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Women at the Top

Author : Mimi Wolverton
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"Inspirational because most women who read it will see themselves trying to balance their competing family priorities with career paths and can say, 'I can do this too.' The future looks bright indeed for women who aspire to leadership roles in higher education, and this deeply personal and reflective book will serve as a guidebook and resource for other women who seek leadership roles in the nation's colleges and universities."--Teachers College Record "Educational leadership students and instructors of higher education should look to Women at the Top as a wonderful complement to their leadership and organizational behavior class texts."--The Journal of Higher Education

Women at the Top

Author : Diane F. Halpern
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Using case studies of top-level women and research in the field, Women at the Top breaks new ground and offers new insight into how women can create dually-successful lives. explores the work histories, motivation, leadership styles, mentors, and family backgrounds of a diverse assortment of top-level women includes the case studies of the President of Old Navy/Gap, the Chairman of Deloitte and Touche, the VP of IBM operations, a Supreme Court Judge in China, President of Legislative Council in Hong Kong, several university presidents, and more weighs the positive effects of multiple roles and positive and negative work-life spill over discusses strategies for success (e.g., scaling back, juggling), the need for social support, and the importance of cultural context

Women at the Top

Author : Marianne Coleman
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The authentic voices of sixty successful women, identify the challenges that they have faced in their careers and the ways in which they have overcome them. These include a male work culture and reconciling the demands of work and family. The 'glass ceiling' may have moved up a little, but it is still there.

Women at the Top

Author : Petra Van Der Veen
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From the founder of the WE Company (Women Empowered) comes a forward, creative, practical guide to success for females: Women at the Top. In this book, readers not only learn about womens' rights from a historical and cultural context, but also learn practical tips and exercises that guide the way to self-awareness and personal success. Woman have held many leadership positions. Yet, many women feel they still haven't tapped into their true potential. If you are a woman just starting out in the workforce or the CEO of a company this book is for you.Learn about starting a company, expanding your practice, tools for success and workplace attitudes all from a female perspective. Plus, immerse yourself in the positive stories of other women who have pave the way. Getting to the top has never been easier.

Woman at the Window

Author : Nehama Aschkenasy
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In creative, analytical retellings of biblical tales about women, Aschkenasy demonstrates how recurring situations, dilemmas, and modes of conduct represent the politics of women’s realities in premodern civilization—how women’s lives in those times were characterized by social and legal limitations which some accepted and others challenged.

Women With Attitude

Author : John Bank
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This book answers all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask top-ranking women directors: How did they make it to the top? What do they think of their success? How does it affect their lives? It brings individual stories of accomplishment together with expert research into the emergence of women entrepreneurs, aspects of leadership, and the politics of breaking into the boardroom. Here, nineteen top-achieving businesswomen tell the stories of their career success. A groundbreaking study of women in management, entrepreneurship and the politics of leadership, it includes interviews with Barbara Cassani of Go Fly airlines, Camelot's Dianne Thompson, Pearson's Dame Majorie Scardino and Anita Roddick of The Body Shop. All winners of the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award, their diverse lives have been brought together here for the first time. A fascinating insight into the minds and lives of some of the world's top businesswomen, this is a must-read for those seeking inspiration and advice.

Latinas and African American Women at Work

Author : Irene Browne
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One of Choice magazine's Outstanding Academic Books of 1999 Accepted wisdom about the opportunities available to African American and Latina women in the U.S. labor market has changed dramatically. Although the 1970s saw these women earning almost as much as their white counterparts, in the 1980s their relative wages began falling behind, and the job prospects plummeted for those with little education and low skills. At the same time, African American women more often found themselves the sole support of their families. While much social science research has centered on the problems facing black male workers, Latinas and African American Women at Work offers a comprehensive investigation into the eroding progress of these women in the U.S. labor market. The prominent sociologists and economists featured in this volume describe how race and gender intersect to especially disadvantage black and Latina women. Their inquiries encompass three decades of change for women at all levels of the workforce, from those who spend time on the welfare rolls to middle class professionals. Among the many possible sources of increased disadvantage, they particularly examine the changing demands for skills, increasing numbers of immigrants in the job market, the precariousness of balancing work and childcare responsibilities, and employer discrimination. While racial inequity in hiring often results from educational differences between white and minority women, this cannot explain the discrimination faced by women with higher skills. Minority women therefore face a two-tiered hurdle based on race and gender. Although the picture for young African American women has grown bleaker overall, for Latina women, the story is more complex, with a range of economic outcomes among Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Central and South Americans. Latinas and African American Women at Work reveals differences in how professional African American and white women view their position in the workforce, with black women perceiving more discrimination, for both race and gender, than whites. The volume concludes with essays that synthesize the evidence about racial and gender-based obstacles in the labor market. Given the current heated controversy over female and minority employment, as well as the recent sweeping changes to the national welfare system, the need for empirical data to inform the public debate about disadvantaged women is greater than ever before. The important findings in Latinas and African American Women at Work substantially advance our understanding of social inequality and the pervasive role of race, ethnicity and gender in the economic well-being of American women.

