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The Worcester Lunch Car Company

Author : Richard J. S. Gutman
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The Worcester Lunch Car Company monopolized the New England market with its colorful diners. Although Worcester sent a smattering of diners as far as Florida and Michigan, the cars were most popular in their home territory. From 1906 to 1961, the company built six hundred fifty-one diners, with as few as ten or as many as seventy seats. Known for their small size, solid construction, and old-fashioned styling, the cars featured oak and mahogany woodwork, intricate ceramic tile patterns, and a backbar of stainless steel. Their distinctive porcelain enamel exteriors with names emblazoned on them proudly proclaimed their presence along the roadside. Day and night, these diners fed generations of New England's working class; today, fewer than one hundred lunch cars still operate.

Articles on Diners Including Fodero Dining Car Company Worcester Lunch Car Company Jerry O Mahony Diner Company Olympia Cafe Mel s Diner Diner

Author : Hephaestus Books
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Hephaestus Books represents a new publishing paradigm, allowing disparate content sources to be curated into cohesive, relevant, and informative books. To date, this content has been curated from Wikipedia articles and images under Creative Commons licensing, although as Hephaestus Books continues to increase in scope and dimension, more licensed and public domain content is being added. We believe books such as this represent a new and exciting lexicon in the sharing of human knowledge. This particular book contains chapters focused on Diners, Diner manufacturers, and Fictional diners. More info: Diners can mean: * plural of "diner," see Diner (disambiguation)

Classic Diners of Massachusetts

Author : Larry Cultrera
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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was birthplace to the burgeoning "night lunch wagon" manufacturing industry in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. These horse-drawn food carts eventually evolved into classic American diners. For many years, diner builders like the Worcester Lunch Car Company and J.B. Judkins Company operated in the Bay State, while few new diners opened for business after 1960. This left the state with a high concentration of some of the best-preserved diners built during the early to mid-twentieth century, including the Capitol Diner in Lynn, the Route 66 Diner in Springfield and Buddy's Diner in Somerville. Eatery historian Larry Cultrera discusses this appetizing history and the not-be-missed items on unforgettable diner menus.

Diners of the North Shore

Author : Gary Thomas
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From the time the first handful of night lunch wagons served up their simple fare on the streets of the North Shore in 1890, residents from every social and economic standing have frequented these familiar beacons of hospitality and their descendants, the diners. Over the course of the sixty years that followed, the area's manufacturing, transportation, and recreation centers provided the hungry clientele who helped spur the metamorphosis of the humble lunch wagon into the sleek, efficient, and friendly eatery known as the diner. Diners of the North Shore is a fascinating collection of many previously unpublished images from the golden age of the diner. Bearing names such as Hesperus in Gloucester, Lafayette in Salem, and Suntaug in Peabody, these eat-on-the-run oases provided their customers with not only a square meal but also an atmosphere as welcoming as one's kitchen. From the primitive Night Owl lunch wagon to the art deco-inspired Sterling Streamliner, Diners of the North Shore showcases each diner's unique character, along with the colorful personalities who ran them.

The New England Diner Cookbook Classic and Creative Recipes from the Finest Roadside Eateries

Author : Mike Urban
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Presents a guide to twenty-five of New England's top diners, with profiles of the restaurants and a collection of some of their signature dishes, organized into such categories as breakfasts, soups, seafood, entrees, desserts, and baked goods.

Diners Of New England

Author : Randy Garbin
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Maps pinpoint diners' locations and trace routes for scenic drives Comprehensive listings of diners with addresses, phone numbers, and brief descriptions Diner styles and manufacturers Every diner is unique, from its design to its menu, but Randy Garbin knows the heart of a diner is the people who bring it to life day after day. Here he takes readers on a lively trip across the 6 states of New England and offers a sampling of the diners that operate there, focusing on the personalities and communities--and, of course, the cuisine--that make each diner special. Garbin shows that these roadside havens of good food and good people are alive and well.

Diners of Pennsylvania

Author : Brian Butko
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Revised and updated edition of the best-selling first edition (978-0-8117-2878-2) 239 classic diners identified All-new, full-color photographs and vintage postcards Color maps pinpoint locations and diner highways Complete directories with location, food, and hours Detailed information on styles, vintages, and manufacturers


Author : Walpole Historical Society
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Walpole, Massachusetts, located about 20 miles southwest of Boston, has undergone an interesting transformation from a rural community dotted with farms, to an industrial landscape dominated by factories and plants, to a modern bedroom suburb of Boston. This volume of over two hundred photographs, many published for the first time, presents a well-rounded view of Walpole from the late eighteenth century into the mid-twentieth century. Readers will see a Walpole that has mostly disappeared and will have the opportunity to stroll down Main Street before it and other roads were paved, to observe and peek into forgotten, antiquated homes and government buildings, and to walk in the shadows of the great mills. Two of the nationally known industries that this book touches upon are Kendall’s Curity, which produced diapers, band aids, and other medical supplies; and Bird and Son, which manufactured roofing shingles, siding products, floor coverings, and cardboard boxes.

American Diner Then and Now

Author : Richard Gutman
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This edition includes a state-by-state directory, "Where the Diners Are,listing locations for currently operating diners.

The Savannah College of Art and Design

Author : Connie Capozzola Pinkerton
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In 1979, a small art college with 71 students opened its doors in a renovated 19th-century building in the urban heart of colonial Savannah, Georgia. One of the most historic cities on the eastern seaboard, Savannah is noted for its architectural treasures, urban forest and verdant squares, and for the unique 1733 city plan designed by General Oglethorpe. The campus fabric of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) grew from the Romanesque revival Savannah Volunteer Guards Armory, designed by Boston architect William Gibbons Preston in 1892, to comprise some 60 rehabilitated historic structures situated within four historic districts. Currently, more than 6,200 students pursue their dreams in this wonderful setting.


Author : Danny D. Smith
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Gardiner’s manufacturing and transportation advantages during the first half of the 20th century created one of the strongest local economies in the state. The city seal, adopted in 1849 when Gardiner became a city, flawlessly depicts the characteristics that shaped the community. Featured prominently on the seal is a river with falls to power manufacturing. A vessel represents transportation and trade, while an idealized city in the background reveals prosperous factories and commercial buildings. At the top is a lofty church tower, representative of the many churches in the city. Gardiner features many never-before-published postcards from the collections of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission.

Worcester County

Author : John Nelson
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Working Horses

Author : Charles Philip Fox
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Hard cover book covers the history of draft horses.

George D Hall s Directory of Massachusetts Manufacturers

Author :
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American Diner

Author : Richard Gutman
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Photographs and drawings present a social and architectural portrait of the American diner over the past century, viewing the diner as a reflection of styles and tastes

Buildings of Massachusetts

Author : Richard M. Candee
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This volume examines the architecture, landscape, and planning of Boston and 41 surrounding cities and towns. The book spans the period from the initial colonial settlement of the 1630s to contemporary additions to the area's architecture, and includes both exceptional and representative buildings and locations.

AAQ Architectural Association Quarterly

Author : Architectural Association (Great Britain)
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Report of the Auditor

Author : Massachusetts. Auditor's Dept
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A Ready Reference Hand Book of Worcester Made Products for Manufacturers Importers and Exporters Wholesalers and Jobbers

Author : Worcester Chamber of Commerce
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Public Documents of Massachusetts

Author : Massachusetts
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