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Work Education and Leadership

Author : Vernon Alfred Howard
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This book examines the relations among work, education and leadership in philosophical and practical perspective. Among the topics included are the concepts of education and training, the nature of vocational education, the relations of art and utility in schooling, and the roles of leadership in education and work. This book draws together influences from the American Pragmatist, John Dewey, and the British Idealist R. G. Collingwood.

School Leadership that Works

Author : Robert J. Marzano
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Describes a variety of leadership responsibilities that have an effect on student achievement.

The New Work of Educational Leaders

Author : Peter Gronn
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`If there in one word to describe the issues addressed by Peter Gronn in The New Work of Educational Leaders it's "timely" And if there is one book that education policy makers, system CEOs and education ministers should find the time to read, this is it' - Educare News `This book is essential reading fro those involved in educational leadership and policy development. This work is also valuable for those interested in the locally organized and interactionally achieved context of institutional work' - Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics if Education `Though based in Australia, Peter Gronn shows familiarity with the British education system, and this boo is relevant to those in the compulsory and post-compulsory sectors interested in the themes of education leadership' - Learning and Skills Research In The New Work of Educational Leaders, Peter Gronn provides a new framework for understanding leadership practice. The work of leaders will increasingly be shaped by three overriding but contradictory themes: design; distribution; and disengagement. These are the `architecture' of school and educational leadership. Designer-leadership is the use of mandatory standards of assessment and accreditation for school leaders, such as the National Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in the United Kingdom and the (Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards in the United States. Distributed patterns of leadership have developed in response to the intensification of school leaders' work under policy regimes of site-based and school self-management. Disengagement describes a culture of abstention, in which school systems anticipate leadership succession problems, such as projected shortages and recurring recruitment difficulties.

Strategic Leadership in Social Work Education

Author : Marie Connolly
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Social work leaders constantly strive to incorporate cutting-edge research and promote international collaboration in a dynamic contemporary environment. To address these ongoing concerns, this unique book focuses specifically on strategic leadership, asking critical questions about change-making, political strategy, and the opportunities that present themselves to lead new directions in social work education. Among the topics covered: Disruptive agendas and research dialogues in social work education Diversity leadership and perspectives beyond the mainstream The role of international bodies in advancing social work education Intellectual leadership and anticipating future advances in teaching strategies Democratising social work education Collaborative leadership models Strategic Leadership in Social Work Education examines the ability of social work to shape futures through education, training, and effective leadership, and suggests strategies for advancing responsible social work education in order to best meet tomorrow’s needs and aspirations.

The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership

Author : Fenwick W. English
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The SAGE Handbook of Educational Leadership is a landmark work with contributions from 37 internationally renowned scholars covering an extensive range of issues confronting the field of educational leadership and administration. The Handbook reviews how leadership was redefined by management and organizational theory in its quest to become scientific, then looks forward to promising theories, concepts, and practices that show potential for development and application. This Handbook represents the establishment of a new tradition in educational leadership. It thoroughly covers a broad range of issues pertaining to curriculum leadership, supervision, teacher evaluation, budgeting, planning, school design, and issues facing the principalship and the superintendency in the United States.

Education Leadership and Business Ethics

Author : Ronald F. Duska
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Education, Leadership and Business Ethics: New Essays on the Work of Clarence Walton includes a history and anecdotes of Clarence Walton's professional and personal life; a discussion of the controversial introduction of ethics into the field of management studies; contributions on a variety of subjects connected to leadership and business ethics from experts in the field; and critical essays reviewing Clarence's most recent work in social criticism. The book gives a history of the rise of the fields of business and society and business ethics, details the events leading to its acceptance in academic circles and gives personal accounts by Clarence Walton, one of the people most responsible for its creation. Intended target groups are students, former academic peers, and friends of Clarence Walton, as well as anyone interested in the history of business ethics or connected to Columbia University of America, or The American College.

Women and Educational Leadership

Author : Margaret Grogan
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This groundbreaking book presents a new way of looking at leadership that is anchored in research on women leaders in education. The authors examine how successful women in education lead and offer suggestions and ideas for developing and honing these exemplary leadership practices. Women and Educational Leadership shows how the qualities that characterize women's approaches to leadership differ from traditional approaches?whether the traditional leader is a woman or a man. The authors reveal that women leaders are more collaborative by nature and demonstrate a commitment to social justice. They tend to bring an instructional focus to leadership, include spiritual dimensions in their work, and strive for balance between the personal and professional. This important book offers a new model of leadership that shifts away from the traditional heroic notion of leadership to the collective account of leadership that focuses on leadership for a specific purpose—like social justice. The authors include illustrative examples of leaders who have brought diverse groups to work toward common ground. They also show how leadership is a way to facilitate and support the work of organizational members. The ideas and suggestions presented throughout the book can help the next generation fulfill the promise of a new tradition of leadership. Women and Educational Leadership is part of the Jossey-Bass Leadership Library in Education series.

