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World War II

Author : John Keegan
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Details on major weapons, ships, vehicles, aircraft, tanks, along with a recounting on every major campaign and battle, and hundreds of biographies of military and civilian leaders are collected in this visual encyclopedia of World War II. Illustrations.

World War II Visual Encyclopedia

Author : Dk Publishing
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War World II: Visual Encyclopedia is a new book for kids ages 9-12 that profiles the soldiers who served, key events, and the technology of war. With more than 200 individual entries of specially commissioned CGI images, War World II: Visual Encyclopedia covers the key players including Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Franklin D Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Charles de Gaulle; major events such as the invasion of Poland, Battle of Britain, and Pearl Harbor; plus the weapons and machinery used such as Gato-class submarines, V1 Rockets, and the atomic bomb, all with age-appropriate text and images. With key information available at a glance and data boxes to dip into, plus facts and stats to compare, kids can discover the most cunning strategists, the longest battles, the fastest fighter planes, and more in this new addition to DK's award-winning Visual Encyclopedia format.

Aircraft of World War II

Author : Les Perera
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It is generally accepted that the Spitfire was not only a great fighter aircraft but was also a symbol of Britain’s defiance of the Luftwaffe in the early years of WWII. Britain had been slow to react to German rearmament in the 1930s. Since WWI, the RAF’s front-line aircraft were mainly used in the colonial policing role where their (mostly) 1920s technology was not an issue. However, the political appeasement of Hitler’s Germany and subsequent lack of realisation had left the RAF ill-equipped to combat the potential threat posed by the German build-up. Almost too late, the government started to modernise Britain’s ageing fighter force, with orders for the Hurricane and Spitfire that were to prove invaluable in the defence of the country. These aircraft, together with others to follow, began to replace the biplane fighters and bombers that would have been hopelessly outclassed in the forthcoming war. Weapons technology, radar and electronic countermeasures all played a part in Britain’s ultimate victory. Without the aircraft and the courage of the crews who operated them, this outcome would not have been possible. Some of the aircraft that served during that period are profiled in this illustrated book with archive photography. There are many familiar names featured such as the Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane and Avro Lancaster, but also lesser-known types including the Boulton Paul Defiant, Fairey Battle and Westland Lysander.

World War II

Author : Chris Ellis
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World War II Visual Encyclopedia

Author :
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This book includes a detailed description of every major weapon and weapons system used by the combatants on both sides throughout the war: ships, aircraft, armored vehicles, artillery pieces and small arms. It also includes concise biographies of the leaders and notables of the war, civilian and military. It also recounts in outline the major campaigns and battles on every front and relates the outcome of one to another.

World War II

Author : Dorling Kindersley
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World War II: Visual Encyclopedia profiles the soldiers who served, as well as key events and the technology of war. Find the facts about the most cunning strategists, the longest battles, the fastest fighter planes, and much more in this spectacular visual dictionary. Key information is available at a glance, with data boxes, facts and stats to dip into alongside cutting-edge CGI technology that bring these infamous events to life. Packed with profiles of the people, places and events, from Winston Churchill to Pearl Harbor, World War II: Visual Encyclopedia explores this historic event that shaped our world.

Visual Encyclopedia of Military Aircraft

Author : Jim Winchester
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Provides a fascinating at-a-glance guide to every major military aircraft type ever flown, all illustrated with a detailed profile artwork, accompanied by brief details and specifications.


Author : Philip C. Gutzman
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Take a look back at the turbulent Vietnam era in a visual encyclopedia of over 500 extraordinary photos and alphabetized entries. “Stunning...a valuable and reasonably priced resource...required viewing if not reading. Recommended for most libraries.”—Library Journal. "The range of topics is excellent...Biographical coverage is especially good...It's best feature is its top-notch collection of photographs."--Choice Magazine.

History of World War II

Author : Tim Cooke
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Chronicles the final years of World War II, the war's aftermath, and its legacy, including new technologies and tactics and the Cold War; and contains a bibliography, a list of websites, Allied and Axis army organization charts.

