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Working animals in agriculture and transport

Author : R.A. Pearson
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This book covers many of the recent research observations on the management and use of working animals in tropical agricultural systems. Studies of oxen, donkeys and camels in sub-Saharan Africa, cows and donkeys in Ethiopia, buffaloes in Vietnam, camels in Libya and horses and donkeys in Southern Italy are some of the topics included. Technical issues in nutritional requirement, feeding, management, health, implement, work practices and harnessing are discussed and the contribution that working animals continue to make in many agricultural and transport activities are quantified. The book is a valuable source of reference materials on draught animal technology. It is a must for any scientist, student or extension worker in rural and urban areas where animal power is found.

Temple Grandin s Guide to Working with Farm Animals

Author : Temple Grandin
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Award-winning author Temple Grandin is famous for her groundbreaking approach to decoding animal behavior. Now she extends her expert guidance to small-scale farming operations. Grandin’s fascinating explanations of how herd animals think — describing their senses, fears, instincts, and memories — and how to analyze their behavior, will help you handle your livestock more safely and effectively. You’ll learn to become a skilled observer of animal movement and behavior, and detailed illustrations will help you set up simple and efficient facilities for managing a small herd of 3 to 25 cattle or pigs, or 5 to 100 goats or sheep.

Working with Animals

Author : Margaret McAlpine
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Discusses the responsibilities and qualifications for a variety of jobs working with animals, including marine biologist, riding instructor, veterinarian, and zookeeper.

English Matters Working with Animals Level 3 Module 3

Author :
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Great Careers Working with Animals

Author : Derek Moon
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This engaging book highlights various careers that involve working with animals, describing what each job typically involves and the training required to pursue it. The book also includes a table of contents, two infographics, informative sidebars, a "Job Spotlight" special feature, quiz questions, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. This Focus Readers title is at the Navigator level, aligned to reading levels of grades 3–5 and interest levels of grades 4–7.

Ways to Make Money Working with Animals

Author : Siyavush Saidian
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Some teens adore dogs. Others are wild about cats. Still others love horses, are fascinated with snakes, or daydream about being an expert on exotic species. What unites them is their love of animals. They'll all find ways to cash in on that enthusiasm in this effective and informative resource. It describes a wide range of jobs that involve working with animals in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. There are tons of helpful tips for readers hoping to set up their own animal-related businesses, planning for a long career caring for animals, or just hoping to use their pet-care skills to make some extra spending money.

Reproductive Technologies in Farm Animals

Author : Ian Gordon
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In the past half century great progress has been made in the reproductive management of farm animals, both mammals and birds. This book aims to review developments and indicate which reproductive technologies can be used commercially or in research. It begins by discussing artificial insemination and how this has recently been refined in semen sexing technology. Embryo transfer, in vitro embryo production technology and the control of oestrus and ovulation are then reviewed. Subsequent chapters consider the control of postpartum ovarian activity, seasonal breeding, multiple births and litter size, pregnancy testing, parturition, and the onset of puberty. The author then describes more recent developments in cloning and the production of transgenic animals, before a final chapter on suppressing reproductive activity.

Animals at work

Author : Lindsay Hamilton
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Animals at Work considers the ways in which humans make meaning from their interactions with non-humans in a range of organizations. This is done through ethnographic research in a range of workplaces, from farms and slaughter-houses to rescue shelters and veterinary practices.

Gross Jobs Working with Animals

Author : Nikki Bruno Clapper
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Would you want to be a maggot farmer? How about a whale snot collector? Readers will learn about these disgusting animal-related jobs, down to the dirty details. They will enjoy this high-interest topic so much they won't realize they're learning important information about STEM jobs.

So You Want to Work with Animals

Author : J. M. Bedell
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Love animals? Make your passion your profession with this comprehensive guide that reveals a whole host of careers that work hands-on with animals of all shapes, sizes, and species in the tenth book in the Be What You Want series. Do you remember what career you dreamed of having when you were a kid? Right up there along with firefighter, doctor, and astronaut, you’ll find veterinarian as one of the top kid’s dream jobs. This usually stems from that childhood love of a beloved pet or even the adventure of visiting the exotic animals at the zoo. But there are so many other careers that are focused around animals that kids don’t know exist. Covering industries from domestic and exotic veterinary medicine, wildlife protection and conservation, farming and fisheries, research, and even animal training and handling (like police dogs), So, You Want to Work with Animals? explores what these jobs are really like—the fun stuff, the hard stuff, and even the gross stuff. In addition to tips and interviews from professionals in the industry, So, You Want to Work with Animals, includes inspiring stories from kids who are already working with animals, activities, a glossary, and resources to help kids on their way to a successful and fulfilling career.

