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Family Businesses in the Arab World

Author : Sami Basly
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This book focuses on topics such as the cultural specificity of Arab family businesses with regard to shaping their governance and management; the influence that specific values in the Arab world could exert on the management of family businesses; how spiritual and religious values influence business in Arab family firms; and the role of emotions in the management of family firms in the Arab World. Presenting a collection of contributions addressing management, finance, strategy and succession in Arab Family businesses, this book constitutes a novel and unique contribution to the research field of family businesses.

Family Business Case Studies Across the World

Author : Cheng, Jeremy
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Projecting a global interdisciplinary vision, this insightful book develops a peer-to-peer learning methodology to facilitate reconciling religion and human rights, both in multilateral contexts and at the national level. Written by leading human rights practitioners, the book illuminates the tension zones between religion and rights, exploring how the ‘faith’ elements in both disciplines can create synergies for protecting equal human dignity.

World s Worst Family

Author :
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A dysfunctional yet loving family must find a way to thwart a worldwide technology uprising in this laugh-out-loud Level 2 Ready-to-Read based on the motion picture form Sony Pictures Animation, The Mitchells vs. the Machines! Meet the Mitchell family: They are the most unlikely people to save the world, but when electronic devices, including a new line of personal robots, take over, it’s up to them to save humanity. Get to know everyone in the family, from parents Rick and Linda Mitchell; to their daughter, Katie; and son, Aaron—and don’t forget their lovable dog, Monchi! Katie is an aspiring filmmaker, Aaron loves dinosaurs more than anything in the world, Rick loves the great outdoors, Linda just wants them all to get along—and none of them are trained in battling refrigerators or robots. On paper they actually sound like the world’s worst family to rely on during a technology takeover. They have flaws and are undeniably human…but that is what makes them perfect for the job.

Family Therapy Around the World

Author : William Nichols
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An international celebration of the work of Florence W. Kaslow! Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow celebrates the life and work of the distinguished family therapist with an international collection of essays that reflects the dynamic state of clinical practice, research, and theory. Professionals and practitioners from 15 countries honor Dr. Kaslow’s pioneering contributions to family therapy and family psychology by offering practical solutions to the real, everyday problems that affect today’s world. The essays are varied and extensive, incorporating cultural and social factors to explore new territory in family therapy through cutting-edge research, clinical cases, and theoretical developments. Family Therapy Around the World recognizes the profound influence of Dr. Kaslow, who was instrumental in the adoption of the Journal of Family Psychotherapy as the official journal of the International Family Therapy Association (IFTA). The spirit of her work flows through the book’s essays, which represent the latest thinking and practice developments from clinicians, theoreticians, and researchers around the world. The book paints a clear portrait of the current state of family therapy across the globe, including contributions from Japan; the United Kingdom; Israel; India; Argentina; Russia; Sweden; Iceland; Yugoslavia; Italy; Australia; Norway; Chile; and the United States. Topics examined in Family Therapy Around the World include: salutogenic family therapy (Sweden) working with abusing families (United Kingdom) family life in an atmosphere of chronic stress and social transformation (Yugoslavia) adult children dealing with parental divorce (Italy) exploring culture in practice (United Kingdom and India) fathers who make a difference (Argentina) sex avoidance among young couples (Israel) working toward triadic communication with problematic families (Japan) and much more! For decades, Dr. Florence Kaslow has been an active practitioner, editor, author, teacher, and researcher. Family Therapy Around the World: A Festschrift for Florence W. Kaslow represents a small sampling of the effect her work has had on the family therapy community across the globe.

Hakes of the World family Merlucciidae

Author : Domingo Lloris
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This is a worldwide catalogue of the family Merlucciidae. Two subfamilies, Macruroninae and Merlucciinae, are recognized comprising four genera, Lyconodes, Lyconus, Macruronus, and Merluccius, and 18 species. Dichotomous keys are provided in the systematics chapter, enabling the identification of the hakes to the species level. Subfamilies and genera are also defined. The species are arranged in alphabetical order under each subfamily and genus to which they belong. The scientific name appears in bold at the head of each genus and species description, followed by the author, year of first description, and publication. Existing synonyms and FAO common names in English, French, and Spanish are also provided. For each species there is an illustration followed by ten sections: description or diagnosis with differential characters; additional information; geographical distribution; habitat and biology; size; fisheries; fishery statistics; state of resources; local names, if any; and bibliographical references (author and year). The review is completed by a series of color plates showing details of different elements (heads, otoliths, hyomandibulars, urohyals) for a quick and efficient diagnosis of the genera and species of Lyconus, Macruronus, and Merluccius

World Peace and the Human Family

Author : Roy Weatherford
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Modern coverage of world events suggest that war and violence are key to contemporary society. History can convince us that it has ever been so, and many theorist of international relations argue that nothing is likely to change. Roy Weatherford argues that a profound change in social relations is imminent as national sovereignty yields to a democratic world culture, speaking a world language and living as a world wide family - the human family. For too long world peace has seemed a noble but unattainable ideal. Weatherford shows that it is now both economically and politically possible and is therefore our moral duty.

