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Womanspirit Rising

Author : Carol P.. Christ
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This collection of 20th-century feminist writings attempts to re-think the ideas and traditions of male-dominated Western religion. It provides an overview of contemporary feminist thinking on religion and should appeal to anyone interested in the feminist perspective.

Womanspirit Rising

Author : Carol P. Christ
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Womanspirit RisingThe classic anthology on feminist spirituality -- Now with an update preface in which the editors discuss its initial reception and continuing impact.

Gender Genre and Religion

Author : Morny Joy
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Many feminists today are challenging the outmoded aspects of both the conventions and the study of religion in radical ways. Canadian feminists are no exception. Gender, Genre and Religion is the outcome of a research network of leading women scholars organized to survey the contribution of Canadian women working in the field of religious studies and, further, to “plot the path forward.” This collection of their essays covers most of the major religious traditions and offers exciting suggestions as to how religious traditions will change as women take on more central roles. Feminist theories have been used by all contributors as a springboard to show that the assumptions of unified monolithic religions and their respective canons is a fabrication created by a scholarship based on male privilege. Using gender and genre as analytical tools, the essays reflect a diversity of approaches and open up new ways of reading sacred texts. Superb essays by Pamela Dickey Young, Winnie Tomm, Morny Joy and Marsha Hewitt, among others, honour the first generation of feminist theologians and situate the current generation, showing how they have learned from and gone beyond their predecessors. The sensitive and original essays in Gender, Genre and Religion will be of interest to feminist scholars and to anyone teaching women and religion courses.

The Hermeneutical Quest

Author : Donald G. Miller
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From Women s Experience to Feminist Theology

Author : Linda Hogan
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What are the implications of adopting a primacy of praxis position in feminist theology? How can we respect the diversity of women's experience while retaining it as a useful analytic category? Do these twin resources of women's experience and praxis together imply that feminist theology is ultimately relativist? Through an analysis of the work of some of today's key feminist theologians – Christian, womanist and post-Christian – Linda Hogan considers these and other methodological questions.

Metaphorical Theology

Author : Sallie McFague
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". . . a liberating book about a liberating theological approach."--Christianity and Crisis"Metaphorical Theology is a brilliant piece of writing which will make an important contribution both to new thinking on he nature of religious language and also to the dialogue between Christianity and Feminist Theology."--Rosemary Radford RuetherGarrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary"The great virtue of Professor McFague's book is that it tackles [some] crucial problems in an extremely perceptive and creative way . . . .All in all it is a most timely book both for the theological and for the church at large."--Maurice WilesRegius Professor of DivinityChrist Church, Oxford University

The Coming of Lilith

Author : Judith Plaskow
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This first collection of Judith Plaskow's essays and short writings traces her scholarly and personal journey from her early days as a graduate student through her pioneering contributions to both feminist theology and Jewish feminism to her recent work in sexual ethics. Accessibly organized into four sections, the collection begins with several of Plaskow's foundational essays on feminist theology, including one previously unavailable in English. Section II addresses her nuanced understanding of oppression and includes her important work on anti-Judaism in Christian feminism. Section III contains a variety of short and highly readable pieces that make clear Plaskow's central role in the creation of Jewish feminism, including the essential "Beyond Egalitarianism." Finally, section IV presents her writings on the significance of sexual ethics to the larger project of transforming Judaism. Intelligently edited with the help of Rabbi Donna Berman, and including pieces never before published, The Coming of Lilith is indispensable for religious studies students, fans of Plaskow's work, and those pursuing a Jewish education.

Quellen Feministischer Theologien

Author : Elisabeth Hartlieb
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(Peeters 1997)

Goddess and God in the World

Author : Carol P. Christ
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In Goddess and God in the World, leading theologians Carol P. Christ and Judith Plaskow debate the nature of divinity, proposing a new method called embodied theology. They agree that the transcendent, omnipotent male God of traditional theology must be reimagined. Carol proposes that Goddess is the intelligent embodied love that is in all being. Judith counters that God is an impersonal power of creativity that includes both good and evil. Rooting their views in experience and questioning each other, they offer a fruitful model of theological conversation across difference.

A Garland of Feminist Reflections

Author : Rita M. Gross
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Rita M. Gross has long been acknowledged as a founder in the field of feminist theology. One of the earliest scholars in religious studies to discover how feminism affects that discipline, she is recognized as preeminent in Buddhist feminist theology. The essays in A Garland of Feminist Reflections represent the major aspects of her work and provide an overview of her methodology in women's studies in religion and feminism. The introductory article, written specifically for this volume, summarizes the conclusions Gross has reached about gender and feminism after forty years of searching and exploring, and the autobiography, also written for this volume, narrates how those conclusions were reached. These articles reveal the range of scholarship and reflection found in Rita M. Gross's work and demonstrate how feminist scholars in the 1970s shifted the paradigm away from an androcentric model of humanity and forever changed the way we study religion.