a former vice president of Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, currently heads his own strategic consulting firm, SBS Associates, Inc. The author of Kensei (1983, a best-seller in the softcover edition); Trade War (1985, cited by the American Library Association as one of the ten best business books that year); and most recently, the widely acclaimed The End of the American Century (1990), all published by Congdon & Weed.

Yakuza Tattoo

Author : Andreas Johansson
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The art of the Japanese tattoo has fascinated people across the world for decades, but in Japan they are taboo since traditional full body tattoos are associated with the Japanese mafia - the Yakuza. Yakuza Tattoo offers a unique insight into the dragons, fish and gods that form the identity of the Yakuza. While the motifs are inspired by the structure of the organisation, Japanese history and mythology, younger members tend to add a contemporary touch to their body art. Andreas Johansson visited the homes of members of the Yakuza, documenting Yakuza symbols and body art.

The Yakuza

Author : David Harold Stark
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American Yakuza II The Lies that Bind

Author : Isabella
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Luce Potter runs her life and her business with an iron fist and complete control until lies and deception unravel her world. The shadow of betrayal consumes Luce, threatening to destroy the most precious thing in her life, Brooke Erickson. Brooke Erickson finds herself on the outside of Luce's life looking in. As events spiral out of control Brooke can only watch as the woman she loves pushes her further away. Suddenly, devastated and alone, Brooke refuses to let go without an explanation. Colby Water, a federal agent investigating the ever-elusive Luce Potter, discovers someone from her past is front and center in her investigation of the Yakuza crime leader. Before she can put the crime boss in prison, she must confront the ultimate deception in her professional life. When worlds collide, betrayal, dishonor and death are inevitable. Can Luce and Brooke survive the explosion?

Yakuza Demon Killers

Author : Amit Chauhan
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The Japanese Mafia Yakuza Law and the State

Author : Peter B. E. Hill
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The Japanese mafia - known collectively as yakuza - has had a considerable influence on Japanese society over the past fifty years. Based on extensive Japanese language source material and interviews with criminals, police officers, lawyers, journalists, and scholars, this is the first English language academic monography to analyse Japan's criminal syndicates.Peter Hill argues that the essential characteristic of Japan's criminal syndicates is their provision of protection to consumers in Japan's under- and upper-worlds. In this respect they are analogous to the Sicilian Mafia, and the mafias of Russia, Hong Kong, and the United States. Although the yakuza's protective mafia role has existed at least since the end of the Second World War, and arguably longer, the range of economic transactions to which such protection has been afforded hasnot remained constant. The yakuza have undergone considerable change in their business activities over the last half-century. The two key factors driving this evolution have been the changes in the legal and law enforcement environment within which these groups must operate, and the economic opportunitiesavailable to them. This first factor demonstrates that the complex and ambiguous relationship between the yakuza and the state has always been more than purely symbiotic. With the introduction of the boryokudan (Iyakuza) countermeasures law in 1992, the relationship between the yakuza and the state has become more unambiguously antagonistic. Assessing the impact of this law is, however, problematic; the contemporaneous bursting of Japan's economic bubble at thebeginning of the 1990s also profoundly and adversely influenced yakuza sources of income. It is impossible to completely disentangle the effects of these two events.By the end of the twentieth century, the outlook for the yakuza was bleak and offered no short-term prospect of amelioration. More profoundly, state-expropriation of protection markets formerly dominated by the yakuza suggests that the longer-term prospects for these groups are bleaker still: no longer, therefore, need the yakuza be seen as an inevitable and necessary evil.

Asshole Yakuza Boyfriend

Author : Nick Feldman
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Mina Davis, private investigator, is hired to find missing nineteen-year-old Rose Scott. Her only clue leads her instead to a badly wounded yakuza thug. Now, if Mina's to have any hope of finding the missing girl, she'll have to keep the gangster alive long enough to convince him to help her. Unfortunately, with both the police and the yakuza looking for him, that might be easier said than done. Making matters worse, Mina's gunshot new friend remains stubbornly loyal to his criminal family, in spite of the bullets they put in him. On top of that, he's condescending, rude, and generally just sort of an asshole... and very likely a killer. Worst of all, that makes him pretty much exactly Mina's type.

