Wilderness Navigation Handbook


Author: Fred Touche

Publisher: Touche Publishing

ISBN: 097325274X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

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Designed for both land and water use, this comprehensive guide helps unlock the complexity of map and chart reading as it relates to navigation. Beginning with detailed technical descriptions of the tools of navigation—a compass, an altimeter, a GPS system, and a sextant—this handbook shows how to use these tools either individually or in combination with each other to navigate any area. Factors that cause tools and techniques to fail are discussed, such as why an altimeter often shows the wrong elevation, a GPS position is sometimes off track, and the sun often points in an unexpected direction. Twenty-one real-life scenarios provide practical wisdom for even the most intrepid navigator. Specific information on using the moon for directions and the stars for position, measuring boiling water temperature for elevation, map projections, map datums, great circle routes, and the UTM/UPS grid system is included.

NOLS Wilderness Navigation


Author: Darran Wells

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 9780811732123

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 174

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The National Outdoor Leadership School's official guide to finding your way in the wilderness Covers all navigational techniques, from map and compass to GPS and gives instructions on taking bearings and planning routes on USGS maps Up-to-date information on tools, equipment, and software For wilderness travelers, good navigation ability can mean the difference between a successful day hike and an unplanned overnight stay. Based on the curriculum of the National Outdoor Leadership School, NOLS Wilderness Navigation gives you the skills you need to confidently find your way on and off the trail. Included here are methods for orienting yourself by the sun and the stars alone, easy-to-follow explanations of map and compass techniques, and advice on using an altimeter. There's also a comprehensive section on using GPS technology-without becoming dependent on it. Exercises at the end of each chapter help readers gradually develop their skills and build their confidence.

Wilderness Navigation

Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS, 3rd Edition


Author: Bob Burns,Mike Burns

Publisher: Mountaineers Books

ISBN: 1594859469

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

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CLICK HERE to download a sample • The official navigation textbook used in outdoor education courses by thousands of students • Goodreads.com readers rated the previous edition 4 out of 5 stars (and now it’s even better!) • Map and compass skills remain the foundation for traveling safely in the wilderness This new third edition is a major and complete update of the popular textbook: • Improved throughout for clarity, with chapter objectives presented at the beginning of each chapter and summaries, “skills check” mini-quizzes, and practice problems listed at the end • Updated descriptions of the most current maps, compasses, altimeters, and Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers • Updated declination maps for the United States and the world (declination changes over time and compasses must be adjusted for a specific location to provide correct readings) • Much-expanded GPS chapter, including interfacing the GPS receiver with the home computer, maximizing battery life, and using the GPS function on a “smart” phones (along with a description of their limitations) • Additional information on non-GPS navigational techniques • Recommended websites, apps, and other sources of useful navigational information

Essential Wilderness Navigation

A Real-World Guide to Finding Your Way Safely in the Woods With or Without A Map, Compass or GPS


Author: Craig Caudill,Tracy Trimble

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

ISBN: 1624147208

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 272

View: 5218

All the Skills You Need to Navigate Unfamiliar Terrain In this must-have guide, top wilderness trainer and author Craig Caudill partners with fellow wilderness instructor Tracy Trimble to help you find your way in nature—no matter the tools you have on hand. Using real-life stories of wilderness navigation successes—and cautionary tales of wilderness exploration gone awry—Craig and Tracy start with the basics of rudimentary compass and map use before teaching the finer points of these indispensable resources, making Essential Wilderness Navigation the ultimate go-to guide for explorers of all skill levels. You’ll also learn how technological aids like GPS and natural elements like flora, fauna and celestial bodies can help you identify your position. Armed with your new knowledge and skills, you will be well equipped to troubleshoot any problems, explore nature and become a master wilderness navigator.

