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Witch Wars

Author : Sibéal Pounder
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Join Tiga on her quest to win Witch Wars and become Top Witch of Ritzy City When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Tiga Whicabim's shed to tell her she's a witch, Tiga doesn't believe her. Or at least not until Fran points out that TIGA WHICABIM is actually an anagram of I AM A BIG WITCH and magics her away down the drainpipes to compete in Witch Wars – the competition to crown the next Top Witch of Ritzy City. Filled with silly spells, delectable dresses, ridiculous riddles and a serious shoe problem, Witch Wars is a witch story like no other. Although if you enjoyed The Worst Witch, you'll love this too! "A glitzy, witchy new series full of adventure and fun" – WRD Magazine "This is a witch story unlike any other" – Parents in Touch

Witch Wars

Author : Alane Adams
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Abigail’s second year at the Tarkana Academy has been an all-out disaster. She’s just unwittingly helped Vertulious, an ancient he-witch and powerful alchemist, destroy Odin’s Stone and restore his powers, and now all of Orkney is caught up in the threat of war as the witches prepare to destroy the helpless Orkadians. Determined to set things right, Abigail and Hugo set off for Jotunheim, the land of the giants, to find a weapon to restore the balance. All they have to do is track down the God of Thunder and convince Thor to turn his hammer over to them. When their former-friend-now-foe Robert Barconian arrives with a band of dwarves, intent on stopping them, Abigail and friends must unite to prevent a war that will destroy them all. But has Abigail made the biggest mistake of all by trusting in the wrong ally?

Witch War in Westerham

Author : Dionne Lister
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After a year of searching for answers to what happened to her parents and living in danger, all Lily’s questions are about to be answered, but is she ready? Regula Pythonissam is on the move, and so are Lily and Will, travelling to France, Russia, and Germany in their quest to find answers. Unfortunately, danger awaits them, as does heartache. The snake group are growing stronger, and the more Lily and the gang find out about them, the worse things look. When Lily, James, and the others need Chad to step up and be the boss the PIB deserves, he fails them spectacularly. The group are left desperate for resources in their increasingly dangerous search for RP, in particular Dana and her dad. When the French arm of the PIB get caught up in the tragedies, Will has one chance to bring them onside, but can he do it, and is the head agent at the Paris office trustworthy? Just when they think things might go their way, disaster strikes, and Lily is left with two choices, neither of which will have a good outcome, but she must make a decision, one everyone might curse her for when everything is over. Can she survive the heartache of her search and RP’s machinations, and even if she does, will her life be worth living when her brother discovers what she’s done?

The Witch War Cycle

Author : Alan Burt Akers
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On the magnificent and mysterious, beautiful and terrible world of Kregen, a planet orbiting Antares four-hundred light-years from Earth, much may be achieved and much lost. Far more than merely a strong sword arm is required for victory. Far more than a cunning and devious brain is needed to secure success. The island Empire of Vallia, sundered by internal dissension and invasion, is gradually reestablishing itself after the Times of Troubles, but the grouping of continents and islands called Paz are threatened by the Shanks, fish-headed reivers from over the curve of the world. Dray Prescot’s task is to unite all of Paz in alliance against the aggressors, but not all the people of Paz are willing to forget their old enmities. But in the passionate, shrewd, charismatic figure of Delia of Delphond, and his family and blade comrades, Prescot possesses riches past the mundane dreams of empire. Werewolves of Kregen: Having at last returned to his home empire, to his wife and his friends, Dray Prescot will learn that the vengeance of his defeated enemies has unleashed nine occult curses against Vallia. The first curse, the plague of murderous werewolves, takes Dray by surprise. Could his valor and courage stand up against an unprecedented onslaught of warring witchcraft? Witches of Kregen: When his new army was ready to march against the witch hordes, it rained frogs! That's the sort of thing Dray Prescot is up against in the war of the Nine Unspeakable Curses! He was struggling to gather together his shattered empire when the witchcraft hit. But he has wizards on his side, too, and very soon it becomes a battle of sheer courage, quick wits, and fast flying. Storm over Vallia: Drak, Crown Prince of Vallia, Dray Prescot's son, was sore beset on three sides. For one, he was leading an army of liberation against the usurper Alloran who had seized part of Vallia. For two, he was the target of a marriage plot by an allied queen, whose forces he needed desperately. For the third, he was in love with Silda, daughter of his father's loyal friend, Seg the Bowman. And Silda was now in Alloran's camp... Omens of Kregen: Dray Prescot must conquer the bloodthirsty forces of the would be king of North Vallia, while at the same time protecting the realm from the evil witch Csitra. Journeying to the witch's dark Maze of Coup Blag, Dray and his comrades must meet the challenge of this realm of traps and treasures, where death waits around every turn, and a wizardly battle of destruction is the price of winning free... Warlord of Antares: His empire endangered by the diabolical schemes of Csitra, Dray Prescot has been summoned by the powerful Star Lords who warn of a dread menace approaching from the South. Dray must take on all challengers to become the Warlord of Kregen, uniting his people against the dual threat of Csitra's deadly magic and a seemingly unstoppable invasion by the Shanks... This edition contains a glossary to the Witch War cycle.