New Perspectives in Educational Leadership

Author : Sonya Douglass Horsford
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New Perspectives in Educational Leadership examines educational administration and leadership within the complex social, political, and community contexts that inform and influence the work of today's educational leaders. With particular attention to the implications and larger contexts of shifting demographics, high-stakes accountability, and globalization on schools and society in the twenty-first century, this volume seeks to advance lines of inquiry presented in other areas of education research, that have yet to be fully explored or imagined in the field of educational leadership. This unique blend of empirical, theoretical, and conceptual research by both established and emerging scholars in the field directly acknowledges and addresses the demands of leading increasingly diverse and complex school communities. Topics include: the social and cultural dynamics of leadership, reflective practice, politics of equity and adequacy, critical servant leadership, and the possibilities of transformative leadership within these dynamic educational contexts. As a primary or supplementary text in educational administration, leadership, and foundations courses, New Perspectives in Educational Leadership provides a much-needed complement to the traditional topics of instructional leadership and education management given the expanding and increasingly complex conditions that face educational administrators and school leaders today.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Theorising Identity and Subjectivity in Educational Leadership Research

Author : Richard Niesche
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Theorising Identity and Subjectivity in Educational Leadership Research brings together a range of international scholars to examine identity and subjectivities in educational leadership in new and original ways. The chapters draw on a variety of approaches in theory and method to demonstrate the important new developments in understanding identity and subjectivity beyond the traditional ways of understanding and thinking about identity in the field of educational leadership. The book highlights empirical, theoretical and conceptual research that offers new ways of thinking about the work of educational leaders. The authors take critical approaches to exploring the influences of gender, race, sexuality, class, power and discourse on the identity and subjectivity formation of educational leaders. It provides global perspectives on educational leadership research and researchers and offer exciting new approaches to theorising and researching these issues. This book will appeal to researchers, students, and professionals working in the fields of educational leadership and sociology, and the chapters within offer readers new perspectives in understanding educational leaders, their work and their identities.

Coherent School Leadership

Author : Michael Fullan
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While leaders may desire or have been told that they must put certain structures into place in order to enhance their leadership capabilities, they may not know exactly what structures are needed, or the skills that are required for implementation. Authors Michael Fullan and Lyle Kirtman go beyond simply telling you what you need to put in place to enhance leadership—they detail the route to successful leadership. Coherent School Leadership will show you how to combine the components of Fullan's Coherence Framework (the Framework) with Kirtman's 7 Competencies for Highly Effective Leaders (the Competencies) to drive coherence—the shared depth of understanding about the nature of the work and how it impacts the results desired for student achievement—to change the culture in schools from reactive to proactive. Fullan and Kirtman, whose work is based in practice, will: - Show you how to use specific competencies to drive coherence - Provide examples that show how other leaders have successfully created coherence - Guide you through the day-to-day distractions/stresses so that you can stay on course - Show you how to use the Competencies in relation to the Framework Taking a world view of the forces that could destabilize education and the work of coherence, Coherent School Leadership will show how proven frameworks such as the Framework and the Competencies can help you cope with even the most complex scenarios.

Educational Leadership Simplified

Author : Bob Bates
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Leading in education is a difficult job to do well. Political, financial and organisational pressures need to be managed smartly and difficult decisions need to be made. Written in Bob Bates' trademark style, this guide offers concise and clear support to help you lead and inspire in education. In collaboration with Andy Bailey, a former headteacher and school inspector with recent Ofsted lead inspection experience, Bob combines practical knowledge of leadership roles in education with robust theories underpinning leadership and management. Covering a wide range of key areas including team-building, coaching, conflict, change and budget management, creating a supportive work environment and working with various stakeholders - this is the go-to companion for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a senior leader in schools, colleges and other educational organisations. ? Also from Bob Bates: Learning Theories Simplified A Quick Guide to Special Needs and Disabilities

Critical Perspectives on Educational Leadership

Author : John Smyth
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This book is an edited collection of original papers which challenge in a very direct manner the dominant behaviourist and functionalist views that have come to entrap those who live, work and conduct research in the area of educational leadership. By shifting the focus away from sterile discussions about traits, personalities and styles of educational leadership, and focusing instead on the structures and processes within schools as organisations that frustrate, distort and ultimately stifle educative relationships the writers provide a much needed way of reconceptualising both thought and action in so-called acts of educational leadership.

Second International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration

Author : Kenneth A. Leithwood
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The first International Handbook of Educational Leadership and Administration (Leithwood et al.) was published in 1996 and quickly became something of a best seller for reference works within education. Such success, we suggest, was at least partly due to the unprecedented global waves of concern for improving schools launched in the mid 1980's, combined with a widespread belief in leadership as the single most powerful contribution to such improvement. The roots of this belief can be found in evidence produced by the early "effective schools" research, although there is a "romance" with leadership! as an explanation for success in many non-school enterprises, as well. During the two-year period during which this current handbook was being written, activity in the realms of school leadership, school improvement, and leadership development gained further momentum. The English government created its new National College of School Leadership, and several Asian nations announced new initiatives in leadership selection, preparation, and development.

