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Writers of Indian Diaspora

Author : Jasbir Jain
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Contributory essays; some presented at a seminar held in December 1996 at the University of Rajasthan.

Writers of the Indian Diaspora

Author : Emmanuel Sampath Nelson
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The fifty-eight writers included in this new sourcebook have roots in India but represent diverse geographical areas of the Indian Diaspora: from the South Pacific to South America, from the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Singapore to the cities and suburbs of London, New York, Johannesburg, and Toronto. Their lives, works, and themes are examined individually but with attention to their shared diasporic consciousness as manifested in their literary productions. Included are major international figures such as V.S. Naipaul, and Salman Rushdie and talented emerging writers. Each entry begins with relevant biographical information, offers an interpretive summary of the major works, provides an overview of the critical reception, and concludes with primary and secondary bibliographies. A brief appendix lists writers with place of birth and places of domicle. The introduction to the volume discusses theoretical issues pertinent to Indian diasporic studies.

Indian Writers

Author : Jaspal Kaur Singh
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Indian Writers attempt to locate diasporic voices in the interstitial spaces of countless ideologies. The anthology provides a critical examination of dislocated diasporic subjects - those who have adjusted to the dislocation well, those who have chosen the hybrid spaces for empowerment, those who are dragged forcefully to various territories, and yet those who gleefully inhabit trans-local spaces. A wide range of voices raise these critical questions: How do we read these voices? How are the voices received in various locations? Are these voices considered Indian? Do they represent Indianness, or some hybridized version of it? What is an authentic cultural identity? What, ultimately, is Indianness, or for that matter, any hard-won national or ethnic identity? Additionally, as more female writers are being read, both in the global south and in the north, the reception of these texts, particularly in an era of globalization, and in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack in the United States, raises questions on how the «other», the subaltern, is represented and read. Some writers use an assimilationist approach to the cultures of the West to such a degree that they find Indian culture monolithically oppressive, while others continue to romanticize Indianness, yet others eroticize and ethnicize the east for western consumption. The authors of the essays in this anthology examine contemporary debates in postcolonial and transnational literary criticism in an attempt to understand the often complex and hybrid narratives of the diasporic Indian subject.

Contemporary Indian Diaspora

Author : Angshuman Kar
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This book maps the new formations in the Indian diaspora by considering its literary and cultural representations. It examines how contemporary Indian diaspora literature(s) and films produced in the last 20 years have tried to negotiate the changing experiences of the Indian diaspora communities across the globe. The book studies how Indian diaspora writers/ film makers have been negotiating issues like inter/intra-community diasporic interactions and the transformation of the relationships between the host country and the Indian diaspora communities due to changes in the nature of capital flow, transnational trade, and globalization. It also looks at the responses of these writers/film makers to the changes in the immigration policies of the host countries in the face of terrorist threats. In so doing, the book examines how far the representations of the hostland and the homeland by the contemporary Indian diaspora writers/film makers are mediated by certain factors relating to the production and consumption of Indian diaspora literature/films. [Subject: India Studies, Diaspora Studies, Literary Criticism, Film Studies]


Author : Emmanuel Sampath Nelson
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Adopting the concept of diaspora to the experience of people of Indian subcontinental origin dispersed in other areas, Nelson uses this paradigm to analyze Indian expatriate writing. In Reworlding, he has commissioned fourteen critical essays that examine such diverse areas of the diaspora as the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Singapore, Britain, North America, and Africa and such representative writers as Salman Rushdie, V. S. Naipaul, Kamala Markandaya, Bharati Mukherjee, and Raja Rao. Underlying this international body of literature is the haunting presence of India and the anguish of personal loss that generate an aesthetics of "reworlding."

Women Writers and Indian Diaspora

Author : Beena Agarwal
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Tracing an Indian Diaspora

Author : Parvati Raghuram
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The concept of diaspora has been much debated during the past decade in terms of the essential and additional features that go with it, arguing which groups or communities could beuld not be designated as diaspora. The Indian diaspora today, with a strong community constituting more than 20 million and spreading across a hundred countries, continues to grow in size and making its transnational presence felt. This collection of essays traces some of the plurality with the Indian context as well as in the context of globalization, and transnationalism. The book discusses the migratory movements that have led to the formation of the Indian diaspora and formation to diasporic practices-the ways and means of remembering and enacting diasporic belonging and the sites and spaces where such narratives of belonging are performed and how these issues are played out through texts, and rituals such as pilgrimages and building temples.

