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Wonderful Days

Author : Antonio Morcillo Lopez
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A play about the political transition in Catalonia. A play about memory. A play about our recent silenced stories and those unforgettable violent and difficult times. This play follows a group of friends who live in a small town, a place like any other. They observe and participate in historical changes while their own lives are disrupted. These friends secretly perform theater in a cold ramshackle garage, while the former regime change transforms the political, social and emotional realities of their lives. This play is based on the novel "Dies Meravellosos" by Jordi Coca.

Especially Wonderful Days

Author : Steve Reuben
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Our Wonderful Days Vol 3

Author : Kei Hamuro
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It's summertime, and that means summer vacation! As the friends spend more time together, Mafuyu's crush on Koharu grows. Can Mafuyu confess her feelings? And does Koharu feel the same way? Find out in the final volume of the sweet yuri series, Our Wonderful Days!

Our Wonderful Days Vol 2

Author : Kei Hamuro
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High schoolers Nanaya and Minori are classmates, best friends, and roommates. Though the two are as different as night and day, they do just about everything together! But what drew them together in the first place? Find out in the second volume of the sweet slice-of-life yuri series, Our Wonderful Days!

Our Wonderful Days Vol 1

Author : Kei Hamuro
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As children, Koharu and Mafuyu were best buds until Mafuyu moved away to Tokyo. But now, several years have passed and Mafuyu is back, attending the same high school as Koharu. As the two girls explore their sleepy hometown, Koharu can't help but develop a crush on her childhood best friend...

Wonderful Days of Summer

Author : Jeremy Coney
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Our Wonderful Days

Author :
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Also known as Tsurezure Biyori, a touching yuri series about two girls falling in love in the Japanese countryside. As children, Koharu and Mafuyu were best buds until Mafuyu moved away to Tokyo. But now, several years have passed and Mafuyu is back, attending the same high school as Koharu. As the two girls explore their sleepy hometown, Koharu can’t help but develop a crush on her childhood best friend...

The Weird Wild and Wonderful Days of School

Author : D. M. Larson
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This book includes a royalty free play script for teen actors called the Weird, Wild and Wonderful Days of School. This play has a flexible cast. Not all scenes need to be performed. And actors can play multiple parts because no characters repeat from scene to scene. The smallest cast you could have by doing all the scripts would be three males and four females. But there are many as 49 speaking roles possible.

A Romance of Song and Soul Winning

Author : Helen C. Alexander
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Brighstone Sermons

Author : George MOBERLY (Bishop of Salisbury.)
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Look Damn Good

Author : Janet Cargill
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THE MINORITY REPORT- PRELUDE TO THE STATE OF THE WORLD This book contains an explosive cocktail of life altering information. The author assists his readers by helping to "remove the scales from their eyes". This book analyzes the hoplessness, despair, physical and spiritual death present in the minority community, and shows the connection to the assasinations of black leaders during the 60's and the dismanteling of groups like the Panthers to the problems we see today. Kijani explains how the crack epidemic was spawned in the minority community and how the war on drugs began to errode our liberties. He also explains how hip-hop has played a role in glamorizing dope dealing and the senseless murder of our own people. He follows this by explaining that since the events of 9/11 how the state of the world has changed, and developements we see such as the push for globalization, RFID chips being implanted in humans, and a cashless society is being orchestrated by a secret society or global elite rooted in the occult paving the way for the antichrist. Truly not recommended for the faint of heart. Kijani implores his readers to WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

Mr Adventure Goes to Ireland

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Here along the western shores of the beautiful country of Ireland, sits the author, Gene Weisberger, as he studies the hills and valleys of the Donegal provence. From the very first trip Gene took to the land of Forty Shades of Green, he has enjoyed visiting this country and all its great background. He especially feels comfortable getting around the Irish cities in his wheel chair because, he finds the people so helpful. From the earliest tombs found at the New Grange and the Carrowmor cemetery sites to the present day with its highlights and bridges across the River Liffey in the capitol city of Dublin, Gene has found Ireland such a fascinating and exciting country to study. He and Lila are planning to go back if at all possible, some time in the future.