The Richest Family in the World Family Secrets

Author : Eddie Rogers Sr.
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The Richest Family in the World is the fictional tale of the Goodwins, a hard-working, God-fearing family whose deep spirituality serves them well, especially during times of crisis. Like many families around the world, the Goodwins rely on their faith in God to guide them through their many adventures. John and Sarah Goodwin, a farming couple with eight children, have been happily married for forty-two years. All eight children helped work the farm when they were younger; however, much to their father's disappointment, as adults, they have no interest in taking over the family business. As a result, John and Sarah Goodwin must face the biggest heartbreak of their lives-losing the farm. Another tragedy strikes the family when Sarah travels to visit the brother she never knew existed and is critically injured in a plane crash. The richest family in the world is the family that loves, respects, and helps one another, especially through controversy and difficult times. Through the roller coaster adventures of the Goodwins, The Richest Family in the World demonstrates that there are no perfect families-just families who share the faith that, through it all, they will survive and hope and love will prevail.

The Jewish World Family Haggadah

Author : Zion Ozeri, Shoshana Silberman
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World-famous photographer Zion Ozeri, a Manhattan resident raised in Israel, is acclaimed by organizations around the world for capturing, in some instances, the last Jewish communities in many countries, from India to Iran. He has traveled the world collecting these priceless cultural portraits of a people united by tradition. To illuminate the Haggadah, the annual retelling of the Jewish people's escape from Egypt, Ozeri's photographs are paired with modern text by noted Jewish scholar and Haggadah expert, Shoshana Silberman, whose A Family Haggadah I and II (Karben) are widely used in Reform and Conservative Jewish family celebrations of Passover. This handsome, affordably priced Haggadah, in trade paperback, is the first of its kind to use photography to illustrate the annual book of prayers and traditions used in over 6,000,000 Jewish households across America each year. Each photo will be accompanied by a facing caption telling the land of origin of its subjects, from Argentina to Bukharin to the land of Israel. This is the only Haggadah to combine contemporary photographs from around the Jewish world with one of the most user friendly and all inclusive commentary by Shoshana Silberman. The photographs were carefully chosen to relate to the text on the page, creating and encouraging a conversation around the Seder table, by children and adults alike. The photographs from Israel, India, Morocco, USA, Argentina, Peru to name but a few, bring to light other Jewish communities and traditions. Shoshana Silberman's notes, interpretations and guidance makes leading the Seder and navigating the book easy. Her comments throughout, help explain the source of many of the different customs that are part of the Seder ceremony among diverse Jewish communities-Sephardim, Ashkenazim, etc.

The Family in the Western World from the Black Death to the Industrial Age

Author : Beatrice Gottlieb
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During the last few decades the study of the family has flourished, and in the process many myths about what life was like two or three centuries ago have been debunked. For example, contrary to popular belief, we now know that most women in the preindustrial West did not marry before they were twenty-five. Most households consisted of no more than four or five people, usually including unrelated young people working as servants. And perhaps most surprising of all, multigenerational households were not very common. Pulling together much fascinating information about the family in the preindustrial Western world, Beatrice Gottlieb presents every aspect of this rich subject with clarity and fairness. Her generously illustrated book deals with the households of the wealthy and the poor, courtship and marriage, the care and training of children, and the bonds (and strains) of kinship. The matter of inheritance receives special attention, as it played a substantial role in a world permeated by rank and status, and its importance gave the family a peculiar social and economic significance. With a focus on the ordinary people whose everyday lives strike a responsive chord in all of us, as well as brief appearances by famous people and important events in history--Henry VIII's divorce, Benjamin Franklin's apprenticeship to his brother, and Mary Wollstonecraft's death in childbirth--this remarkable, eminently readable work brings to vivid life the wives and husbands, servants and masters, children and parents of a not too distant past.

Threadfins of the World family Polynemidae

Author : Hiroyuki Motomura
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This is the third in the FAO series of worldwide annotated and illustrated catalogues of major groups of organisms that enter marine fisheries. It covers the family Polynemidae (threadfins), including 41 species belonging to 8 genera, which is important in commercial and sport fisheries of tropical and subtropical seas, especially in the Middle and Near East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania and West Africa. It includes a review of habitat and fisheries of the family; a glossary of technical terms; an illustrated key to each genus and all species; and a detailed account for all species, including an illustration of each species, scientific and vernacular names, and information on habitat, biology, fisheries, size, relevant literature and distribution.