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Words That Touch

Author : Danielle Quinodoz
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In her attempt to find the words that touch, Danielle Quinodoz gives a succession of illuminating examples to indicate what a psychoanalyst and her patient may experience in the transference relationship during the course of an analysis. On the basis of her clinical experience, the author points out that we all use relatively mature psychic mechanisms and others of a more primitive nature, the former being accessible to symbolism and the latter less so. However, she notes that some can tolerate the awareness of their heterogeneity even if on occasion it causes them pain, while others are rendered so anxious by their lack of inner cohesion that they are afraid of losing their sense of identity. These people particularly need to be touched by words capable of simultaneously evoking fantasies, thoughts, feelings and sensations if they are to be able to unfold their psychic freedom and creativity to the full.The subtitle A Psychoanalyst Learns to Speak reveals an author constantly in search of a language of her own, while at the same time wishing to communicate her experience as a clinician both to other analysts and to anyone who wishes to know more about psychoanalysis.

Words to Touch

Author : Leon G. Woods
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This second set of poems are about family and friends. These poems point out how these people have influenced the poets life, and growth spiritually. Some of the poems are memories and others still with us. All artwork is by the daughter of author. They often worked side by side one painting the other writing. The title of the book and subtitle speak to how others have touched the authors life, also to where a lot of the poems were developed. This book is about how God through people touched my life. Spend some time with this book.

Words that Touch

Author : Nicholas Pole
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In this practical guide, Nick Pole explains the philosophy and practice of Clean Language, a simple and highly effective way to facilitate mind/body communication in bodywork therapy. He explains how to use language to get to the heart of a client's physical problem, to engage the mind in the process of the body, and to create somatic change. Words that Touch provides compelling theoretical explanations and practical case studies to describe the importance of language and relationships in the practice of mind/body therapies. Practitioners of yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, physiotherapy, The Feldenkrais Technique and more will find the guide transformative in increasing the connection with clients and developing their practice through language.

200 Romantic Love Words That Touch the Heart

Author : Adnan Jabbir
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هذا الكتاب في اللغتين العربية والإنجليزية ,هو مفيد أيضًا في تعلم اللغتين من خلال كلمات الحبThis book in English and Arabic, is also useful for learning both languages through Words of loveThey say actions speak louder than words, but this is not always true , there are times when words speak louder than actions.Love is one of the most magical emotions, therefore, is one of the most difficult to express and show. I found 200 of the best, most inspiring love words to find new and creative ways to let your partner know how you truly feel.

Touch My Big Touch and Feel Word Book

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Child development specialists have shown that children learn best when they acquire knowledge through multiple senses. Not only sight and sound, but touch as well, are critical elements in their development. Children love learning to name objects, and they are in for a multisensory treat with this big book containing 150 words and 30 touch-and-feel elements. Featuring many things familiar in a young child's world—a soft blanket, the smooth skin of a dolphin, a rough-textured sack—this generously oversized volume helps young readers build vocabulary and develop picture and word associations. The perfect baby shower gift!


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Textured Touch and Trace Cards

Author : Key Education Publishing Company, LLC
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Help students make these important words their own with 30 textured word cards (4.25” x 5.5” each). Collected from well-respected word lists, the cards feature directional arrows to teach correct letter formation, and easy-to-clean laminated surfaces. They are excellent for early childhood, special education, primary, and ELL classrooms.

My First Touch and Feel Words Book

Author : Tourbillon
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Format : PDF
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What a wonderful way for youngest learners to explore their world in a hands-on, multisensory way! A charming board book that incorporates classic, high-quality touch-and-feel elements in a baby-friendly word book format. Whether it's touching the soft, fuzzy fur of a little puppy or feeling the rough texture of a chick's newly hatched shell, each image will immediately capture the attention of the very youngest child, stimulating inquisitiveness and an understanding of essential concepts.

First Words Touch and Feel

Author : Roger Priddy
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Introduces babies to vocabulary for familiar items, including "house," "car," and "ball," in a book that features a textured image on every other page.

Baby Touch Words

Author : Ladybird Publishing Staff
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Baby Touch- Words is a bold, bright board book perfect for little hands to explore. With a big touch-and-feel on every double page, it helps to stimulate your baby's senses as well as gently helping to teach first key words such as mummy, daddy, dog and teddy.

Touch And Feel First Words

Author : Libby Walden
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Learn and discover more than 100 first words in this bright and interactive book. Children will improve motor skills by exploring the fun textures on each page.


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Format : PDF, ePub
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Introduce the baby to common first words in this bold touch-and-feel book. It presents smiling faces and stimulating tactiles on every spread.

Noisy First Words

Author : Libby Walden
File Size : 46.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Touch, feel and discover first words with this interactive, chunky board book. It is packed with appealing pictures, tactile textures and spoken words to help your child develop simple vocabulary.

A Dictionary of the English Language in Wich the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations by Examples from the Best Writers By Samuel Johnson In Two Volumes Vol 1 2

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A Dictionary of the English Language in which the Words are Deduced from Their Originals and Illustrated in Their Different Significations Together with a History of the Language and an English Grammar By Samuel Johnson Whith Numerous Corrections and with the Addition of Several Thousand Words by the Rev H J Todd In Four Volumes Vol 1 4

Author :
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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SoulSongs Words and Verses to Touch Hearts and Transform Minds

Author : MS Vibha J Hasija
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Can words be invested with the power to touch and transform lives? Can poems be gifted to the ones you love and treasure? Have you ever wanted to open a book to your slice of the Universe's message? Have you wished to place a bookmark on a special set of words and share it with the one you think who needs it the most? SoulSongs is one such book. Born from life experiences, deep introspection and divine guidance, this book will take you on a journey into yourself and help you see life in multicoloured perspectives. The verses and poetic prose are arranged in sections - from pieces on the dark and the lost to Divine Messages, Transformation and Love, covering the spectrum of what life has to offer. Pick up the book, open a page and let the warmth of the words infuse your soul. This impactful book is the one for your bag, your bedside and your beliefs. Let these songs strum your Soul...The SoulSongs.

Touch this Earth Lightly

Author : Philip Drew
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Format : PDF
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Orunmilas Words Dont Touch the floor IFA Odu Synthesis

Author : Orunmila's Servant
File Size : 49.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As an English-language manual for IFA priests that provides important translations for the Odus, Orunmila’s Words Don’t Touch the Floor: IFA Odu Synthesis stands as a rarity in the IFA religion. Religious workers have few English resources, and the creative approach taken in this book will heighten its appeal to those involved in the faith’s divination practices. From its structural format to the detailed descriptions of each Odu, this manual provides thorough instructions to English speaking priests seeking to serve their communities.

First 100 Bible Words

Author : Roger Priddy
File Size : 74.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bright and colourful illustration to help children learn about the bible. This child friendly product with sturdy board book pages and a soft, padded cover is an ideal gift perfect for Christenings, Baptisms and Sunday School.Essential bible words will expand children's vocabulary and help improve their understanding of the bible.

In Touch with the Word Cycle B for Ordinary Time

Author : L. Calderone-stewart
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Format : PDF
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We often go to church on Sunday, then lose touch with God's word amid the craziness of our weekly routine. This series helps the entire family stay in touch with the word proclaimed in liturgy. For every Sunday and holy day of the year, each book offers three sets of prayerful reflections that parallel the lectionary: one for adults, one for teens, and one for small children. A thematic index is included for easy reference. These books are ideal for liturgy planning, and they're perfect for helping the entire family stay focused on prayer--all week long. In Touch with the Word: Cycle B for Ordinary Time is for the year 2009 and every third year thereafter.