Production diseases in farm animals

Author : Nanda Joshi
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High producing farm animals are permanently challenged by a variety of factors: lack of proper nutrition (deficit/surplus), housing systems, infections and stress. The incidence, course and outcome of production diseases are changing continuously. Therefore new information on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of production diseases is needed. These problems are complicated by the discussion of animal welfare, the rapid changes in agricultural production and the economics of production. The following key topics are handled: Fatty liver in dairy cows Alternatives to growth-promoting antibiotics Chronic inflammation and animal production Animal behavior and welfare in intensive production systems Epidemiology of production diseases New techniques in immunoprophylaxis Nutrition-immunology and production-immunology relationships Phosphorus nutrition: animal health and environmental concerns Application of genomics to production disease Role of specific fatty acids in animal health, reproduction, and performance Trace mineral nutrition and metabolism Subclinical rumen acidosis This book is essential to scientists, veterinarians and others interested in animal production.

16th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals

Author : Scientific Committee
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This is the book of abstracts of the 16th International Conference on Production Diseases in Farm Animals, held in Wageningen, the Netherlands, June 20-23 2016.

Reproduction in Farm Animals

Author : E. S. E. Hafez
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When you're looking for a comprehensive and reliable text on largeanimal reproduction, look no further! the seventh edition of thisclassic text is geared for the undergraduate student inAgricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. In response to reader feedback, Dr. Hafez has streamlined andedited the entire text to remove all repetitious and nonessentialmaterial. That means you'll learn more in fewer pages. Plus the seventh editing is filled with features that help yougrasp the concepts of reproduction in farm animals so you'llperform better on exams and in practice: * condensed and simplified tables, so they're easier toconsult * an easy-to-scan glossary at the end of the book * an expanded appendix, which includes graphic illustrations ofassisted reproduction technology Plus, you'll find valuable NEW COVERAGE on all these topics: * Equine Reproduction: expanded information reflecting today'sknowledge * Llamas (NEW CHAPTER) * Micromanipulation of Gametes and In Vitro Fertilization (NEWCHAPTER!) Reach for the text that's revised with the undergraduate in mind:the seventh edition of Hafez's Reproduction in Farm Animals.

Report Upon the Numbers and Prices of Farm Animals

Author :
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Careers Working with Animals

Author : Guy R. Hodge
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Singing to Donkeys A Life Working for the Brooke Hospital for Animals

Author : Lynne Nesbit
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During nearly twenty-nine years on the staff of The Brooke, Lynne Nesbit worked in various capacities between 1982 and 2011, when she retired. The book opens a window onto the life of The Brooke during this period, its poignant moments, its funnier moments, and the making of some of its history. For reasons of confidentiality, some of Lynne’s most valued and interesting experiences are not recorded here: her years as Secretary to the Board of Trustees; her interactions with many inspirational supporters; her work as Legacy Manager, during the course of which Lynne maintained that the whole spectrum of human behaviour was revealed. Many readers will have been associated with the Brooke Hospital for Animals far longer than Lynne has. They can join those burgeoning numbers who haven’t been a “Brookie” for so long to cast a backward glance at how it was thirty years ago and how much committed work by so many people over this period has made the Brooke the influential charity it is today.

Report Upon the Numbers and Values of Farm Animals and on Freight Rates of Transportation Companies

Author :
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Embryonic Mortality in Farm Animals

Author : J.M. Sreenan
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The extent and timing of embryo loss in farm; The establishment of pregnancy; Progesterone and embryo loss; Genetic and environmental factors and embryo loss.

Follicular Growth and Ovulation Rate in Farm Animals

Author : J.F. Roche
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Hypotheses regarding development of dominant follicles during a bovine estrous cycle; Inhibin and ovarian function; Development of preovulatory follicles in the cow from luteolysis until ovulation; Follicular development in heifers chronically treated with bromocryptine; ...

The Well Being of Farm Animals

Author : G. John Benson
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The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions is the first title in Blackwell Publishing Professional's groundbreaking series Issues in Animal Bioethics. This important book examines the ethical and economic importance of production animal well-being and pain management—topics of increasing concern to consumers. The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions offers veterinarians, veterinary and agriculture students, animal scientists, and food animal producers both practical methods to enhance farm animal well-being, and greater understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of those methods. With a variety of perspectives from respected experts and specialists, this book conveys new research findings and promotes valuable discourse on critical issues. Most importantly, editors Benson and Rollin provide feasible instruction to put theory into practice. The theories and applications presented in this book are likely to be legislated in the future. Therefore, it is important for veterinarians in production animal medicine to keep abreast of the latest issues in promoting animal well-being, and implement sound animal welfare methods every day. The Well-Being of Farm Animals: Challenges and Solutions provides the information veterinarians need to do both.