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Wild Feminine

Author : Tami Lynn Kent
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Includes a preview of Mothering from Your Center, the next book from Tami Lynn Kent. Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit, & Joy in the Female Body offers a unique, holistic approach to reclaiming the power, spirit, and joy of the female body and to understanding its connection to creative energy flow. By restoring physical and energetic balance in the pelvic bowl, women can learn to care for themselves in a nourishing and respectful manner, heal spiritual fractures, and renew their relationship with the sacred feminine. Although the feminine body is an access point to the greater realm of the spirit, many women have lost their connection to this source. Author Tami Kent, MSPT, has an answer. Drawing from her experiences as a woman's health physical therapist who works with the physical body and female energy system, Kent provides a framework for healing the body and navigating the realms of feminine spirit. Through pelvic bodywork, healing stories, visualizations, rituals, and creative exercises, women can explore the deep and natural wisdom inherent in the female body. Wild Feminine reveals the amazing potential of the female body: the potential to create, to heal, and to transform the energy of a woman’s everyday life. Journey deep into the heart of your body. Travel the terrain of feminine wounds. Go to your root place, the center of all womanhood and radically shift your relationship with your body and spirit. Wild Feminine gives you the tools to awaken and retrieve your ancient wild self, restore your creative energy, and reconnect to your sacred center.

The Wild Feminine

Author : Marilyn Steele, Ph.d.
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In The Wild Feminine, Jungian psychologist and artist Marilyn Steele, Ph.D. weaves personal and archetypal stories and dreams together for a soulful and inspiring call to action. Through poignant, humorous, and deeply felt presentations of her life, Marilyn strikes a chord with all of us in whom the Wild Feminine is ready to emerge. These stories are designed to awaken a feminine consciousness and bring wild feminine power and wisdom back to the world. In this book, we see how to open to mystery and learn to trust our inner wisdom. The Wild Feminine invites you to connect to your wild souls and move into the world with your intuition, creativity, and the power of love.


Author : Paige Bevans
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It starts as a quiet rebellion stirring in your bones. No matter what age you are, if you are woman you know the demands placed upon you to be everything for everyone all the time. With all her energy going to family, career and endless errands it is no wonder she can't shake the feeling that somehow along the way she left behind a piece of herself. It may surprise you to know that it is much easier than you think to get back that "spark" that your younger self had so naturally. The way to her is through the Wild Feminine, a fire that burns fierce in the hearts of all women. While constraints of everyday life may have dwindled that fire, it can never be fully extinguished. Unleash will take you on a journey within, where you will kick up the ashes and find the embers still glowing. In understanding how you have arrived in this place, the patterns that keep you here, and how to break free of them you will see that living life as a passionate and wild female is exactly how your younger self always dreamed you would live. You are made of fire.

Wild Creative

Author : Tami Lynn Kent
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"Tami Lynn Kent, author of Wild Feminine, calls readers back to their creative center to hep them access the natural, sustaining energy of creativity that is inherently theirs. At its root, creativity is the practice of engagement, and the marriage of feminine and masculine energy. And, in seeking our inspiration and dreams, we realign ourselves with an ancient limitless presence and reawaken the wild creative within. Wild Creative encourages readers to embark on a journey to achieve the dreams too many of us have cast aside. Kent provides hands-on ways to align life with the creative currents that flow through each of us by showing readers how to identify and restore their inner creative map. Readers will discover that when we make creativity and inspiration a priority, small and big miracles unfold. In Wild Creative, Kent details her own experience building a framework for her creativity that served the wellbeing of herself, her family, and her business. She shows readers that by following the creative source within each of us, we can nourish and support a vibrant and successful life"--

Mothering from Your Center

Author : Tami Lynn Kent
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Create new forms of mothering and learn to facilitate daily access to the power, spirit, and joy that mothering from the center brings. Building on themes from Tami Lynn Kent’s award-winning Wild Feminine, Mothering from Your Center takes a groundbreaking, holistic approach to women’s health as Kent provides gentle guidance through the emotional and physical transformative process of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Revealing her own soul-filled journey from miscarriage to motherhood, Kent offers an intimate and comprehensive guide to reclaiming the energetic center of the female body. Drawing on her work with thousands of women and the energy of the pelvic bowl, Kent teaches you to access the creative potential of your center and the profound medicine it contains for all aspects of mothering and living creatively. Learn how to • engage the energetic power of the pelvic bowl; • heal from pregnancy and birth; • strengthen the bond between mother and child; • create holistic family harmony; • find balance between work and home; • enhance creativity and joy. Whether you are pregnant, trying to conceive, recovering from childbirth, or raising children today, Mothering from Your Center will help you tap into your core feminine energy and explore your full creative range.

