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Winter Holiday

Author : Arthur Ransome
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'You know what it's like. Dark at teatime and sleeping indoors: nothing ever happens in the winter holidays.' Or so Nancy thinks. Then the lake ices over completely and the Swallows and Amazons, along with Dick and Dorothea - ‘the D’s’ - plan a race to find the North Pole. How will they reach it if they can’t sail? By sledges of course! But when a blizzard blows up and there is a mix up about signals, the D’s disappear into the Arctic night. Disaster looms. Can the Swallows and Amazons save their friends? BACKSTORY: Crack the Swallows and Amazons' code and learn all about the real Arctic exploration that inspired this book.

Twelve Days A Winter Holiday

Author : Wearn Joe Arbee
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An adolescent 17-year old boy goes with a youth group on a 12-day skiing holiday in the mountains. He is an introverted nerd, shy and inhibited, brought up by strict and protective parents. But he is full of inner energy and emotions which he would like to show and share. He is in love with a girl, but has no experience and is puzzled by the complexities of building a relationship. He is aware of his boundaries and limitations and is anxious to overcome them. This is not very easy for him, but he works hard towards this goal while he experiences an emotional roller coaster between greatest joy and deepest desperation, between love and jealousy. The story takes the subjective viewpoint of this boy. The reader follows his thoughts and inner reflections throughout these twelve days of that winter holiday, while he is learning and will eventually be able to overcome the wall that seems to surround him. In the meantime there is a lot of snow, skiing, mulled and sparkling wine, and going to the cemetery at night.

Celebrate Winter Holidays

Author : Elaine Israel
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Presents read-aloud stories, poems, playlets, art projects, ready-to-go games, easy recipes, literature links, and more to help teachers and their students understand and appreciate the traditions of Hanukkah, Christmas, Las Posadas, Kwanzaa, and Chinese New Year.

Seasonal Learning Centers Winter Holidays

Author : Krista Pettit
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These centers are hands–on, developmentally appropriate, and fun! Students delight in the activities while reinforcing math, reading, and writing skills. Science and social studies connections are also included for each unit.

Nan Sherwood s Winter Holidays Rescuing the Runaways

Author : Annie Roe Carr
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Multicultural Holidays

Author : Julia Jasmine
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Offers suggestions for observing more than seventy-five holidays, providing ideas for classroom related activities and student projects.

Religious Celebrations An Encyclopedia of Holidays Festivals Solemn Observances and Spiritual Commemorations 2 volumes

Author : J. Gordon Melton
File Size : 67.45 MB
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This two-volume work presents a comprehensive survey of all the ways people celebrate religious life around the globe. • More than 800 A–Z entries on religious holidays and calendars • Photographs of people celebrating various holidays around the world • A bibliography with each entry that offers sources for further research

Tourism Marketing in Western Europe

Author : Nikolaos Boukas
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Tourism is characterized by diversity, enormous growth, and multidimensional impacts on several levels. In the current turbulent environment, tourism destinations need, on the one hand to maintain and enhance their products in the tourism map, and on the other hand, to protect their resources' integrity for future generations, based on sustainability premises. This is more evident for traditional destinations in Western-Europe, as many of them face the consequences of over-growth, unsustainable development, and lack of service quality. In this respect, attention in the literature needs to be given to how destinations in the region can conceptualize and mitigate their weaknesses as well as capitalize on their competences in order to plan, develop and manage tourism products that could lead them to sustainable competitiveness in the long-term. The book is of significant interest to those researching and working within the area of tourism marketing, but also of interest to students who are seeking wider reading on the topic.

Tourism in Turbulent Times

Author : Jeff Wilks
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Tourism in Turbulent Times presents an international review of the challenges faced by the world's largest industry and governments around the world to provide safe and enjoyable experiences for visitors. The book draws on the background and expertise of contributors from 11 countries, representing scholars, government officers and industry practitioners. It addresses traditional concerns for tourism (such as crime) as well as emerging challenges posed by the global movement of infectious disease and terrorism. These topics are examined by specialists who share a view that tourism can weather turbulent times through adopting appropriate risk management strategies and continuing to provide quality service for customers. This book differs from other texts on the market by including a large group of tourism industry practitioners as contributors. These writers practice the principles they espouse and have critical insight into the real world issues facing the tourism industry. They are also very committed to finding best practice solutions to the challenges facing their industry. The book will therefore be of particular interest to tourism managers and policy makers since it provides relevant information for the important decisions they need to make. Throwing the net wide to include medicine, law, psychology, sociology, education and hard science means that a wide range of perspectives are available to address global business, insurance, security, and policy questions in this emerging area of tourism. Shocks such as the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, SARS and the more recent Asian Tsunami have made the tourism industry very conscious of the need to protect its customers. This book highlights the positive responses made by various sectors of the industry at destination, national and international levels. It also examines the growing adventure tourism market, characterised by small operators who need good risk management practices to weather adverse global events, as well as run a financially viable small business. Such a wide set of perspectives will be very valuable to both students and tourism professionals.


Author : Черноватий Л. М.
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Вперше у практиці видання подібних підручників його зміст та структура відповідають рекомендаціям Ради Європи та орієнтовані на Кембріджські тести. Автори прагнули врахувати новітні досягнення філології та методики навчання іноземних мов. Зокрема, у підручнику застосовуються автентичні тексти з американських та британських ЗМІ, комбінаторні таблиці для засвоєння сполучуваності лексики, систематичне введення та опрацювання компонентів повної системи англійських прийменників, елементи проблемного навчання, англо-українські та українсько-англійські словники до кожного уроку, великий обсяг соціокультурної інформації, що стосується особливостей життя у Великобританії та США, сучасні фото та малюнки. До відмінностей підручника слід також додати урахування вікових особливостей студентів та афективних чинників навчання, дозоване застосування гумору, фабульну презентацію матеріалу, Сучасна система вправ передбачає паралельний розвиток усіх видів мовленнєвої діяльності (аудіювання, говоріння, читання, письма). Спеціальні вправи для розвитку перекладацьких навичок та умінь (способи передачі власних імен та назв, на розвиток умінь роботи зі словниками, на забезпечення комунікації в туристичній, готельній індустріях, а також у галузі повітряних перевезень) сприяють формуванню фахової компетенції. Для студентів вищих навчальних закладів, що спеціалізуються у галузі іноземної філології, студентів перекладацьких відділень (факультетів) університетів, фахівців, які прагнуть вдосконалити власні навички та уміння практичного володіння англійською мовою та перекладу.