Women at Work

Author : Anna M. Maslin
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This compilation details the challenges and sacrifices of a selection of high-caliber women who have achieved recognition and success both in their working and personal lives. Thought-provoking and inspiring personal profiles give us a glimpse into the lives of more than 40 women, many of whom have made a global impact through their work. A unique snapshot that shares the perspectives and experiences of nearly a century of outstanding women, the contributors include Countess Elizabeth Longford, Darcey Bussell, Sarah Doukas, Glenys Kinnock, Sally Magnusson, Heather Angel, Virginia McKenna, Rabbi Julia Neugberger, Anita Roddick, and Dame Helen Suzman. Additionally, it is a practical guide and resource with an emphasis on advice and practical tips aimed at women looking for a career change, a promotion, or a return to work. Covering a range of relevant topics that can aid many women in the workplace, this guide includes advice on psychological preparation, resumes, interviews, salary negotiations, and personal presentation as well as time management, childcare issues, stress, and workplace bullying.

We Are a Strong Articulate Voice A History of Women at Penn State

Author :
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Why So Slow

Author : Virginia Valian
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Using the concepts and data from psychology, sociology, biology and economics, Valian attempts to explain the disparity in the professional advancement of men and women. Only by understanding how our perceptions are skewed by gender schemas can we know.

Women at the Top

Author : Christa Jean Wiggin
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The Rhetoric of the Right

Author : David L. George
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This study seeks to demonstrate the subtle ways in which changes in the language associated with economic issues are reflective of a gradual but quantifiable conservative ideological shift. In this rigorous analysis, David George uses as his data a century of word usage within The New York Times, starting in 1900. It is not always obvious how the changes identified necessarily reflect a stronger prejudice toward laissez-faire free market capitalism, and so much of the book seeks to demonstrate the subtle ways in which the changing language indeed carries with it a political message. This analysis is made through exploration of five major areas of focus: "economics rhetoric" scholarship and the growing "behavioral economics" school of thought; the discourse of government and taxation; the changing meaning of "competition," and "competitive"; changing attitudes toward labor; and the celebration of growth relative to the decline in attention to economic justice and social equality.

Women and the New Business Leadership

Author : P. Thomson
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In The Woman's Place is in the Boardroom the authors put the business case for more women on company boards. In the next book they explained how to achieve it. Here the authors discuss the role women directors can play in the reform of corporate governance systems following recent financial, crises in leadership, governance and the economy.

Seducing the Boys Club

Author : Nina DiSesa
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Fact #1: Forty years after the feminist revolution, fewer than 2 percent of Fortune 1000 CEOs are women. Fact #2: The playing field is not level. Fact #3: You need to get over this. From the woman who became chairman of the flagship office of the largest advertising agency network in the world comes a wry reality check on how to get ahead and thrive in the testosterone-driven business arena. Nina DiSesa is a master communicator, a ceiling crasher, and one of the most successful women in the corporate world. She is also a big-time realist who has figured out that S&M–seduction and manipulation–is the secret to winning over (and surpassing) the big guys. In Seducing the Boys Club, DiSesa shows that you can, in fact, leave your male colleagues in the dust–but not by following the rules you learned in business school. By playing the roles of den mother, fraternity brother, little sister, and hard-nosed boss, DiSesa navigated the choppy, macho-minded waters of the workplace. All the “bad boys” in her life–and there are many–have provided a wealth of devilishly amusing stories and cautionary tales that DiSesa is only too happy to pass on. Ah, revenge can be sweet, but the truth is that she came to love those boys as much as they love her–which is the whole point. DiSesa asserts that women need to meld their feminine characteristics (nurturing, compassion, listening) with the traits of their male counterparts (competitiveness, decisiveness, combativeness) to expand their professional horizons. In Seducing the Boys Club, DiSesa shares her practical, outrageous, and even controversial maxims for making it, including: • Learn to appreciate men. Men like women who like them. • Remember that women are biologically wired to succeed. • If you want to make a name for yourself, find a mess and fix it. A secure and comfortable job only holds you back. • Don’t assume that men never listen. They listen like a dog does. • Don’t be a quiet achiever. • Act brave and you will look brave. • Screw the rules. Make up your own. Whether dead-on funny or deadly serious, DiSesa is always on her game, always on message, and absolutely on target as she arms women with the can-do confidence and no-compromises attitude they need to climb as high as their ambition can carry them–while keeping their standards impeccable and their integrity intact. Not for women only, this book should be read by men, too . . . though it won’t give them any defense against a woman who can truly seduce a boys club! From the Hardcover edition.

