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Williams Basic Nutrition Diet Therapy First South Asia Edition E Book

Author : Staci Nix McIntosh
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For concise, need-to-know coverage of the most up-to-date topics and research in nutritional care turn to Williams' Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy. This market leading text provides coverage of hot topics, emerging trends, and cutting-edge research, plus all the essentials for providing the best nutrition care. And with its conversational writing style, vivid illustrations, and wide array of reader-friendly features you can easily understand how the concepts in the book can be applied in clinical practice. Case studies with accompanying questions for analysis in the clinical care chapters focus your attention on related patient care problems. Cultural Considerations boxes discuss how a patient's culture can affect nutritional concepts in practice. Clinical Applications and For Further Focus boxes highlight timely topics and analyze concepts and trends in depth. Bulleted chapter summaries review highlights from the chapter and help you see how the chapter contributes to the book's big picture. Diet therapy guidelines include recommendations, restrictions, and sample diets for major clinical conditions. Drug-Nutrient Interactions boxes highlight important safety information and cover topics such as nutritional supplements for athletics, drugs interfering with vitamin absorption, and over-the-counter weight loss aids. Key terms and definitions clarify terminology and concepts critical to your understanding and application of the material.

Potter and Perry s Fundamentals of Nursing Third South Asia Edition EBook

Author : Sharma Suresh
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Potter & Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing is a widely appreciated textbook on nursing foundations. Its comprehensive coverage provides fundamental nursing concepts, skills, and techniques of nursing practice, with a firm foundation for more advanced areas of study. This South Asian edition of Potter and Perry’s Fundamentals of Nursing not only provides the well-established, authentic content of international standards but also caters to the specific curriculum requirements of nursing students of the region. Provides about 50 Nursing Skills including clear step-by-step instructions with close-up photos, illustrations, and rationales. Clinical framework guidelines are presented using the 5-Step Nursing Process. Nursing Care Plans and Concept Maps helps to connect with patient’s medical problem and your plan of care. Local photographs and content added to provide regional look and feel. Historical background and development of nursing, existing nursing education, and nursing cadre in India. Revised and updated details of Indian health care policies and procedures, e.g. Indian National Health Policy 2017, Code of Ethics for Nurses in India, medicolegal issues in health care in India, and biomedical waste management guidelines. Health care delivery system in India and role of nurse in primary health care in the existing content. Nursing procedures and protocols customized to Indian nursing needs and resources. Fully compliant to the new curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council Comprehensive presentation of historical background of nursing and health care policies in Indian. Primary prevention of communicable diseases like H1N1 and COVID-19 Two new appendixes: A. Diagnostic testing, and B. First Aid and Emergencies New Topics added: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Universal Immunization Program, and Biomedical Waste Management regulations in India. AYUSH, and Accreditation agencies like NABH Organ donation, confidentiality of patient records regulations in India Indian National Health Policy 2017, Code of Ethics for Nurses in India, medicolegal issues in health care in India

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology 14 Edition South Asia Edition 2 Vol Set E Book

Author : Shlomo Melmed
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Williams Textbook of Endocrinology, 14 Edition: South Asia Edition, 2 Vol SET - E-Book

Williams Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy E Book

Author : Eleanor Schlenker
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Learn the latest nutrition and diet therapies for treating common diseases. Williams' Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 12th Edition offers a solid foundation in the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to provide effective patient care. It addresses nutrition across the lifespan and includes the 2015 Dietary Goals for Americans as well as MyPlate for Older Adults. This exceptionally reader-friendly text features evidence-based information, real-world case scenarios, colorful illustrations, boxes, and tables to help you learn how to apply essential nutrition concepts and therapies in clinical practice. Strong community focus is threaded throughout with robust coverage of health promotion, cultural competence, patient safety, lifespan, and public health issues. Focus on Culture boxes introduce you to cultural competence and the special nutritional needs, health problems, and appropriate interventions applicable to different cultural, ethnic, racial and age groups. Focus on Food Safety boxes alert you to food safety issues related to a particular nutrient, age group, or medical condition. Health Promotion section devoted solely to health promotion and wellness stresses healthy lifestyle choices and prevention as the best "medicine." Diet-Medication Interactions boxes provide diet-warnings related to specific prescription drugs. Evidence-Based Practice boxes summarize current research findings. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) boxes offer uses, contraindications, and advantages/disadvantages of common types of herbs and supplements and potential interactions with prescription or over-the-counter medications. Perspective in Practice boxes supply you with practice elements for nutrition education. Key terms identified in the text and defined on the page help reinforce critical concepts. NEW! Includes the 2015 Dietary Goals for Americans which covers the latest guidelines and medications. NEW! MyPlate for Older Adults developed by the Tufts University Human Research Center on Aging and the AARP Foundation replaces former Food Guide Pyramid. NEW! Newly-approved Nutrition Labeling Guidelines incorporated into text along with the latest medications, research findings, and clinical treatment therapies. NEW! New and refreshed case studies illustrate key concepts in authentic, "real-life" scenarios that reinforce learning and promote nutritional applications. NEW! Expanded coverage of health promotion includes strategies for implementation. NEW! New coverage of text messages for nutrition and health information includes what to watch out for when visiting health-related web sites.

