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Keeping Women and Children Last

Author : Ruth Sidel
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In Keeping Women and Children Last, Ruth Sidel shows how America, in its search for a post-Cold War enemy, has turned inward to target single mothers on welfare, and how politicians have scapegoated and stigmatized female-headed families both as a method of social control and to divert attention from the severe problems that Americans face. She reveals the real victims of poverty--the millions of children who suffer from societal neglect, inferior education, inadequate health care, hunger, and homelessness. In this new edition, focusing on the passage of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, Sidel reevaluates our social policy, assessing the impact of the "end of welfare as we know it" on America's poor, especially its women and children.

Poor Women and Children in the European Past

Author : John Henderson
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Women and children have always featured prominently among the critically disadvantaged.Poor Women and Children in the European Pastprovides a comparative survey of the poverty experienced by women and children in Europe by testing the applicability of the outline of the poverty life-cycle. Among the issues raised in a perceptive and wide-ranging introduction by the editors, John Henderson and Richard Wall, are the distinctive nature of women's poverty over the life-cycle, the relationship between family and demographic systems and the level of poverty, and the relative generosity of public and private charity provided by a range of European societies.

Clinical Lectures on the Diseases of Women and Children

Author : Gunning S. Bedford
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Laws Relating to the Employment of Women and Children in the United States

Author : United States. Department of Labor
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Laws Relating to the Employment of Women and Children in the United States

Author : United States
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Obstacles that Prevent Women and Children with HIV related Disabilities from Qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income

Author : United States
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Innocent Women and Children

Author : R. Charli Carpenter
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Examining the influence of gender constructs on the international regime protecting war-affected civilians, R. Charli Carpenter examines how in practice belligerents, advocates and humanitarian players interpret civilian immunity so as to leave adult civilian men and older boys at grave risk in conflict zones. Providing a wealth of ground-breaking case studies, the author argues that in order to understand the way in which laws of war are implemented and promoted in international society we must understand how gender ideas affect the principle of civilian immunity. Each case study demonstrates the importance of assumptions about gender relations in shaping international politics, and in developing a framework for incorporating an attention to gender into the often gender-blind scholarship on international norms. As such, this book will be of interest to international relations theorists and to human rights scholars, students and activists alike.

War Women and Children in Ancient Rome Routledge Revivals

Author : John K. Evans
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J.K. Evans’ pioneering work explores the profound changes in the social, economic and legal condition of Roman women, which, it is argued, were necessary consequences of two centuries of near-continuous warfare as Rome expanded from city-state to empire. Bridging the gap that has isolated the specialised studies of Roman women and children from the more traditional political and social concerns of historians, J.K. Evans’ investigation ranges from Cicero’s wife Terentia to the anonymous spouse of the peasant-soldier Ligustinus, charting the severe erosion of the very institutions that kept women and children in thrall. War, Women and Children in Ancient Rome will be of interest not only to classicists and historians of antiquity but also to sociologists and anthropologists, while it will similarly prove an indispensable reference work for historians of women and the family.

Paths To Homelessness

Author : Doug A Timmer
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The major theme in this book is that people are homeless because of structural arrangements and trends that result in extreme impoverishment and a shortage of affordable housing in U.S. cities. It explains the economic and historical causes of homelessness with accounts of individuals and families.

Visionary Women and Visible Children England 1900 1920

Author : Berry Mayall
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This book addresses the inter-linked lives and fortunes of children and women in the first two decades of the twentieth century in England. This was a time of shifts in thinking and practice about children’s and women’s status, lived lives and experiences. The book provides a detailed explanation of how children experienced home, neighbourhood and elementary school; as well as discussing the impact of the women’s movement, namely its suffrage and socialist work. These two concerns are linked by the work women did about and for children. Essentially, the book explores childhood and womanhood; generation and gender; and socialism and feminism. Using existing studies on women’s work, and autobiographies and interviews about childhood, Mayall argues that women played a large part in re-thinking childhood as a special period in life, and children as participants in learning and in politics. This book will appeal to students and researchers in the fields of history, education and sociology, particularly those interested in the women’s movement, and the history of childhood.