Wild Women Write

Author : Majorie St Clair
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Wild Women Write: Reconnecting to the Wild Feminine is a book that focuses on specific qualities of the Wild Woman archetype found in myths and stories from diverse cultures and explores how it is relevant to women today. Using writing exercises and art-making as tools for exploration, the book guides the reader on a personal quest to re-discover and embody their inner wild woman while engaging with topics ranging from Healing the Split From Our Wild Feminine Nature; Wild Flesh and the Myth of Feminine Evil; Sacred Sexuality: Reverence For All Life; Wild Woman's Relationship to Nature and Art; to Wild Woman Vs. the Borg. Writers as well as anyone seeking to restore and re-connect to their wild feminine will find this book an indispensable guide in charting a new territory belonging to the feminine.

Return of the embodied feminine

Author : Sifra Nooter
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Return Of The Embodied Feminine is a story about remembering the forgotten knowledge of the feminine whilst growing up and living in the western world as a woman. Sifra Nooter questions how to do this and what it means. She iterates the confusion of living in this masculine orientated world that seems to dominantly value the thinking mind with its main focus on having targets and goals. This is one woman's own story about her body, sexuality and the forgotten intuitive knowledge of women. Taking us on an intimate journey of remembering magical sexual connective feminine power, through sisterhood and womb-wisdom. This is a compelling journey of awakening through rituals, moon circles, and self examination. This powerful and raw story changes lives, especially those of women. By reading it, women say that something transforms deeply within, as Sifra Nooter has the talent to translate what happened in her personal life with words that emanate, heal and inspire the lives of others and resonate into the collective field. Sifra gives workshops and has developed training programs especially for women to get in touch with their body, womb and female sexuality. Through this work and together with her partner, they invite people to experience a deeper intimacy with themselves, in partnership and with the world around them. Her work is based on the shamanic idea that everything is connected with everything and the importance of our primal need to experience this connection, combined with the tantric idea that sexuality needs to be a healing act and experienced in a ritual space as a spiritual practice.

Feminine Journeys of the Mahabharata

Author : Lavanya Vemsani
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Wild Love

Author : Gill Edwards
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Whenever we try to be good - or expect others to be good - we disconnect from the freedom, joy and unconditional love that is our natural birthright. It is only when we aim to be happy, and reach for our dreams, that we reconnect with Source energy - and release our loving, creative and unique potential. Leading spiritual writer Gill Edwards explains that a deep, magical and joyous reality lies just beyond our reach - if only we can find the key to unlock the door. In WILD LOVE, she helps us find that elusive key, by giving up our old 'patterns of relating' and aligning ourselves with Source energy. WILD LOVE is a beautifully written and inspiring book which will help you to become wild and free, and to become a passionate and visionary co-creator of your own heaven and earth.

Wild Wise

Author : Amy Bammel Wilding
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Wild & Wise is a collection of guided meditations: a potent tool for personal and global transformation inviting you to access your wild and wise inner knowing. Suitable for reflective reading, or to facilitate healing and empowerment for women who gather in red tents, moon lodges, women's circles and ceremonies.