Wilderness Navigation

Map and Compass Navigation Techniques and Orienteering Skills


Author: Steve Rayder

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781515047681


Page: 68

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Wilderness Navigation Map and Compass Navigation Techniques and Orienteering Skills Do you want to learn about wilderness navigation and orienteering in a simple and easy to understand way? This easy to follow book, with handy illustrations throughout, will guide you through the usually overcomplicated world of orienteering and navigation with a map and compass in a concise and clear way. Accurate wilderness navigation using a map and compass is vital for anyone who is intending to get out and explore the great outdoors. Even with the modern technology we have available to us, this is still an essential survival skill. Electronic equipment such as GPS is prone to many issues such as poor signal, battery life, malfunction, overheating and water damage. Without roads to follow, it will simply guide you in a straight line. This could lead you straight into a cliff face that you would either have to climb or walk for miles around. A map however will have contour lines that you can read. This book covers all of the topics you will need to learn about in order to read maps and use a compass accurately including: The different types of compass and their uses, the different types of north, declination, the different types of map and which one to choose, planning a journey and working out bearings, finding where you are when lost and how to get back on course, how to use coordinates and much more!

NOLS Wilderness Navigation


Author: Gene Trantham,Darran Wells

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 081176768X

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

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The official NOLS guide to finding your way in the outdoors. Using your navigational skills can mean the difference between a successful day hike and an unplanned overnight in the wilderness. This new edition covers techniques for map and compass, gps, navigating by stars and sun, taking bearings, using topo maps, and choosing the right equipment.

A Complete Guide to Wilderness Navigation


Author: Bill Bernhardt

Publisher: Doc Trout's Survival Wisdom

ISBN: 9781718162525

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 36

View: 9029

Every year, numerous outdoor enthusiasts venture into the wilderness for a day away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and yet, inevitably, some of those enthusiasts suddenly find themselves lost in the wilderness! However, the vast majority of people also lack both the ability to read a topographic map as well as the knowledge and the skills necessary enable them to triangulate their position on a topographic map by making use of an orienteering compass. Therefore, anyone who chooses to venture into the wilderness should always be prepared by having the knowledge and tools needed to use such tools to find their way back to civilization. Consequently, in this book you will find a clear and concise explanation of what longitude and latitude are and how to use them to fix your position on the surface of the Earth, a description of the different types of compasses, an explanation of how to read an topographic map, an explanation of how to use a compass and topographic map to fix your position and, an explanation of how to use the celestial bodies to navigate a course. This book consists of six chapters on the following: -Understanding Longitude and Latitude -The Different Types of Compasses -How to Read a Topographic Map -Orienteering: How to fix your position using a map and compass -How to Use a Lensatic, Prismatic, or Sighting Compass -Celestial Navigation: How to find your way using the Sun, the Moon and, the Stars

Wilderness Navigation Collection

How to Navigate with and Without GPS, Map Reading and Compass Use: (Survival Guide, Survival in the Wilderness)


Author: Steven Gray

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539062240


Page: 46

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Getting Your FREE Bonus Download this book, read it to the end and see "BONUS: Your FREE Gift" chapter after the conclusion. Wilderness Navigation Collection: How to Navigate with and without GPS, Map Reading and Compass Use Book 1. Wilderness Navigation For Dummies: Get Yourself Out And Find Your Way Without GPS Have you ever been lost in the wilderness? People get lost every year while traveling in the wilderness, and some of those people are unfortunate enough to not make it out alive. Even just getting lost while driving on a country road can be enough to give most people a scare. You're out there away from civilization, and suddenly you have no idea where you are. While it's just a matter of turning on the GPS on your smartphone, or using local signs to find your way back in the right direction, that's not always the case. Do you want to learn how to navigate without relying on modern technology? Your GPS might be pretty handy now, but what would you do if the batteries died before you made it home? How would you find your way back without a map and compass to guide you? What you'll learn in this book: What to do if you get lost. How to read a map, and how to buy a good one in the first place. Proper compass use, and tips for getting one that will work when you need it the most. Navigation with or without a map and compass. Orienting yourself, so you know where you are. Basic survival skill essentials, in case the worst does happen. This introductory book for beginners is the perfect place to start! Book 2. Wilderness Navigation for Dummies Book 2: Advanced Navigation Methods - Map Reading, GPS and Compass Use Have you learned all there is to know about basic wilderness navigation? If you have already finished going through our first navigation book, Navigate in the Wilderness (Without a Compass), you are ready for a greater challenge. No one likes getting lost, and even the best navigators find themselves in tricky situations. The difference between those people, and your average traveler, is the information of how to navigate in difficult terrain. You can learn just that, with the information contained in this book. What you will find in this book: Advanced map reading techniques, including a range of new methods for finding your bearing, even when you're nowhere near notable features or man-made structures. The use of topographical maps. How to interpret topographical features of the land, instead of relying on paths and linear features. How to bring a GPS device into your hiking set up. This one's particularly handy for those who have never used such a tool. The most important factors in planning your route. Advanced techniques for getting the most accurate compass readings, and how to avoid incorrect ones. Download your E book "Wilderness Navigation Collection: How to Navigate with and without GPS, Map Reading and Compass Use" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now with 1-Click" button!

