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Laughing Wild

Author : Christopher Durang
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THE STORY: In the first section of the play, a Woman enters and embarks on an increasingly frenetic (and funny) recital of the perils and frustrations of daily life in urban America--waiting in line, rude taxi drivers, inane talk shows and the selfi

The African Wild Dog

Author : Scott Creel
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This book is based on a six year study of African wild dogs, lycaon pictus, in Tanzania's Selous Game Reserve, the largest protected area in Africa and one of the least-studied.

The African Wild Dog

Author : Rosie Woodroffe
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Over the last 30 years the African wild dog population has declined dramatically. Dogs have disappeared from 25 of the 39 countries where they were previously found, and only 6 populations are believed to number more than 100. Today it is believed that only between 3,000-5,500 dogs remain in 600-1,000 packs with most to be found in eastern and southern Africa. The dramatic reduction in their population is attributed to a number of factors including human population growth and activities, deterioration of habitat, and contact with domestic dogs and their diseases. This Action Plan explores some of the reasons behind their disappearance and provides a number of proposed solutions split into 3 priority areas, ranging from habitat management and conservation to monitoring domestic dogs.

Disease in Wild Animals

Author : Gary A. Wobeser
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Gary Wobeser's successful book from 1994 has been completely updated and enlarged in a new second edition. An in-depth overview of the available techniques for the investigation and management of disease in free-ranging animals is provided. The subjects are illustrated with examples drawn from around the world, with emphasis on the special requirements involved in working with wild animals. The book draws on the author’s training as a wildlife biologist.

Atlas of Wild Potatoes

Author :
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The Call of the Wild

Author : Jack London
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The classic story of the dog Buck and his adventures in the Klondike gold fields is accompanied by notes and illustrations placing the story in the context of its era

How to Draw Cartoon Symbols of the Wild West

Author : Curt Visca
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Provides facts about eight symbols of the Wild West, as well as step-by-step instructions for drawing cartoons of each one.

A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants of Eastern and Central North America

Author : Lee Peterson
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An illustrated handbook describes the most common edible plants, their range, uses as food, and suggested methods of cooking.

Field Guide to Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic

Author : Bill Russell
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To most Americans, mushrooms are the brown lumps in the soup one uses to make a tuna casserole, but to a select few, mushrooms are the abundant yet often well-hidden delicacies of the forests. In spite of their rather dismal reputation, most wild mushrooms are both edible and delicious, when prepared properly. From the morel to the chanterelle and the prolific and aptly named chicken of the woods, mushrooms can easily be harvested and enjoyed, if you know where to look and what to look for. Bill Russell’s Field Guide to the Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic helps the reader learn just that—specifically for the often-neglected East Coast mushrooms of the United States and Canada. Suited to both the novice and the experienced mushroom hunter, this book helps the reader identify mushrooms with the use of illustrations, descriptions, and environmental observations. Russell’s fifty years of experience in hunting, studying, and teaching about wild mushrooms have been carefully distilled into this easy-to-use and well-designed guide. The book is divided into the four seasons, each with its unique mushroom offerings. Each mushroom section includes a detailed description, information about the mushroom’s biology, tips on where the mushroom is most likely to be found, and a short “nutshell” description for quick reference. The book also includes color photographs of each of the mushrooms described. Russell’s Field Guide to the Wild Mushrooms of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic shows the reader not only how to identify the most common mushrooms found in the region but also how to avoid common copycats—and what to do with the mushrooms once they’re identified and harvested. With both color illustrations and insightful descriptions of one hundred of the area’s most common mushrooms, Field Guide is an indispensable reference for the curious hiker, the amateur biologist, or the adventurous chef.

Wild Dogs and Their Relatives

Author : Peter Jackson
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Discusses the status and conservation of wild canids, including wild dogs, wolves, foxes, jackals, zorros, and dingos.

The West of Wild Bill Hickok

Author : Joseph G. Rosa
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Of all the Old West figures whose images eventually found their way into our popular culture, none was better known than Wild Bill Hickok. This book, a companion volume to Joseph Rosa’s exhaustive biography, They Called Him Wild Bill, reproduces in one volume nearly all the known portraits of Wild Bill, together with photographs of his family, his friends, his foes, and the places that knew him.

Gather Ye Wild Things

Author : Susan Tyler Hitchcock
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First published in 1980, Gather Ye Wild Things is not a field guide in the strictest sense but rather a meditation on some of the most common and useful plants in North America. The volume's fifty-two brief essays- each focusing on a particular species or subject during a season in which it is likely to come to the would-be gatherer's attention- touch on culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses for wildlings.

Wild Rice and the Ojibway People

Author : Thomas Vennum
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Examines in detail the technology of harvesting and processing the grain, the important place of wild rice in Ojibway ceremony and legend, including the rich social life of the traditional rice camps, and the volatile issues of treaty rights.

Wild Bill Hickok

Author : Joseph G. Rosa
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Traces the life and exploits of William Hickok, the legendary Western sharpshooter and U.S. marshal known as "Wild Bill."

Wild Cats

Author : David Stone
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The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide

Author : Linda Runyon
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Full of data, charts, nutritional breakdowns, and a poisonous look-alike section, this guide discusses how to identify, gather, prepare, store, and enjoy an endlessly nutritious and renewable resource of wild, edible plants.

The Wild Irish Girl

Author : Lady Morgan (Sydney)
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"I long to study the purely national, purely natural character of an Irishwoman." When Horatio, the son of an English lord, is banished to his father's Irish estate as punishment for his dissipated ways, he goes off in search of adventure. On the wild west coast of Connaught he finds remnants of a romantic Gaelic past--a dilapidated castle, a Catholic priest, a deposed king and the king's lovely daughter Glorvina. In this setting and among these characters Horatio learns the history, culture, and language of a country he had once scorned, but he must do so in disguise, for his own English ancestors are responsible for the ruin of the Gaelic family he comes to love. Written after the Act of Union, The Wild Irish Girl. (1806) is a passionately nationalistic novel and a founding text in the discourse of Irish nationalism. This unique paperback edition includes the 'Introductory Letters' to the novel as well as Owenson's footnotes, rich in detail on the Irish language, history, and legend.

Minnesota Wild

Author : Lisa M. B. Simons
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Traces the history of the team from its beginnings through present day.

Still Wild

Author : Larry McMurtry
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Features the best contemporary short works of the Western genre, including contributions from writers not usually associated with Westerns such as Jack Kerouac and Wallace Stegner, as well as stories by Annie Proulx, Louise Erdrich, Raymond Chandler, and other notables.

Compensation for Damage Caused by Wild Animals

Author : Cyrille de Klemm
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