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Wonderful Houses Around the World

Author : Yoshio Komatsu
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Describes the communities and environmental conditions of several countries, including China and Spain, and presents pictures and floor plans of typical houses in the area.

Nonfiction Reading Power

Author : Adrienne Gear
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How can you help students find meaning in informational texts and become independent strategic readers and thinkers? Nonfiction Reading Power gives teachers a wealth of effective strategies for helping students think while they read material in all subject areas. Using the best children's books to motivate students, Adrienne Gear shows teachers how help students zoom-in, question and infer; find the main idea, make connections, and transform what's on the printed page. Key introductory concept lessons for each of the five reading powers provide valuable insight into the purpose of each strategy. The book also explores the particular features of nonfiction and offers lists of key books organized around strategies and subject areas.

Muddy Boots

Author : Liza Gardner Walsh
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No child can walk through a puddle of mud without a gigantic smile, and while the stuff might be the spring-time bane of grownups, children just love mud. Muddy Boots targets kids and families who value outdoor exploration and grandparents who long for their grandchildren to have the same unfettered time in nature as they did. The book features a wide range of hands-on activities for kids, including mud play, forts, animal tracking and forest wisdom, foraging, insects and worms, bird watching and bird feeding, and many small things for kids to make. Although not primarily about mud, the activities do encourage all hands to get dirty as they explore the world around them.

The 40 Most innovative Shipping Container Houses around the World

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This is eBook is a Full Resource Guide to understand and explore The Housing Container Industry.Made in PDF format designed to showcase the 40 Most Influential Houses made inside a Shipping Container around the World. Included in the ebook Sample Drawing Floor Plans and Video Links. Around 100 Pages and includes pictures and additional details of the houses.Is an ideal book for inspiration in the Shipping Container Housing Industry. Inside the Ebook, you will find Additional Floor Plans to Give a general idea about how to start to explore the posibility of Build your Own Concept Container House. Having this Concept Floor Plans Draws will Save a lot of Time searching on the internet, as are the most easy and More wide use floor plans arond the Container Home Indusdstry. 20 Videos to undertand how to make it: Like to explore the posibility of Building your own Container Home? Dont wast your time searching for videos on the net. We made a Perfect Compilation of the most usefull Building Videos. From moving container, to cut the walls and the tools that you need to use for do that. Also some Additional Techniques made by profesional people that share on the internet. THE EBOOK INCLUDE ADDITIONAL FILES IN CAD WITH CONTAINER DIMENSION TO DESING THE HOUSES

Shadow House

Author : Jonathan Meuli
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Jonathan Meuli examines differing attitudes towards Northwest Coast material culture as they are found in the structures of oral and written narratives and the built environment.

The wonderful houses around the world

Author : Yoshio Komatsu
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The Sunday School World

Author :
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Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States

Author : United States. President
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"Containing the public messages, speeches, and statements of the President", 1956-1992.

Wonderful Stories from Skog Forest Near the Little Yellow House Vol 3

Author : George E. Peterson Jr.
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While writing these childrens books I mixed fact with fiction, reality with fantasy, and the will to overcome near-impossible problems with creative solutions. Since children need positive encouragement, optimism, hope, and, most of all - love, Ive created stories using animals - who are true to their particular nature. I chose animals which children can both relate to and understand by their own unique behaviors, but sometimes with a little humor and a few unexpected happenings. Positive reading for positive readers! In this third volume of Wonderful Stories from Skog Forest, many silly and unwarranted fears that children and adults have are discussed and thwarted. Such strange fears are everything from green slime on rocks in rivers, ponds and lakes to cemetaries - small bugs to darkness - and, of course, rain and thunder. The book teaches children that if they would only learn about these senseless fears, the fears would go away, and also that when they come across something that is truely dangerous, they wouldn't fear it, but respect it instead. "Man hurts what he fears, fears what he hates, and hates what he does not understand! - And this is the root problem of the world!"

I Dare You to Survive

Author : Melissa J. Peltier
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Whispers from the Hills is a collection of three essays, thirty nine poems and three Haiku. The three essays vividly depict the life of a young boy growing up in Fairlea, West Virginia in late 1949 and the early1950s. The poems have something for everyone from the very young to the senior citizen. The Humorous section will have you rolling in the aisles as the author pokes fun at the ordinary things of life. The Contemplative section will make you think and perhaps see things from a different perspective. The Love section will transport you into a realm to which everyone should go at some time in their life. Once there, you might never want to leave.