The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Navigation


Author: Scottie Barnes,Cliff Jacobson,James Churchill

Publisher: Lyons Press

ISBN: 9781585744909

Category: Transportation

Page: 208

View: 8683

How to use global positioning systems, find your way with map and compass, and survive in the backcountry.

Wilderness Medicine E-Book

Expert Consult Premium Edition - Enhanced Online Features


Author: Paul S. Auerbach

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455733563

Category: Medical

Page: 2304

View: 2080

Quickly and decisively manage any medical emergency you encounter in the great outdoors with Wilderness Medicine! World-renowned authority and author, Dr. Paul Auerbach, and a team of experts offer proven, practical, visual guidance for effectively diagnosing and treating the full range of emergencies and health problems encountered in situations where time and resources are scarce. Every day, more and more people are venturing into the wilderness and extreme environments, or are victims of horrific natural disasters...and many are unprepared for the dangers and aftermath that come with these episodes. Whether these victims are stranded on mountaintops, lost in the desert, injured on a remote bike path, or ill far out at sea, this indispensable resource--now with online access at www.expertconsult.com for greater accessibility and portability-- equips rescuers and health care professionals to effectively address and prevent injury and illness in the wilderness! This textbook is widely referred to as "The Bible of Wilderness Medicine." Be able to practice emergency medicine outside of the traditional hospital/clinical setting whether you are in remote environments, underdeveloped but highly populated areas, or disaster areas, are part of search and rescue operations, or dealing with casualties from episodes of extreme sports and active lifestyle activities. Face any medical challenge in the wilderness with expert guidance: Dr. Auerbach is a noted author and the world's leading authority on wilderness medicine. He is a founder and Past President of the Wilderness Medical Society, consultant to the Divers Alert Network and many other agencies and organizations, and a member of the National Medical Committee for the National Ski Patrol System. Handle everything from frostbite to infection by marine microbes, not to mention other diverse injuries, bites, stings, poisonous plant exposures, animal attacks, and natural disasters. Grasp the essential aspects of search and rescue. Respond quickly and effectively by improvising with available materials. Improve your competency and readiness with the latest guidance on volcanic eruptions, extreme sports, splints and slings, wilderness cardiology, living off the land, aerospace medicine, mental health in the wilderness, tactical combat casualty care, and much more. Meet the needs and special considerations of specific patient populations such as children, women, elders, persons with chronic medical conditions, and the disabled. Make smart decisions about gear, navigation, nutrition, and survival. Be prepared for everything with expanded coverage on topics such as high altitude, cold water immersion, and poisonous and venomous plants and animals. Get the skills you need now with new information on global humanitarian relief and expedition medicine, plus expanded coverage of injury prevention and environmental preservation. Get guidance on the go with fully searchable online text, plus bonus images, tables and video clips - all available on ExpertConsult.com.