The Western European and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II

Author : Donal Sexton
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Western European and Mediterranean Theaters in World War II is a concise, comprehensive guide for students, teachers, and history buffs of the Second World War. With an emphasis on the American forces in these theaters, each entry is accompanied by a brief annotation that will allow researchers to navigate through the vast amount of literature on the campaigns fought in these regions with ease. Focusing on all aspects surrounding the U.S. involvement in the Western European and Mediterranean theaters, including politics, religion, biography, strategy, intelligence, and operations, this bibliography will be a welcome addition to the collection of any academic or research library. Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies provide concise, annotated bibliographies to the major areas and events in American military history. With the inclusion of brief critical annotations after each entry, the student and researcher can easily assess the utility of each bibliographic source and evaluate the abundance of resources available with ease and efficiency. Comprehensive, concise, and current—Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies are an essential research tool for any historian.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Author : Angie Peterson Kaelberer
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Hoping to finally end World War II, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, on 6 August 1945. Three days later, the US dropped another massive bomb on Nagasaki, Japan. The result was total devastation. Within seconds of the blasts, more than 120,000 men, women and children died. Thousands more would die from radiation sickness in the months to come. The war was over but the ongoing fear of nuclear destruction had begun.

Pearl Harbor

Author : Angie Peterson Kaelberer
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National Geographic Visual History of the World

Author : Klaus Berndl
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Looks at the important events and figures in world history, from 4000 B.C. to the present day.

The Complete Visual Encyclopedia of Naval Aircraft of World Wars I and II

Author : Francis Crosby
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Naval aircraft have played an ever-increasing role in wartime conflicts, and this illustrated directory includes key information, specifications and background history.

Call of Duty WWII Deployment Kit Edition

Author : Prima Games
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The Call of Duty�: WWII Deployment Kit Contains: * Flashlight: WWII-themed flashlight, branded with Call of Duty�: WWII logo. * Canteen: Call of Duty�: WWII-themed metal canteen and pouch. * Dog Tag: In-game character, Ronald "Red" Daniels' dog tag. * Hardcover Collector's Edition Guide: Contains a hardcover version of the complete strategy guide. * Hardcover Journal: A 192-page writing journal with a ribbon bookmark and inside pocket. * Poster: An 11"x17" poster featuring Call of Duty�: WWII character artwork. * Propaganda Print: An 8"x10", high-quality replica piece of propaganda artwork. * WWII Visual Encyclopedia by DK: Step-by-step visual history book covering the major events of World War II. Game Not Included

Visual Encyclopedia

Author : Anna Kruger
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The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art

Author : Joan M. Marter
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Where is American art in the new millennium? At the heart of all cultural developments is diversity. Access through recent technology engenders interaction with artists from around the world. The visual arts in the United States are bold and pulsating with new ideas.

The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts

Author : Claude J. Summers
File Size : 31.81 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Assembled by the editors of, the online encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender art, music and popular culture, this print version of the popular reference to gay life and culture includes more than two hundred entries. Original.

The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography

Author : Michael R. Peres
File Size : 70.91 MB
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*Searchable CD ROM containing the entire book (including images) *Over 450 color images, plus never before published images provided by the George Eastman House collection, as well as images from Ansel Adams, Howard Schatz, and Jerry Uelsmann to name just a few The role and value of the picture cannot be matched for accuracy or impact. This comprehensive treatise, featuring the history and historical processes of photography, contemporary applications, and the new and evolving digital technologies, will provide the most accurate technical synopsis of the current, as well as early worlds of photography ever compiled. This Encyclopedia, produced by a team of world renown practicing experts, shares in highly detailed descriptions, the core concepts and facts relative to anything photographic. This Fourth edition of the Focal Encyclopedia serves as the definitive reference for students and practitioners of photography worldwide, expanding on the award winning 3rd edition. In addition to Michael Peres (Editor in Chief), the editors are: Franziska Frey (Digital Photography), J. Tomas Lopez (Contemporary Issues), David Malin (Photography in Science), Mark Osterman (Process Historian), Grant Romer (History and the Evolution of Photography), Nancy M. Stuart (Major Themes and Photographers of the 20th Century), and Scott Williams (Photographic Materials and Process Essentials)

An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Uniforms of World War II

Author : Jonathan North
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This unique illustrated book charts the development in military uniform in relation to a shifting world, in an incredible visual directory with expert analysis and commentary.