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World War I

Author : Spencer Tucker
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Alphabetically arranged entries, supplemented with maps and primary documents, provide a complete history of the First World War.

World War I

Author : Samuel Lyman Atwood Marshall
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The assassination of the archduke of Austria-Hungary in 1914 triggered more than a monstrous war; it set off a revolution so violent that it reshaped the thoughts and affairs of mankind, perhaps for all time. Marshall's book is a clear one-volume history of the war to end all wars.

World War I

Author : Hew Strachan
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Explores the causes and consequences of World War I, both on the front and at home

World War I

Author : Neil M. Heyman
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Presents an overview of World War I, including its chronology, origins, military events, and political and diplomatic consequences, and examines the major figures involved.

The Origins of World War I

Author : Richard Frederick Hamilton
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Discusses and examines the possible causes of World War I.

The World War I Reader

Author : Michael S. Neiberg
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A collection of primary and secondary documents that offers students, scholars, and war buffs an extensive and easy-to-follow overview of World War I.

The Causes of World War I

Author : Stewart Ross
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Describes the international rivalries, diplomatic incidents, events in Sarajevo in 1914, and other contributing factors that led up to World War I.

World War I

Author : Ross F. Collins
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Provides primary documents from the World War I era that covers the causes, events and consequences of the tumultuous and violent war years from 1914 to 1919.

World War I

Author : H. P. Willmott
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Combines period photographs, illustrations, maps, and timelines into a narrative that offers an overview of World War I, describing the causes of the conflict, the campaigns and battles, and its repercussions in the decades that followed.

The Economics of World War I

Author : Stephen Broadberry
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This unique volume offers a definitive new history of European economies at war from 1914 to 1918. It studies how European economies mobilised for war, how existing economic institutions stood up under the strain, how economic development influenced outcomes and how wartime experience influenced post-war economic growth. Leading international experts provide the first systematic comparison of economies at war between 1914 and 1918 based on the best available data for Britain, Germany, France, Russia, the USA, Italy, Turkey, Austria-Hungary and the Netherlands. The editors' overview draws some stark lessons about the role of economic development, the importance of markets and the damage done by nationalism and protectionism. A companion volume to the acclaimed The Economics of World War II, this is a major contribution to our understanding of total war.

The Medics of World War One

Author : Kevin Hargreaves
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?Medics? takes a look at the role men played in the care of the sick and wounded during World War One. There is a certain perception, and certainly if one looks at the so-called docudramas related to the injured servicemen during World War One, it would appear that men played no role in the sick and injured men's care. It would be very easy to get the impression that all the care was given by the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service. This is not the case; the care of the sick and wounded actually started in no man's land where they were cared for by the regimental stretcher-bearers and the RAMC orderlies all the way down the line to the Casualty Clearing Stations and even in the General Hospitals. Throughout the text we follow the journey of the wounded from no man's land, down the evacuation chain to the general hospital in England and the colonies, and illustrate the role that the male caregivers undertook in the care of the wounded.

America and World War I

Author : David Woodward
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America and World War I, the first volume in the new Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies series, provides a concise, annotated guide to the vast amount of resources available on the Great War. With over 2,000 entries selected from a wide variety of publications, manuscript collections, databases, and online resources, this volume will be an invaluable research tool for students, scholars, and military history buffs alike. The wide range of topics covered include war films and literature, to civil-military relations, to women and war. Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies will include concise, easy-to-use bibliographic volumes on different American military campaigns throughout history, as well as tackling timely subjects such as women in the military and terrorism.

History of World War I

Author : Dennis Cove
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This three-volume reference is appropriate for middle school students and above. Volume I, War and Response 1914-1916, covers the causes of the conflict, the reactions around the world to its outbreak, the course of the fighting in the first years of fighting, and the United States' move toward declaring war in April 1917. Volume II, Victory and Defeat 1917-1918, charts the United States' contribution to the war and the fighting between 1917 and 1918, as well as the war's aftermath and impact around the globe during the 1920s and beyond. The third volume, Home Fronts and Technologies of War, looks at the impact of the war on the lives of ordinary civilians and also studies the military innovations, tactics, and weapons that contributed to the ferocity of the conflict. The reference is extensively illustrated with color and bandw illustrations and maps and includes boxed sections that describe key figures and their roles, provide eyewitness accounts, and summarize political events. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Australian War Graves Workers and World War One

Author : Fred Cahir
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This book relays the largely untold story of the approximately 1,100 Australian war graves workers whose job it was to locate, identify exhume and rebury the thousands of Australian soldiers who died in Europe during the First World War. It tells the story of the men of the Australian Graves Detachment and the Australian Graves Service who worked in the period 1919 to 1922 to ensure that grieving families in Australia had a physical grave which they could mourn the loss of their loved ones. By presenting biographical vignettes of eight men who undertook this work, the book examines the mechanics of the commemoration of the Great War and extends our understanding of the individual toll this onerous task took on the workers themselves.

The Story of World War One

Author : Richard Brassey
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It began 100 years ago. They said it would be over by Christmas. They were wrong! Read about the tanks and trenches, bombs and battlefields that make up the chilling story of World War One. Did you know that German Zeppelins were made from cow intestines, the same material as sausage skins, so sausages were banned in Germany? Or that the fighting was stopped on Christmas Day 1914, so that German and British soldiers could play football in no man's land? Discover these facts, and so much more, in this fascinating book. Richard Brassey, author of the successful THE STORY OF THE OLYMPICS, brings World War One to life in this unique take on the history and events of one of the 20th century's most important episodes. Full of wonderful, full-colour illustrations and interesting stories, this is a timely addition to existing books on the subject that will interest even the most reluctant readers.

World War I and Its Consequences

Author : Henry Cowper
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World War One in Southeast Asia

Author : Heather Streets-Salter
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Although not a major player during the course of the First World War, Southeast Asia was in fact altered by the war in multiple and profound ways. Ranging across British Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, and French Indochina, Heather Streets-Salter reveals how the war shaped the region's political, economic, and social development both during 1914–18 and in the war's aftermath. She shows how the region's strategic location between North America and India made it a convenient way-station for expatriate Indian revolutionaries who hoped to smuggle arms and people into India and thus to overthrow British rule, whilst German consuls and agents entered into partnerships with both Indian and Vietnamese revolutionaries to undermine Allied authority and coordinate anti-British and anti-French operations. World War One in Southeast Asia offers an entirely new perspective on anti-colonialism and the Great War, and radically extends our understanding of the conflict as a truly global phenomenon.

World War One 1914 1918

Author : André Geraque Kiffer
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Considering the principal historical assumption that the Central Alliance had better military leadership capable of innovating (technology) and maneuvering (flexible planning), based primarily on the evolution of the Prussian / German General Staff since 1806, but on the other hand, lacking a more solid political orientation, which eventually led him to assume this (inappropriate) role, the basis of the simulation of this book will be as it would have been if the German political leadership, in particular, had been better understood from the outset, perhaps provoking a shorter war and a fairer and more consolidated future peace.

Poets of World War I Part One

Author : Harold Bloom
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Provides insight into four each of Wilfred Owen's and Isaac Rosenberg's most influential works along with a short biography of each poet.

The First World War

Author : Michael Howard
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This book is an insightful narrative history, focusing on why the First World War occurred, how it was fought, and why it had the consequences it did. It examines in turn the state of Europe in 1914 and the outbreak of war; the onset of attrition in 1915 and the extension of the war; the'crisis of the war' (1917-18), the collapse of Russia and the weakening and eventual surrender of the Central Powers; the making of peace; and the historical controversies surrounding the causes and conduct of war.