Theorizing and Critiquing Indian Diaspora

Author : Adesh Pal
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Contains Papers That Debate And Formulate Theoretical Concepts About Indina Diaspora Like-Homeland, Acculturation, Religion, Caste, Ethnicity, Double Citizenship, Gender And Related Issues. Also Analyse The Successes And Failures Of Indian Diaspora In Various Countries-Figian Diaspra, Writings Fo Punjabi Diaspora, Asian Women. A Reference Tool For Those Interested In Theoretical Issues Related To Indian Diaspora.

A History of Indian Literature in English

Author : Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
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Brings together some of the best writers and thinkers on Indian literature in English from Rudyard Kipling to Salman Rushdie, covering everything of literary significance in India.

Exploring Gender in the Literature of the Indian Diaspora

Author : Sandhya Rao Mehta
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Reflecting the continuing interest in the diaspora and transnationalism, this collection of critical essays is located at the intersection of gender and diaspora studies, exploring the multiple ways in which the literature of the Indian diaspora negotiates, interprets and performs gender within established and emerging ethnic spaces. Based on current theories of diaspora, as well as feminist and queer studies, this collection focuses on close textual interpretation framed by cultural and literary theory. Targeted at both academic and general readers interested in gender and diaspora, as well as Indian literature, this collection is an eclectic selection of works by both established academics and emerging scholars from different parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds. It brings together multiple approaches to the predicament of belonging and the creation of identities, while showcasing the range and depth of the Indian diaspora and the diversity of its literary productions.

Writers of the Indian Diaspora

Author : Rajinder Kumar Dhawan
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Comprises Critical Essays On Salman Rushdie, Meena Alexander, Jhumpa Lahiri And Stephen Gill.

Immigration and Estrangement in Indian Diaspora Literature A Critical Study

Author : Dipak Giri
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About the Author Dipak Giri- M.A. (Double), B.Ed. - is a Ph. D. Research Scholar in Raiganj University, Raiganj, Uttar Dinajpur (W.B.). He is working as an Assistant Teacher in Katamari High School (H.S.), Cooch Behar, West Bengal. He is an Academic Counsellor in Netaji Subhas Open University, Cooch Behar College Study Centre, Cooch Behar, West Bengal. He was formerly Part Time Lecturer in Cooch Behar College, Vivekananda College and Thakur Panchanan Mahila Mahavidyalaya, West Bengal and worked as a Guest Lecturer in Dewanhat College, West Bengal. Along with this book on Indian Diaspora Literature, he has also edited eight books on Indian English Drama, Indian English Novel, Postcolonial English Literature, New Woman in Indian Literature, Indian Women Novelists in English, Homosexuality in Contemporary Indian Literature, Transgender in Indian Context and Mahesh Dattani. He is a well-known academician and has published many scholarly research articles in books and journals of both national and international repute. His area of studies includes Post-Colonial Literature, Indian Writing in English, Dalit Literature, Feminism and Gender Studies. About the Book The anthology Immigration and Estrangement in Indian Diaspora Literature: A Critical Study attempts to study diasporic sensibilities in writings of Indian Diaspora writers. The book mainly focuses its study on the sense of displacement and dislocation rising due to immigration from homeland to hostland as found in writings of Indian Diaspora writers. Authors have tried to give their best outputs to reach this anthology to its intended goal. Hopefully this book will be helpful to both students and scholars alike.

The Diaspora Writes Home

Author : Jasbir Jain
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This book by eminent author Jasbir Jain explores the many ways the diaspora remembers and reflects upon the lost homeland, and their relationship with their own ancestry, history of the homeland, culture and the current political conflicts. Amongst the questions this book asks is, ‘how does the diaspora relate to their home, and what is the homeland's relationship to the diaspora as representatives of the contemporary homeland in another country?’. The last is an interesting point of discussion since the 'present' of the homeland and of the diaspora cannot be equated. The transformations that new locations have brought about as migrants have travelled through time and interacted with the politics of their settled lands---Africa, Fiji, the Caribbean Islands, the UK, the US, Canada, as well as the countries created out of British India, such as Pakistan and Bangladesh---have altered their affiliations and perspectives. This book gathers multiple dispersions of emigrant writers and artistes from South Asia across time and space to the various homelands they relate to now. The word ‘write’ is used in its multiplicity to refer to creative expression, as an inscription, as connectivity, and remembrance. Writing is also a representation and carries its own baggage of poetics and aesthetics, categories which need to be problematised vis-à-vis the writer and his/her emotional location.

