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Women in the Academy

Author : C. D. C. Reeve
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Reeves (philosophy, U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) wrote and presented these dialogues as part of a humanities course at Reed College in Portland, Oregon. The dialogues, which touch on many of the philosophical themes of Plato's Republic, take place between the two women students reputed to be members of Plato's Academy and Plato, their fellow students, and Aristotle.

Working class Women in the Academy

Author : Michelle M. Tokarczyk
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My mother still wants me to get a 'real' job. My father, who is retired after 44 years in the merchant marine, has never read my work. When I visited recently, the only book in his house was the telephone book.

Black Women in the Academy

Author : Lois Benjamin
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In provocative essays exploring the themes of identity, power, and change, thirty-three black woman academics and administrators from around the country discuss their experiences of life in America's institutions of higher education. Often inspiring, these accounts serve collectively both as a handbook for today's black female academics, administrators, graduate students, and junior faculty and as a call to the nation's academies to respond to the voice of black women. It is also a fascinating insiders' guide to what is going on in the halls of higher learning today.

A Broken Silence

Author : Lena Wright Myers
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This book addresses the interlocking systems of race and gender in institutions of higher education in America. The study is based on empirical data from African American women of various disciplines in faculty and administrative positions at traditionally white colleges and universities. It focuses primarily on narratives of the women in terms of how they are affected by racism, as well as sexism as they perform their duties in their academic environments. The findings suggest that a common thread exists relative to the experiences of the women. The book challenges and dispels the myth that Black progress has led to equality for African American women in the academy. The results of this study make it even more critical that the voices of African American women be heard and their experiences in the academy be expressed. This may be one way to inform academic and lay readers that racism and sexism are not dead.

Women Medievalists and the Academy

Author : Jane Chance
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"Pioneering. . . . An important and timely collection that profiles the lives and professional careers of women medievalists in the last centuries."--Maureen Mazzaoui, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Women Negotiating Life in the Academy

Author : Sarah Elaine Eaton
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This book offers a new perspective on how Canadian women in the academy are re-conceptualizing and reconsidering their position as professionals. It examines central challenges associated with the lives of women scholars and higher education professionals, including their professional identity, institutional expectations, lessons learned throughout their career experiences in higher education, and navigating between multiple roles. In turn, the book highlights the importance of both formal and informal networks of support. Each contributing author presents authentic examples from her lived experiences as a woman in the academy, situating her personal narrative within previous research in the field. Taken together, the respective chapters equip readers with a deeper understanding of the experiences of women in the academic world. This book is inclusive in nature, showcasing experiences from women who are scholars, students and higher education professionals. The book makes a significant and unique contribution to the field of gender studies, with a focus on women negotiating life in the academic world and within the Canadian context. The evidence and insights shared here will benefit all scholars in women’s studies and comparative studies, as well as those considering a career in higher education.

Unlikely Allies in the Academy

Author : Karen L. Dace
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A CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2012! Unlikely Allies in the Academy brings the voices of women of Color and White women together for much-overdue conversations about race. These well-known contributors use narrative to expose their stories, which are at times messy and always candid. However, the contributors work through the discomfort, confusion, and frustration in order to have honest conversations about race and racism. The narratives from Chicanas, Indigenous, Asian American, African American, and White women academicians explore our past, present, and future, what separates us, and how to communicate honestly in an effort to become allies. Chapters discuss the need to interrupt and disrupt the norms of interaction and engagement by allowing for the messiness of discomfort in frank discussion. The dialogues model how to engage in difficult dialogues about race and begin to illuminate the unspoken misunderstandings about how White women and women of Color engage one another. This valuable book offers strategies, ideas, and the hope for moving toward true alliances in the academy and to improve race relations. This important resource is for Higher Education administrators, faculty, and scholars grappling with the intersectionality of race and gender as they work to understand, study, and create more inclusive climates.

Black Women in the Academy

Author : Sheila T. Gregory
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This revised and updated edition of Black Women in the Academy adds updated data on the status of Black faculty women, a forty-four-page bibliography, and a new chapter on the status of international faculty women from twenty different countries, to the only study of the decisions of African-American women to remain in, return to, or voluntarily leave the academy. Sheila Gregory creates a conceptual framework from economic, psychosocial, and job satisfaction theories to construct a model to explain the factors that affect the decision patterns influencing career mobility. She uses a survey of the members of the Association of Black Women in Higher Education to illustrate to what degree the designated variables predict decision patterns. Gregory's analysis focuses on the women who remained in the academy, noting that those who did remain were usually successful high-achievers who managed to overcome numerous obstacles involving career and family. The author also provides an outline detailing how to attract and retain talented Black women scholars, along with possible interventions that might help interinstitutional mobility.

Feminisms in the Academy

Author : Domna C.. Stanton
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Brings together essays by leading scholars to explore the profound impact of feminist scholarship on the major academic disciplines.

Women in the Academy

Author : Nichola D. Gutgold
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This edited collection examines women’s roles in the academy. Statistics show that women outnumber men in most universities and that women’s pay still lags behind men’s, but the numbers only hint at the broader story. This edited collection fills that gap with the stories of twelve women—from part-time faculty to college presidents—who answer key questions such as why they pursued a career in the academy and how they handled childcare issues and sexism in the workplace. Advice, encouragement, and caution are offered to guide those considering a career in the academy and those already in academe who are wondering about their options. This book is recommended for burgeoning female scholars and for established scholars of any gender in women’s studies, gender studies, higher education, and communication studies.