Helheim Book 1 The Witch War

Author : Cullen Bunn
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“Once the threshold of Helheim is crossed, not even gods can escape.” The age of Vikings. Savage wild men, dark creatures, and hideous undead are pawns in the war between witches. A hero named Rikard, pays the ultimate price in this conflict… but his fight is far from over. Raised as a draugr—an undead killing machine—Rikard is meant to be used as a weapon in the supernatural conflict. But Rikard will not be controlled. And where the draugr treads, death follows.

The Witch War of Fiddlehead Creek

Author : C.L. Hernandez
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An army of witches battles bizarre creatures and unspeakable evil in the second Deegie Tibbs adventure from the author of A Jar of Fingers. A strange, dark creature stalks the woods behind Deegie’s house, and the small town of Fiddlehead Creek is in an uproar. After it is killed, things seem to settle down, but when Deegie meets a stranger in her backyard, she soon realizes that her life is still very much in danger. Hideous creatures conjured from a deranged mind are now threatening her from all sides. Together with her friends, Zach and Gilbert, and a group of magical acquaintances, Deegie sets out on a quest to confront the evil that has been stalking her since she was born. They are soon joined by Deegie’s father, who has miraculously returned from the dead . . . or has he? Praise for A Jar of Fingers “A classic has been born . . . a truly remarkable piece of horror fiction . . . a refreshing new look at magic and witchery . . . It has all the ingredients of a groundbreaking new franchise: gifted writing, lovable characters, interesting back story, breathtaking excitement and adrenaline, and a truly unforgettable tale.” —Horror Novel Reviews Don’t miss the third book in the series: Seven Deadly Ghosts!

Introduction to Pagan Studies

Author : Barbara Jane Davy
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Pagan Studies is maturing and moving beyond the context of new religious movements to situate itself in within of the study of world religions. Introduction to Pagan Studies is the first and only text designed to introduce the study of contemporary Paganism as a world religion. It examines the intellectual, religious, and social spheres of Paganism through common categories in the study of religion, which includes beliefs, practices, theology, ritual, history, and role of texts and scriptures. The text is accessible to readers of all backgrounds and religions and assumes no prior knowledge of Paganism. This text will also serve as a general introduction to Pagan Studies for non-specialist scholars of religion, as well as be of interest to scholars in the related disciplines of Anthropology, Sociology and Cultural Studies, and to students taking courses in Religious Studies, Pagan Studies, Nature Religion, New Religious Movements, and Religion in America. The book will also be useful to non-academic practitioners of Paganism interested in current scholarship.

Witch Watch

Author : Sibéal Pounder
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Tiga Whicabim loves her new life in the witchy, glitzy, black and white world of Sinkville. Now, suddenly, colour has started seeping back into Ritzy City – first there was a green apple in the middle of the road, and then Miss Heks reappeared in a garish orange dress. Tiga is very suspicious. But Miss Heks is only the tip of a very witchy iceberg. As Tiga, Peggy and Fluffanora soon discover, all the Big Exit witches are back! And they want to destroy Sinkville once and for all. As Aggie Hoof hides in a cupboard, Tiga, Fluffanora and Peggy race to save Sinkville and end up finding an unlikely ally in Felicity Bat, whose irritatingly excellent witchcraft is exactly what they need. The third glitzy adventure in the Witch Wars series, Witch Watch is perfect for fans of The Worst Witch, Eva Ibbotson's hilarious Which Witch?, and Witchworld.

Witch Switch

Author : Sibéal Pounder
File Size : 27.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tiga Whicabim is settling in to the witchy, glitzy world of Ritzy City. Peggy is Top Witch, and Tiga is enjoying life at the Brews' house with Fluffanora. But when Fran the Fabulous Fairy visits Linden House and finds Peggy has gone – leaving behind only a note to say she is 'AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES' and has left the evil Felicity Bat in charge – the girls realise something is very wrong. And then witches all across town start to disappear. Tiga and Fluffanora set out to investigate and discover an old, unsolved Sinkville mystery that might just be the key to it all. The second glitzy adventure in the Witch Wars series is perfect for fans of The Worst Witch, Eva Ibbotson's hilarious Which Witch, and Witchworld.

Witch Glitch

Author : Sibéal Pounder
File Size : 57.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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It's a new era for the Witch Wars witches. Felicity Bat is no longer evil, Tiga has at last found her mum and there's the whole of Silver City to explore. But it's not long before the witches find themselves at the centre of another adventure. When a magical book called The Karens offers to grant Fran the Fabulous Fairy's dearest wish, it seems too good to be true. And it is. Before you can say 'frogknuckles', Tiga and the gang are in a race against time – can they save Fran before she explodes in a large ball of glittery dust?