Woman Be Wild The Path to Feminine Awakening Empowerment and Freedom

Author : Indigo Indigo
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Exploring the dire consequences of cultural conditioning and feminine suppression, Woman Be Wild takes readers on a healing journey to wholeness by reconnecting women to their natural sexuality and true Wild nature. Indigo examines the demands and effects of our culture and how it has severed our fundamental connection to the Earth, the feminine, our sexuality, and our spirituality. Detailing the process of shedding limiting beliefs and oppressive conditioning, she provides encouragement, support, and a gentle push for her readers to return to their Wild, natural state of being. Readers will learn how to cultivate a deeper relationship with their physical bodies and sexuality, their subtle senses and intuition, the Earth and their spiritual connection to all of life. Indigo reveals how by healing this connection and restoring balance in ourselves, we unlock our individual keys and become vessels for creating a New Earth.Woman Be Wild is a journey of feminine awakening, empowerment, and freedom. It dissolves the shaming of sex and commands that we put an end to patriarchal rule and feminine suppression. The text explains that to do this, we must un-define what it means to be a woman and free women to express themselves fully, diversely, and authentically so they can embrace who they really are and reclaim their Wild, feminine power.

Embracing Your Wild Feminine

Author : Joy Moates
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Would you like to hear the seductive whispers of your wild self and maybe even dare to play with her? Do you desire to fully embrace your own unique sexuality and feel more passion and pleasure? Are you yearning for more ease and flow in your body and in your life? If you answer yes, then come inside. This book is an invitation to create your life through your desires and longings. You will discover that your wild feminine spirit is just waiting for you. She is your deeply buried feminine nature-your wildness. And when you embrace her, passion, desire, sexuality, and joy flow into your life. Awaken your wild feminine spirit by opening your heart, loving and moving your body, creating ritual, and embracing fully your sensuality and sexuality. Inside you will find writing prompts, breathing exercises, ritual ideas, and embodied meditations to help you re-discover your own unique wild feminine spirit. You will remember that you are beautifully messy and perfectly imperfect.

Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine

Author : Maria Papaspyrou
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An exploration of the connections between feminine consciousness and altered states from ancient times to present day • Explores the feminine qualities of the psychedelic self, ancient female roots of shamanism, and how altered states naturally tap into the female archetype • Discusses feminist psychedelic activism, female ecstatics, goddess consciousness, the dark feminine, and embodied paths to ecstasy • Includes contributions by Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage, Carl Ruck, and others Women have been shamans since time immemorial, not only because women have innate intuitive gifts, but also because the female body is wired to more easily experience altered states, such as during the process of birth. Whether female or male, the altered states produced by psychedelics and ecstatic trance expand our minds to tap into and enhance our feminine states of consciousness as well as reconnect us to the web of life. In this book, we discover the transformative powers of feminine consciousness and altered states as revealed by contributors both female and male, including revered scholars, visionary artists, anthropologists, modern shamans, witches, psychotherapists, and policy makers. The book begins with a deep look at the archetypal dimensions of the feminine principle and how entheogens give us open access to these ancient archetypes, including goddess consciousness and the dark feminine. The contributors examine the female roots of shamanism, including the role of women in the ancient rites of Dionysus, the Eleusinian Sacrament, and Norse witchcraft. They explore psychedelic and embodied paths to ecstasy, such as trance dance, holotropic breathwork, and the similarities of giving birth and taking mind-altering drugs. Looking at the healing potential of the feminine and altered states, they discuss the power of plant medicines, including ayahuasca, and the recasting of the medicine-woman archetype for the modern world. They explore the feminine in the creative process and discuss feminist psychedelic activism, sounding the call for more female voices in the psychedelic research community. Sharing the power of “femtheogenic” wisdom to help us move beyond a patriarchal society, this book reveals how feminine consciousness, when intermingled with psychedelic knowledge, carries and imparts the essence of inclusivity, interconnectedness, and balance our world needs to heal and consciously evolve.

The Selkie

Author : Imogen Di Sapia
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Feminine Sentences

Author : Janet Wolff
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This new book integrates material drawn from a variety of sources -feminist theory, cultural and literary analysis, sociology and arthistory - in an original discussion of women's relationship tomodern and post-modern culture. The essays in the book challenge the continuing separation ofsociological from textual analysis in cultural (and feminist)theory and enquiry. They address critically the question of women'swriting, exploring the idea that women may begin to define theirown lives and construct their identities in a patriarchal culturethrough the very process of writing. They also present a cogentdefence of a feminist cultural politics, including a politics ofthe body.