Excelsior You Fathead

Author : Eugene B. Bergmann
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(Applause Books). Jean Shepherd (1921-1999), master humorist, is best known for his creation A Christmas Story , the popular movie about the child who wants a BB gun for Christmas and nearly shoots his eye out. What else did Shepherd do? He is considered by many to be the Mark Twain and James Thurber of his day. For many thousands of fans, for decades, "Shep" talked on the radio late at night, keeping them up way past their bedtimes. He entertained without a script, improvising like a jazz musician, on any and every subject you can imagine. He invented and remains the master of talk radio. Shepherd perpetrated one of the great literary hoaxes of all time, promoting a nonexistent book and author, and then brought the book into existence. He wrote 23 short stories for Playboy , four times winning their humor of the year award, and also interviewed the Beatles for the magazine. He authored several popular books of humor and satire, created several television series and acted in several plays. He is the model for the character played by Jason Robards in the play and movie A Thousand Clowns , as well as the inspiration for the Shel Silverstein song made famous by Johnny Cash, "A Boy Named Sue." Readers will learn the significance of innumerable Shepherd words and phrases, such as "Excelsior, you fathead," and observe his constant confrontations with the America he loved. They will get to know and understand this multitalented genius by peeking behind the wall he built for himself a wall to hide a different and less agreeable persona. Through interviews with his friends, co-workers and creative associates, such as musician David Amram, cartoonist and playwright Jules Feiffer, publisher and broadcaster Paul Krassner, and author Norman Mailer, the book explains a complex and unique genius of our time. "Shepherd pretty much invented talk radio ... What I got of him was a wonder at the world one man could create. I am as awed now by his achievement as I was then." Richard Corliss, Time magazine online

The Pope and Mussolini

Author : David I. Kertzer
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PULITZER PRIZE WINNER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE From National Book Award finalist David I. Kertzer comes the gripping story of Pope Pius XI’s secret relations with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. This groundbreaking work, based on seven years of research in the Vatican and Fascist archives, including reports from Mussolini’s spies inside the highest levels of the Church, will forever change our understanding of the Vatican’s role in the rise of Fascism in Europe. The Pope and Mussolini tells the story of two men who came to power in 1922, and together changed the course of twentieth-century history. In most respects, they could not have been more different. One was scholarly and devout, the other thuggish and profane. Yet Pius XI and “Il Duce” had many things in common. They shared a distrust of democracy and a visceral hatred of Communism. Both were prone to sudden fits of temper and were fiercely protective of the prerogatives of their office. (“We have many interests to protect,” the Pope declared, soon after Mussolini seized control of the government in 1922.) Each relied on the other to consolidate his power and achieve his political goals. In a challenge to the conventional history of this period, in which a heroic Church does battle with the Fascist regime, Kertzer shows how Pius XI played a crucial role in making Mussolini’s dictatorship possible and keeping him in power. In exchange for Vatican support, Mussolini restored many of the privileges the Church had lost and gave in to the pope’s demands that the police enforce Catholic morality. Yet in the last years of his life—as the Italian dictator grew ever closer to Hitler—the pontiff’s faith in this treacherous bargain started to waver. With his health failing, he began to lash out at the Duce and threatened to denounce Mussolini’s anti-Semitic racial laws before it was too late. Horrified by the threat to the Church-Fascist alliance, the Vatican’s inner circle, including the future Pope Pius XII, struggled to restrain the headstrong pope from destroying a partnership that had served both the Church and the dictator for many years. The Pope and Mussolini brims with memorable portraits of the men who helped enable the reign of Fascism in Italy: Father Pietro Tacchi Venturi, Pius’s personal emissary to the dictator, a wily anti-Semite known as Mussolini’s Rasputin; Victor Emmanuel III, the king of Italy, an object of widespread derision who lacked the stature—literally and figuratively—to stand up to the domineering Duce; and Cardinal Secretary of State Eugenio Pacelli, whose political skills and ambition made him Mussolini’s most powerful ally inside the Vatican, and positioned him to succeed the pontiff as the controversial Pius XII, whose actions during World War II would be subject for debate for decades to come. With the recent opening of the Vatican archives covering Pius XI’s papacy, the full story of the Pope’s complex relationship with his Fascist partner can finally be told. Vivid, dramatic, with surprises at every turn, The Pope and Mussolini is history writ large and with the lightning hand of truth.

Anything for Danny

Author : Carla Cassidy
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He was only nine years old, but Danny knew what was best for his mom and dad. That was why he'd asked for a trip to the Grand Canyon. So they could be together again. Like a real family. Sherri and Luke Morgan knew this vacation was just what Danny needed. So they put aside their differences for their little boy's sake. Everything was fine--until... Sherri remembered how good it had been waking up in Luke's arms. Luke remembered the love he'd all but given up on. Maybe Danny would get his wish....

One Orbit

Author : Thomas MacKrell
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This book covers my entire trip around the world from the inception of the idea through the planning and execution stages of the trip. It includes all of the great times I had and the wonderful places I visited while traveling through 16 countries. These places include Ireland, Northern Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Constanta on the Black Sea, Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lake Baikal, Vladivostok and Artem in Russia, Seoul, Tokyo and Honolulu and Hilo in Hawaii. Also included are nine interior full color photos. I recount the laughter and fun I experienced meeting several internet friends along the way. In addition, include a thank you to the many "angels" I encountered. I've also included the not so happy times and Negative Experiences I encountered and my thoughts on how to avoid them. Historical facts are included where tour guides and friends taught me a little history of their respective countries. In the final chapter is a recommendation on what to take and what not to take on such a journey.