Williams Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy Revised Reprint E Book

Author : Eleanor Schlenker
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From basic nutrition principles to the latest nutrition therapies for common diseases, Williams’ Essentials of Nutrition & Diet Therapy, 10th Edition, Revised Reprint offers a solid foundation in the fundamental knowledge and skills you need to provide effective patient care. Authors Eleanor Schlenker and Sara Long address nutrition across the life span and within the community, with an emphasis on health promotion and the effects of culture and religion on nutrition. The revised edition has been updated with current government dietary guidelines, including the new MyPlate recommendations. Other key topics include childhood obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and food safety. Plus, evidence-based information and real-world case scenarios help you learn how to apply essential nutrition concepts and therapies in clinical practice. Case studies illustrate key concepts in authentic, "real-life" scenarios that reinforce learning and promote nutritional applications. Cultural Content boxes highlight the critical, yet often overlooked, role culture plays in nutrition — a role that is becoming more important as the population becomes more diverse. Feature boxes spotlight newsworthy issues related to the chapter topic, including: Diet–Medications Interactions — dietary warnings related to specific prescription drugs. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) — information on the uses, contraindications, and advantages/disadvantages of common herbs and supplements. Focus on Food Safety — important storage and preparation considerations for preventing food-borne illness. Health Promotion sections in each chapter emphasize the importance of health promotion and wellness as part of an effort to stress healthy lifestyle choices and prevention as the best "medicine." Websites of Interest at the end of every chapter lists reliable Internet resources for further study and exploration of various nutrition topics. Key terms are highlighted throughout the text with definitions on the same page for instant reference. Includes complimentary online access to Nutritrac 5.0, the latest version of Mosby’s premier nutrition and exercise management program that features over 1,000 new foods and enhanced functionality. Evidence-Based Practice boxes emphasize the importance of using research to achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Expanded health promotion coverage includes the World Health Organization’s definition of "health," the concept of wellness, and patient education. An in-depth discussion of childhood obesity explores the impact and prevention of this major health concern. Additional information on metabolic syndrome examines its effects on the cardiovascular system. Coverage of nutrition support includes the use of adapted feeding tools to aid patients in various disease states. Perspective in Practice boxes offer quick access to practical applications of nutrition principles. Choose Your Foods: Exchange Lists for Diabetes features the latest updates from the American Dietetic Association.

Wong s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing Third South Asian Edition E Book

Author : Jyoti Sarin
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• Book abides completely by the curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council • Content revised and adapted for the current South Asian nursing setup • Data and statistics pertaining to the current South Asian region assimilated • Newest concepts/topics added to reflect the regional perspectives • Regional pictures added to provide regional look and feel • Real-life photographs for easy identification of disease conditions • Elaborate and detailed explanation with illustrations Below-listed topics have been added to this edition: • Historical development of child health nursing • Current principles, practices, and trends in pediatric nursing • Internationally accepted rights of children • Concept, aims, and scope of preventive pediatrics • National nutritional programs for children • National and international organizations related to child health • Care of newborn in COVID perspective • Common behavioral problems and their management

Black s Medical Surgical Nursing First South Asia Edition

Author : Malarvizhi S.
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Content revised, updated, and adapted to suit the South Asian curricula A new chapter added on Geriatric Nursing, in line with the curriculum prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council Statistics, health programs, and nursing practice guidelines updated for regional adaptation Review questions added to all the units within the book Digital resources available on MedEnact: Instructor Resources 1. Image collection 2. Instructor’s manual 3. PowerPoint presentations Student Resources 1. Case studies 2. Critical thinking questions 3. Guides to clinical pathways 4. Client education guides

Goldman s Cecil Medicine E Book

Author : Lee Goldman
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Stay on the cutting edge with the newly revised eBook of Goldman’s Cecil Medicine, with over 400 updates personally selected by Dr. Lee Goldman and integrated directly into each chapter. Since 1927, Goldman’s Cecil Medicine has been the world’s most influential internal medicine resource and now in its 24th edition, continues to set the standard for all other references of its kind. Edited by Lee Goldman, MD and Andrew I. Schafer, MD, this is quite simply the fastest and best place to find all of the definitive, state-of-the-art clinical answers you need to understand, diagnosis, or treat essentially anything you are going to encounter. At your fingertips, you'll find authoritative, unbiased, evidence-based guidance on the evaluation and management of every medical condition from a veritable "Who's Who" of modern medicine. Consult this title on your favorite e-reader, conduct rapid searches, and adjust font sizes for optimal readability. Simplify decision making with practical, well-organized, templated chapters that include evidence-ranked references and algorithms to make clinically actionable information leap right off the page. Keep current with the latest knowledge and evidence-based practices. Comprehensive updates throughout include many brand-new and completely revamped chapters on topics like applications of molecular technologies, infectious diseases, and cardiovascular techniques and treatments. Get all the accuracy, expertise, and dependability you could ask for from Dr. Goldman and an editorial team that is a veritable "who's who" of modern medicine including Jeffrey Drazen, MD, Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and new associate editor Wendy Levinson, MD, 2009-2010 Chair of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Reference information more quickly thanks to a new, streamlined format.

National Library of Medicine Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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Medical and Health Care Books and Serials in Print

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