Woman in the Academy

Author : Seiyifa Koroye
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Gender in the Academy

Author : Princeton University. Library
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Critical Reflections and Politics on Advancing Women in the Academy

Author : Moeke-Pickering, Taima
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Women in the Academy are raising issues of pay parity, equal representation on committees, increased leadership positions, stories of resilience, and mentorship espousing changes at all levels including teaching, research, and administration. These strategies demand interrogation, and larger questions are being asked about the place of women empowerment worldviews in the dominant intellectual traditions of the Academy. Further, the trend to make changes requires an exploration of new transformational approaches that draw on critical theory to resist discrimination, sexism, and racism and support resistance and sustainable empowerment strategies. Critical Reflections and Politics on Advancing Women in the Academy is a critical scholarly publication that seeks to make the Academy responsive and inclusive for women advancement and sustainable empowerment strategies by broadening the understanding of why women in the Academy are overlooked in leadership positions, why there is a pay parity deficit, and what is being done to change the situation. Featuring a wide range of topics such as mentorship, curriculum design, and equality, this book is ideal for policymakers, academicians, deans, provosts, chancellors, administrators, researchers, and students.

Everyday Knowledge And Uncommon Truths

Author : Linda Christian-smith
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Everyday Knowledge and Uncommon Truths: Women of the Academy is a thirteen chapter volume which draws on the life experience and varied backgrounds of academic women from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. The book addresses a variety of issues pertaining to women's home lives, education, teaching, research, writing, and activism. To provide diverse perspectives on women's experiences of being and knowing in and outside the academy, contributors draw on a range of critical approaches derived from feminism, poststructuralism, postmodernism, critical education theory, discourse theory and analysis, narrative inquiry and life histories.

The Madwoman in the Academy

Author : Deborah Schnitzer
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An original and highly subversive critique of the academy by women affiliated with universities and colleges across Canada, The Madwoman in the Academy: Women Boldly Take on the Ivory Tower explores topics familiar to women working in academia around the world: the clash between family and work, the politics of academe, and the rifts between an academic career and political activism. Contributors offer writings in a wide range of genres, including personal essays, poetry, short stories, dialogues, and other innovative formats, daring to confront their experiences with energy, anger, wit, and humour. Ranging from the playful to the painful, The Madwoman in the Academy brings you names well known to literary communities alongside new but feisty voices that will forever change readers' ideas about the relationship between women and the academy.

Women in Academy

Author : Judith M. Gappa
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The Female Academy 1662

Author : Margaret Cavendish Duchess of Newcastle
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Women Power and the Academy

Author : UNESCO Staff
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Many nations affirm the principle of gender equality. As women continue to advance in most walks of life, the impression that equality has been reached and that gender issues no longer pose real problems has naturally gained ground. Yet, many cultural, economic, and social barriers remain. Although as many women as men possess the skills necessary to shape social and economic development, women are still prevented from fully participating in decision-making processes. The papers collected in this volume focus on universities as one of the key institutions providing women with the education and leadership skills necessary for their advancement. Equally important is the role universities play in the shaping of a society's cultural fabric and, consequently, of attitudes towards women and their place in society. Both aspects are examined in this volume on the basis of a number of case studies carried out in western and non-western societies.

Academy and College

Author : Judith Townsend Bainbridge
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This history of the origin, evolution, and demise of the Greenville Women's College (1854-1961), a small, underfunded Baptist institution in upstate South Carolina, traces its beginnings from a female academy through its organization by the South Carolina Baptist Convention, its struggle for survival and improvement during the years after the Civil War, to its rising aspirations and drive for accreditation in the 1920s. Unendowed and unable to withstand the financial turmoil of the Great Depression, it was forced to merge with nearby Furman University in the 1930s, but it endured as a coordinate college until 1961 when its students joined the men at Furman at a new coeducational campus. This book, the first history of the college, provides the missing half of Furman University's history. A social and institutional history, it focuses on Southern women's changing collegiate experience and the college's relationship to the South Carolina Baptist Convention. It emphasizes the changing nature of student life, examines the role of South Carolina Baptists in the college, and examines the impact of the accreditation movement.

The Female Academy

Author : Margaret Cavendish
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When Margaret Cavendish published her first collection of dramatic work in 1662, she was keenly aware that none of her comedies or tragedies was unlikely to be acted, at least in her lifetime--but that did not deter her. "To those that do delight in scenes and wit / I dedicate my book," she writes at the beginning of the volume entitled, simply, "Plays." As for the hard reality that her plays were not to be produced? She has an answer for that as well: "For all the time my plays a-making were, / My brain the stage, my thoughts were acting there." "The Female Academy," the last play in her 1662 collection, opens with a fait accompli-a group of "old matrons" has established an educational institution devoted exclusively to the education of young women, "a house wherein a company of young ladies are instructed . . . to speak wittily and rationally, . . . to behave themselves handsomely, and to live virtuously." In this play, Cavendish presents the Female Academy as an institution created by women, inhabited solely by women, and operated for the benefit of women. The play also allows us to see the reactions of men, excluded from the Female Academy. Instead of ignoring the school, or wishing its young pupils well in their educational pursuits, men can't stay away-they hang around and spy on what's going on through "a large open grate" that allows them to hear the lectures being given inside. The play alternates scenes between the young women inside the Female Academy and the increasingly frustrated men in the outside world. This new edition, designed for classroom use, provides an ample introduction to Cavendish and her work, a carefully modernized text, with helpful glosses and notes, and a useful bibliography with references for further reading.