The Yakuza Path

Author : Amy Tasukada
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A killer. A traitor. A deadly war that could take their love and their lives?Ruling the Kyoto yakuza makes Nao Murata a perpetual target, especially with the Koreans encroaching into their territory. An attempt on his life at his mafia headquarters crosses a line. Setting up his beloved ally Aki as the would-be assassin crosses another. Nao knows the only way to save his friend's life is to sever their growing bond and force Aki to fake his own death?But Aki Hisona refuses to stay dead. Determined to expose Nao's would-be killer and save the man he loves, Aki goes deep undercover in the Korean underworld. But when he's asked to prove his loyalty, he risks becoming caught in a web of his own lies? With Aki gone and the Kyoto mafia in grave danger, Nao fears his trust in others could be fatal. Will Nao and Aki find the assassin in time, or will Nao's rule end in bloody chaos? The Yakuza Path: Flowers of Flesh and Blood is the powerful fifth installment of The Yakuza Path thriller series. If you like gritty Japanese crime, richly-nuanced characters, and slow-burning gay romance, then you'll love Amy Tasukada's high-octane novel. Buy Flowers of Flesh and Blood to slice into the Japanese underworld today!

Mental Dominance

Author : Dr. Haha Lung
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The secrets of the ancient Eastern masters are your key to mind control--and victory. Lost to history until now, these Eastern techniques of mental domination, developed and perfected over thousands of years--and through hundreds of secret cadres--are your crucial weapons for ensuring victory, even before landing a blow. As Dr. Haha Lung and Christopher Prowant unlock the seemingly supernatural strategies of Asia's shrouded cultures in their much-praised easy-to-understand language, you'll master long-lost techniques from: • India: the extraordinary physical and mental powers of Tantric sex yoga • Tibet: the unstoppable methods of sDop sDop, the secret warrior-monks • China: the tactics and techniques of manipulation and mayhem of the Lin-Kuei and Mushuh Nanren • Vietnam: the mysterious methods of the "The Clack Crows," a stealthy, ninjalike branch of the Cao Dai • Japan: the strategies of the criminal masters of Japan's underworld for tempting and terrorizing your victim into obeying your every command A word of caution: these are very powerful--and dangerous--secrets. Mental Dominance is for academic study ONLY. Dr. Haha Lung is the author of more than a dozen books on martial arts, including Mind Penetration, Mind Fist, The Nine Halls of Death, Assassin!, Mind Manipulation, Knights of Darkness, Mind Control: The Ancient Art of Psychological Warfare, The Lost Fighting Arts of Vietnam and, with co-author Christopher B. Prowant, Ninja Shadowland.

Defining and Defying Organised Crime

Author : Felia Allum
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Organised crime is now a major threat to all industrial and non-industrial countries. Using an inter-disciplinary and comparative approach this book examines the existing, official institutional discourse on organised crime to examine whether, or not, it has an impact on perceptions of the threat and on the reality of organized crime.


Author : David E. Kaplan
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This expose describes the activity of the Yakuza, Japan's criminal empire from their beginnings in the sixteenth century and their resurrection by U.S. officials after World War II