So Where d You Go to High School Vol 2

Author : Dan Dillon
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Author Dan Dillon presents an entertaining look back at the high school careers of St. Louis' Baby Boomers. Vol. 2 of "So, Where'd You Go to High School?" covers the 1950s through the 1980s and features lots of trivia, fun facts, local celebrities, and hundreds of photos.

100 Skill Building Lessons Using 10 Favorite Books

Author : Susan Lunsford
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Teacher Susan Lunsford shares her best book-based lessons in every subject area. Launch a measurement lesson with Amy Hest’s The Purple Coat, discuss spelling strategies with Marc Brown’s Arthur’s Teacher Trouble , explore multiplication with Tomie dePaola’s The Art Lesson, and much more! Your students will love the connection to their favorite books—and you’ll love meeting standards while fostering a love of literature. For use with Grades 1-3.

Why I Walk

Author : Kevin Klinkenberg
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A recent survey shows that members of Gen Y are walking 37 percent more than a decade ago, biking 122 percent more and taking public transit 100 percent more. Still, the legacy of the car culture persists. Raised on the notion that driving equals freedom, too many of us just don't realize that a personally rewarding alternative even exists. Just over three years ago, author Kevin Klinkenberg moved to Savannah, Georgia, from Kansas City, Missouri. In large part, he chose his new home because he was seeking a truly walkable place to live. In Why I Walk, Kevin goes beyond the typical arguments against suburbia, showing how walking on a daily basis actively benefits: His finances His sense of personal freedom His social life His health The majority of us still cling to the belief that a house in the suburbs, with good schools, low crime, and easy parking is the American Dream. By focusing directly on the real, measurable advantages of choosing to be a pedestrian, Why I Walk makes a convincing case for ending our love affair with the automobile. This highly readable, first-person narrative handily provides the answer to the pressing question, "Why do I walk?" Why? Because getting there is twice the fun. Kevin Klinkenberg is the principal designer at K2 Urban Design. For more than two decades he has been working to create sustainable, sociable environments and walkable communities in cooperation with developers, cities, nonprofits, and public agencies.

Golden State

Author : Michelle Richmond
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The state of California votes on secession in the wake of a divisive presidential election in this gripping, prescient novel of marriage, family, and the profound moments that shape our lives. Doctor Julie Walker has just signed her divorce papers when she receives news that her younger sister, Heather, has gone into labor. Though theirs is a strained relationship, Julie sets out for the hospital to be at her sister’s side—no easy task since the streets of San Francisco are filled with tension and strife. Today is also the day that Julie will find herself at the epicenter of a violent standoff in which she is forced to examine both the promising and the painful parts of her past—her Southern childhood; her romance with her husband, Tom; her estrangement from Heather; and the shattering incident that led to her greatest heartbreak. Infused with emotional depth and poignancy, Golden State takes readers on a journey over the course of a single, unforgettable day—through an extraordinary landscape of love, loss, and hope. Praise for Golden State “A stirring look at the ties that bind husband-wife, mother-child and even sisters, and what happens when they’re torn asunder. Set in a San Francisco chafing with unrest both political and personal, the world Richmond creates is exquisitely charged with regret and hope.”—Family Circle “[A] riveting read that can be recommended to fans of Jodi Picoult and Jacquelyn Mitchard . . . Mesmerizing and intricate, Richmond’s dissection of a California on the violent brink of secession from the nation provides the backdrop to her deeper inspection of the uneasy, fragile relationship between siblings.”—Booklist (starred review) “[An] amazing, turbulent novel woven of disparate threads . . . Nearly every feature of this mesmerizing novel is provocative, as Richmond explores the fragmented, hopeful lives of complex characters. This is gripping, multilayered must-read fiction.”—Library Journal (starred review) “An exciting premise . . . skillfully written . . . Julie’s past and her relationship with the other characters are scrutinized as the clock ticks. It’s an interesting and sometimes-disturbing study.”—Kirkus Reviews “Richmond takes readers through a bittersweet, heartwarming tale of a woman on the cusp of life-changing events in both her personal and professional lives. . . . Once invested, the reader is carried away by this action-packed, poignant story, making this a tale that will live in the heart of the reader once the last page is read.”—RT Book Reviews “This is a thoughtful book about how past circumstances change us into the people we are today, for the good or bad. Julie is a sympathetic and relatable character, and readers will definitely feel for her as she goes through her life-changing day.”—The Parkersburg News and Sentinel “Richmond . . . delivers a page-turner.”—San Jose Mercury News “A breathtaking read and one I’ll not soon forget.”—Melanie Benjamin, author of The Aviator’s Wife Look for special features inside. Join the Random House Reader’s Circle for author chats and more.