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Writing At University A Guide For Students

Author : Creme, Phyllis
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This text presents strategies and approaches to allow the reader to gain more control over his or her academic writing in a higher education environment. This edition includes more detailed consideration of plagiarism and careful use of source material.

Academic Writing for University Students

Author : Stephen Bailey
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Academic Writing for University Students is designed to help all students succeed in writing essays, reports and other papers for coursework and exams effectively. Academic writing is often the biggest challenge facing college and university students, but this book provides all the tools needed to master the necessary skills. The book is divided into four parts, to help teachers and students easily find the help they need, both in the classroom and for self-study: The Writing Process: From finding suitable sources, through to editing and proofreading Writing Types: Practice with common assignments such as reports and cause-effect essays Writing Tools: Skills such as making comparisons, definitions, punctuation and style Lexis: Academic vocabulary, using synonyms, nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs This key handbook breaks down and practises every stage of essay writing. All units are fully cross-referenced, and a complete set of answers to the practice exercises is included. In addition, the companion website hosts comprehensive teaching notes as well as more challenging exercises, revision material and links to other sources. Designed for self-study as well as classroom use, this book uses authentic academic texts from a range of sources and provides models for common writing tasks such as case studies, while progress checks are included for each part to enable students to assess their learning. Academic Writing for University Students is an invaluable guide to all aspects of academic writing in English.

University Writing

Author : Montserrat Castelló
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University Writing: Selves and Texts in Academic Societies examines new trends in the different theoretical perspectives (cognitive, social and cultural) and derived practices in the activity of writing in higher education. These perspectives are analyzed on the basis of their conceptualization of the object –academic and scientific writing; of the writers—their identities, attitudes and perspectives, be it students, teachers or researchers; and of the derived instructional practices - the ways in which the teaching-learning situations may be organized. The volume samples writing research traditions and perspectives both in Europe and the United States, working on their situated nature and avoiding easy or superficial comparisons in order to enlarge our understanding of common problems and some emerging possibilities. In addition, the volume promotes a dialogue between these perspectives and traditions and, by addressing the identified needs and unsolved questions, bridges gaps and move forward in our knowledge regarding academic writing activities in higher education settings. University Writing: Selves and Texts in Academic Societies is addressed to researchers, advanced students and those academics interested in learning about European and North-American writing research traditions in dialogue and about how to take the individual and social perspectives in writing into account.

University Jubilees and University History Writing

Author : Pieter Dhondt
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Through various case studies, this book shows the continuity of the close relationship between jubilees and university historiography and the impact of this interaction on the jubilee publications and academic heritage. Yet it also goes beyond the jubilee by presenting three other ways of writing university history.

Students Writing in the University

Author : Carys Jones
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This volume aims to raise awareness of the underlying complexities concerning student writing in the universities. The authors address a series of theoretical as well as practical questions regarding the literacies required of students in Higher Education, from the perspective of both students themselves and of their tutors. The research described here intends to move beyond the narrow confines of current policy debates and the quick fix solutions of writing manuals, to explore the epistemological, cultural, historical and theoretical bases of such writing. Issues addressed include the nature of competing epistemologies that underlie the writing process and the varying degrees of explicitness about what academic writing entails; ways of challenging the institutional marginalisation of academic writing as teaching, learning, and research practice; what counts as knowledge and how far it is mediated by the rhetorical conventions of one culture; to what extent the challenging of such rhetorical conventions is itself a crucial epistemological issue. Writing, in this volume, then, is addressed in terms of academic literacy practices involving relations of power, issues of identity and theories of knowledge.

First Year University Writing

Author : L. Aull
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First-Year Writing describes significant language patterns in college writing today, how they are different from expert academic writing, and how to inform teaching and assessment with corpus-based linguistic and rhetorical genre analysis.

Writing for College and Beyond

Author : James Rovira
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Writing for College and Beyond prepares students for their future college classes by covering the strategies common to most college writing. In the process of being prepared for college writing, however, students are also taught chapter by chapter how these writing skills will carry forward into their future professional lives beyond college. One of the least expensive first year writing textbooks on the market, the text isn't inflated with material that most instructors and students won't use, and several exercises encourage students to use either provided web or YouTube links as texts supporting their practice for longer assignments.If you're a first year writing instructor and would like to consider this text for your course, email the author at brightfuturespublishing (at) gmail (dot) com for a desk copy.

Successful Essay Writing for Senior High School College and University

Author : Barry Spurr
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Following a history of Chinese calligraphy — going all the way back to the pictographic beginnings of Chinese writing more than 4,000 years ago — the author explains the basic construction of individual characters and the ways in which calligraphy is used by Chinese artists, including calligraphic seals and inscriptions on paintings.

Writing for College the Eight Step Program to Writing Academic Argument Papers Using the Template Method

Author : Rebecca Smith
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Integrating Writing Strategies in EFL ESL University Contexts

Author : Jennifer Lynn Craig
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Clearly explaining writing-across-the-curriculum (WAC) pedagogy for English language teachers in university settings, this book offers an accessible guide to integrating writing and speaking tasks across the curriculum and in disciplinary courses. Teachers will find this book useful because its direct, practical advice can be easily incorporated in their classrooms to help their students develop advanced disciplinary English skills in writing, oral presentation, and graphical presentation. Enhancing its usefulness and relevance, each chapter includes coverage of the use of technology for teaching and learning; ways in which teachers can effectively and efficiently assess writing and speaking; and vignettes or examples to Illustrate writing strategies or assignments in different contexts. Pulling together the key features of writing-across-the-curriculum in one volume this book, is an efficient resource for busy EFL/ESL teachers worldwide.