Confessions of a Yakuza

Author : Dr. Junichi Saga
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This is the true story, as told to the doctor who looked after him just before he died, of the life of one of the last traditional yakuza in Japan. It wasn’t a "good" life, in either sense of the word, but it was an adventurous one; and the tale he has to tell presents an honest and oddly attractive picture of an insider in that separate, unofficial world. In his low, hoarse voice, he describes the random events that led the son of a prosperous country shopkeeper to become a member, and ultimately the leader, of a gang organizing illegal dice games in Tokyo's liveliest entertainment area. He talks about his first police raid, and the brutal interrogation and imprisonment that followed it. He remembers his first love affair, and the girl he ran away with, and the weeks they spent wandering about the countryside together. Briefly, and matter-of-factly, he describes how he cut off the little finger of his left hand as a ritual gesture of apology. He explains how the games were run and the profits spent; why the ties between members of "the brotherhood" were so important; and how he came to kill a man who worked for him. What emerges is a contradictory personality: tough but not unsentimental; stubborn yet willing to take life more or less as it comes; impulsive but careful to observe the rules of the business he had joined. And in the end, when his tale is finished, you feel you would probably have liked him if you'd met him in person. Fortunately, Dr. Saga's record of his long conversations with him provides a wonderful substitute for that meeting.

Yakuza in Love

Author : Shiuko Kano
File Size : 47.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Don't make their love a crime Aoi Ichimura is a member of the Yakuza family known as The Hanagumi (The Flower Gang). He was promoted unusually fast for, accidentally, saving the gang boss's life. Aoi has a reputation as a rough, tough, ready for action macho man, but in reality he's just a timid guy with incredibly good luck. He is assigned to be the apprentice of underboss Yuji Sakiya, who has just been released from prison. Aoi learns to be manly in a different way ... trying to be the perfect lover for Sakiya."--Publisher description.

Yakuza Diary

Author : Christopher Seymour
File Size : 56.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A writer who infiltrated the Yakuza, the Japanese organized crime syndicate, reveals their wealth and power, four-hundred-year-old code of conduct, and a cast of characters including bosses and underlings

Yakuza Go Home

Author : Anne Wingate
File Size : 64.11 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When a Japanese crime lord begins a reign of terror in Bayport, Texas, chief of police Mark Shigata must fight to protect his own family and come to terms with a Japanese tradition he does not share

Contemporary Japan

Author : Jeff Kingston
File Size : 43.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The second edition of this comprehensive study of recent Japanese history now includes the author's expert assessment of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, including the political and environmental consequences of the Fukushima reactor meltdown. Fully updated to include a detailed assessment of the aftermath of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami Shows how the nuclear crisis at Fukushima was an accident waiting to happen Includes detailed discussion of Japan's energy policy, now in flux after the mishandling of the Fukushima crisis Analyzes Japan's 'Lost Decades', why jobs and families are less stable, environmental policies, immigration, the aging society, the US alliance, the imperial family, and the 'yakuza' criminal gangs Authoritative coverage of Japanese history over the last two decades, one of the country's most tumultuous periods

Transnational Criminal Organizations Cybercrime and Money Laundering

Author : James R. Richards
File Size : 63.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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WRITTEN BY A LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL FOR OTHER LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL IN THE TRENCHES This book examines the workings of organized criminals and criminal groups that transcend national boundaries. Discussions include methods used by criminal groups to internationally launder money; law enforcement efforts to counteract such schemes; and new methods and tactics to counteract transnational money laundering. A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO FACETS OF INTERNATIONAL CRIME AND MEASURES TO COMBAT THEM Intended for law enforcement personnel, bank compliance officers, financial investigators, criminal defense attorneys, and anyone interested in learning about the basic concepts of international crime and money laundering, this timely text explains: money laundering terms and phrases an overview of relevant federal agencies, transnational criminal organizations, and basic investigatory techniques the intricacies of wire transfers and cyberbanking the phenomenon of the "World Wide Web"

Yakuza Moon

Author : Shoko Tendo
File Size : 36.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Born into the family of a wealthy yakuza boss, Shoko Tendo lived her early years in luxury. But labelled the yakuza kid, she became the victim of bullying and discrimination from teachers and classmates at school, her father's drunken rages at home. This title presents an account of one woman's experience of growing up in Japan's yakuza society. The story of a yakuza's daughter is tellingly recreated in a mature manga format, illustrated by a female Japanese manga artist in a lively and inspired fashion. A poignant and eye-opening true-life memoir, 'Yakuza Moon' is a