The Sex of Class

Author : Dorothy Sue Cobble
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Women now comprise the majority of the working class. Yet this fundamental transformation has gone largely unnoticed. This book is about how the sex of workers matters in understanding the jobs they do, the problems they face at work, and the new labor movements they are creating in the United States and globally. In The Sex of Class, twenty prominent scholars, labor leaders, and policy analysts look at the implication of this "sexual revolution" for labor policy and practice. The Sex of Class introduces readers to some of the most vibrant and forward-thinking social movements of our era: the clerical worker protests of the 1970s; the emergence of gay rights on the auto shop floor; the upsurge of union organizing in service jobs; worker centers and community unions of immigrant women; successful campaigns for paid family leave and work redesign; and innovative labor NGOs, cross-border alliances, and global labor federations. Revealing the animating ideas and the innovative strategies put into practice by the female leaders of the twenty-first-century social justice movement, the contributors to this book offer new ideas for how government can help reduce class and sex inequalities. They assess the status of women and sexual minorities within the traditional labor movement and they provide inspiring case studies of how women workers and their allies are inventing new forms of worker representation and power.

Women on Corporate Boards and in Top Management

Author : Colette Fagan
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This book examines the international trends and associated developments in gender equality policy including corporate governance such as gender quotas. International comparative analysis is combined with detailed analysis of eight European countries with different policy regimes and trajectories.

Introducing Change from the Top in Universities and Colleges

Author : Weil, Susan
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Part of a series reflecting the recent changes in further and higher education, this volume relates the true stories of 10 educational managers and their experiences of recent events. The managers tell how they have maintained direction and impact, balanced pressures and set up their own systems.

Changes in the Distribution of Workers Annual Earnings Between 1979 And 2007

Author : Douglas W. Elmendorf
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This report documents changes in the annual earnings of workers ages 25 to 54 between 1979 and 2007. The analysis compares the distribution of earnings for male and female workers and documents changes in the annual earnings of workers with very high earnings. It also examines changes in earnings mobility (the rate at which workers move from one position in the distribution to another) and earnings variability (the extent to which a worker¿s earnings change from one year to the next). This report provides objective, impartial analysis and makes no recommendations. Charts and tables.

Too Few Women at the Top

Author : Kumiko Nemoto
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The number of women in positions of power and authority in Japanese companies has remained small despite the increase in the number of educated women and the passage of legislation on gender equality. In Too Few Women at the Top, Kumiko Nemoto draws on theoretical insights regarding Japan’s coordinated capitalism and institutional stasis to challenge claims that the surge in women’s education and employment will logically lead to the decline of gender inequality and eventually improve women’s status in the Japanese workplace. Nemoto’s interviews with diverse groups of workers at three Japanese financial companies and two cosmetics companies in Tokyo reveal the persistence of vertical sex segregation as a cost-saving measure by Japanese companies. Women’s advancement is impeded by customs including seniority pay and promotion, track-based hiring of women, long working hours, and the absence of women leaders. Nemoto contends that an improvement in gender equality in the corporate system will require that Japan fundamentally depart from its postwar methods of business management. Only when the static labor market is revitalized through adoption of new systems of cost savings, employee hiring, and rewards will Japanese women advance in their chosen professions. Comparison with the situation in the United States makes the author’s analysis of the Japanese case relevant for understanding the dynamics of the glass ceiling in U.S. workplaces as well.

Women at the Top

Author : Frances Denz
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