Contemporary Diasporic Literature

Author : Manjit Inder Singh
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Transcript of papers presented at a seminar organized by the Dept. of English, Punjabi U., Patiala on February 24-25, 2005.

Contextualizing Nationalism Transnationalism and Indian Diaspora

Author : Adesh Pal
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Transcript of papers presented in a conference with special reference to the writings of 20th century Indic authors writing in English.

Studies in Indian Writing in English

Author : Mittapalli Rajeshwar
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During The Seventy Years Of Its Effective History Indian Writing In English Crossed Many Miles Stones And Has Come To Be Finally Accepted As A Major Literature Of The World. Having Won Almost Every Important Literary Prize In The Recent Few Years, Iwe Has Become Immensely Popular With The Common International Readers And Critics Alike. If Its Being Prescribed For Study In Universities Across The World Is Any Indication, The Place Of Iwe In The Canon Is Secure Forever.This Anthology Of Critical Articles Attempts To Evaluate Some Of The Major Indian Poets And Novelists And Their Influential Works From Refreshingly New Perspectives Historical, Socio-Economic, Existential, Mythological, Philosophical-Religious And Environmental.The Writers Studied Here Include Anand, Narayan, Raja Rao, Malgonkar, Bhattacharya, Joshi, Desai, Markandaya, Sahgal, Ezekiel And Ramanujan. An Interesting Addition To This Volume Are A Couple Of Articles On The Diaspora Writers Such Rohinton Mistry And The South African Indian Poets And Novelists.It Is Hoped That This Book Will Prove Itself Highly Useful To All Who Are Seriously Interested In Indian Writing In English.

Diaspora and Multiculturalism

Author : Monika Fludernik
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In postcolonial theory we have now reached a new stage in the succession of key concepts. After the celebrations of hybridity in the work of Homi Bhabha and Gayatri Spivak, it is now the concept of diaspora that has sparked animated debates among postcolonial critics. This collection intervenes in the current discussion about the 'new' diaspora by placing the rise of diaspora within the politics of multiculturalism and its supercession by a politics of difference and cultural-rights theory. The essays present recent developments in Jewish negotiations of diasporic tradition and experience, discussing the reinterpretation of concepts of the 'old' diaspora in late twentieth- century British and American Jewish literature. The second part of the volume comprises theoretical and critical essays on the South Asian diaspora and on multicultural settings between Australia, Africa, the Caribbean and North America. The South Asian and Caribbean diasporas are compared to the Jewish prototype and contrasted with the Turkish diaspora in Germany. All essays deal with literary reflections on, and thematisations of, the diasporic predicament.

The Literature of the Indian Diaspora

Author : Alan Lindsey McLeod
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The Essays In This Volume Were Originally Presented At A Conference Held At The Institute For Common Wealth And American Studies And English Language In Mysore In 1998.

The Indian Diaspora

Author : N. Jayaram
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`Jayaram provides a well-presented overview of the patterns of emigration from India, highlighting the key disciplinary perspectives and strategic approaches.... The papers provide a very valuable contribution to the literature on the Indian diaspora and are a useful addition to one's collection' - The Journal of the Royal Anthropolgical Institute The study of Indian diaspora has emerged as a rich and variegated area of multidisciplinary research interest. This volume brings together nine seminal articles by well-known scholars which deal with the empirical reality of Indian diaspora and the theoretical and methodological issues raised by it. Between them they cover a variety of important aspects such as asocial adjustment, family change, religion, language, ethnicity and culture.

Writing the Diaspora

Author : Uma Parameswaran
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"The essays in this volume span a variety of writers such as Kamala Markandaya, Gita Mehta and Shashi Tharoor, and many writers and artists who live in Canada. Uma Parameswaran brings her own experience of living for forty years outside India to her analysis of diasporic identity and culture. The essays, spread over several decades, work through many genres, methodologies and strategies as they display a cross-cultural sensibility and attempt to look at Indian culture and cultural artifacts from the Canadian perspective."