Educational Leadership

Author : Patrick Duignan
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Educational Leadership is a major research book on contemporary leadership challenges for educational leaders. In this groundbreaking new work, educational leaders in schools, including teachers, are provided with ways of analysing and resolving common but complex leadership challenges. Ethical tensions inherent in these challenges are identified; tools for their analysis presented and explained; and clear and practitioner-focused guidelines for ethical decision making, in the form of ten practical steps, recommended. Included in this discussion is a jargon-free description and explanation of ethical theories and principles. Written by a leading researcher in the field, and recipient of the Australian Council for Educational Leadership Gold Medal for excellence, Educational Leadership: Key Challenges and Ethical Tensions is an important book that provides a practical framework for analysing ethical tensions and presenting, explaining, and applying ethical concepts and theories to real-life situations in practitioner language.

Handbook of Research on the Education of School Leaders

Author : Michelle D. Young
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Sponsored by the University Council of Educational Administration, this comprehensive handbook is the definitive work on leadership education in the United States. An in-depth portrait of what constitutes research on leadership development, this handbook provides a plan for strengthening the research-based education of school leaders in order to impact leadership’s influence on student engagement and learning. Although research-oriented, the content is written in a style that makes it appropriate for any of the following audiences: university professors and researchers, professional development providers, practicing administrators, and policy makers who work in the accreditation and licensure arenas.

Educational Leadership and Pierre Bourdieu

Author : Pat Thomson
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Pierre Bourdieu was one of the most important thinkers of the twentieth century. He argued for, and practiced, rigorous and reflexive scholarship, interrogating the inequities and injustices of modern societies. Through a lifetime’s explication of the ways in which schooling both produces and reproduces the status quo, Bourdieu offered a powerful critique and method of analysis of the history of schooling, and of contemporary educational polices and trends. Though frequently used in educational research, Bourdieu’s work has had much less take up in Educational Leadership, Management and Administration. Educational Leadership and Pierre Bourdieu argues that ELMA scholars have much to gain by engaging more thoroughly with his work. The book explains each of the key terms in Bourdieu’s thinking tool kit, showing how the tripartite concepts of field, habitus and capitals offer a way through which to understand the interaction of structure and agency, and the limits on the freedom of an individual – in this case an educational leader – to act. Educational Leadership and Pierre Bourdieu offers an analysis of dominant trends in ELMA research, examining the kinds of questions asked, projects undertaken and methods used. It provides alternative questions and methods based on a Bourdieusian approach, further readings and a range of exemplars of the application of these tools. The book will be of interest to those whose primary focus is the utility of Bourdieu’s social theory.

School Leadership

Author : Stuart C. Smith
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Emphasizing the school leader's role in student learning, this new edition covers the principalship, accountability, leadership effects, distributed leadership, political leadership, resource allocation, and more!

Educational Leadership and Management in an International School Context

Author : Mark Atkinson
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Research paper from the year 2013 in the subject Instructor Plans: Pedagogy / Education / Consultation, grade: 1st class, University of Derby, language: English, abstract: It is evident that schools require effective leaders and managers if they are to achieve success and provide a world class education for their learners. As addressed by The Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam (MOET, 2012) ‘the system of education and finance management is still weak. There is a shortage of primary education managers and they lack high qualification...' This study aims to provide empirical evidence by critically analysing leadership models and styles that are most likely to achieve the best outcomes and to which leadership can be understood in an international school context. Senior and Middle leadership members were interviewed and observed; qualitative data was then triangulated to ensure validity and reliability. Data suggests that the institution operates most successfully under a transformational vision built on values and beliefs, supported by a strong participative and collaborative leadership style.

The Nature of School Leadership

Author : Paul W. Miller
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This book explores school leadership through a cross-cultural comparative lens, drawing on data from 16 countries located on five continents. The book gives a voice to both primary and secondary school principals, who discuss the nature of their work and explain their understanding of school leadership, strategies used to support their leadership, and how they 'do leadership' in a time of unprecedented change. The book highlights a number of important elements in school leadership: that it is personal and internally-motivated; change oriented and entrepreneurial; dependent on the qualities and motivations of school teachers; dependent on environmental factors related to economy, geography, political stability; heavily influenced by policies within and outside the field of education; and dependent on partnerships within and outside education. The book provides an authoritative cross-cultural account of what school leaders regard as school leadership. It will be essential reading for students, researchers and policy-makers in the fields of educational leadership and management, in particular those with an interest in comparative and international research, school leadership, and education policy.