Feminine Genius

Author : LiYana Silver
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There is a particular kind of insanity running rampant in the world that compels most women to stuff down, ignore, or hide parts of ourselves in order to be acceptable, attractive, or taken seriously. Which doesn’t work. It actually ensures we remain unfulfilled, miserable, and at war with ourselves—and that is a war no woman can win. So now comes the good news: There is a path to help you become the woman you are aching to become. This path is unruly, messy, a wee bit naughty, and audaciously asks you trust the very parts of you that you previously warred against. While this path has no script, map, or blueprint, you’ll learn to use your sensuous, desirous, wildly feeling female body as a steadfast and trustworthy compass. This is the path of Feminine Genius. To get you started, you’ll have the best of guides: women’s life coach LiYana Silver. “One of the most enduringly inspiring things in my life,” says LiYana, “is to watch a woman slip the Gordian knot of self-loathing, people-pleasing, and over-achieving and become simply and fully herself.” Partly an irreverently reverent feminist treatise and partly a non-denominational devotional hymnal to the Sacred Feminine, Feminine Genius just might change forever what you know about your body, soul, sexuality, intuition, and power. In these pages, LiYana invites you to: Go deep and reconnect with the powerful parts of yourself you’ve hidden away Meet your innate genius: the wild, creative, and infallible wisdom of your body Brighten your everyday with hands-on practices Tap into your inner knowing so you can stop second-guessing yourself and get clear about your next steps Learn how to embrace your sexuality, emotions, desires, and cycles so you can achieve enormous effectiveness and fulfillment in life Navigate your “dark” and work with painful, difficult experiences in healthy ways Learn how you overuse your “masculine” strengths to the point of personal, cultural, and global breakdown Discover why your “feminine” isn’t weak, but is one of the strongest and most trustworthy parts of you Explore the history, physics, and biology of a universe built for harmony between “masculine” and “feminine” Look in the mirror and see the face of the Goddess gazing back at you If you found a dusty bottle on a shelf of your cellar, there would be only one way to know if it contained an all-knowing genie with the power to actualize your deepest desires: open, and look inside. Feminine Genius is a provocative wake-up call, nudging you to uncork that fabulous flask and find out just how much magic you’ve been hiding. Because you do have a genie in your bottle—and genius in your body. Are you ready to open, and look inside?

Unleashing Her Wild

Author : Kiki Carr
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Unleashing Her Wild is a collection of stories written by women who have found a deep connection to intuition and instinct: an almost primal feeling that has guided them to overcome incredible challenges with strength and grace. Many of the women share stories of this feeling as a connection to the feminine divine. Psychotherapists, artists, academics, and empowerment practitioners, among many other roles, our authors share their stories of endurance, ferocity, and grace as a testament to what it means to be someone who knows and cultivates our relationship with the power of the feminine energy we all have . . . and let this force shape our lives in ways we might otherwise never imagine.

Sovereign Feminine

Author : Matthew Head
File Size : 45.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In the German states in the late eighteenth century, women flourished as musical performers and composers, their achievements measuring the progress of culture and society from barbarism to civilization. Female excellence, and related feminocentric values, were celebrated by forward-looking critics who argued for music as a fine art, a component of modern, polite, and commercial culture, rather than a symbol of institutional power. In the eyes of such critics, femininity—a newly emerging and primarily bourgeois ideal—linked women and music under the valorized signs of refinement, sensibility, virtue, patriotism, luxury, and, above all, beauty. This moment in musical history was eclipsed in the first decades of the nineteenth century, and ultimately erased from the music-historical record, by now familiar developments: the formation of musical canons, a musical history based on technical progress, the idea of masterworks, authorial autonomy, the musical sublime, and aggressively essentializing ideas about the relationship between sex, gender and art. In Sovereign Feminine, Matthew Head restores this earlier musical history and explores the role that women played in the development of classical music.

Re birthing the Feminine in Academe

Author : Linda Henderson
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This book engages expansively with the concept of motherhood in academia, to offer insights into re-imagining a more responsive higher education. Written collaboratively as international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational collectives, the editors and contributors use various ways of understanding ‘motherhood’ to draw attention to – and disrupt – the masculine structures currently defining women’s lives and work in the academy. Shifting the focus from patriarchal understandings of academe, the narratives embrace and champion feminist and feminine scholarship. The book invites the reader to question what can be conceived when motherhood is imagined more expansively, through lenses traditionally silenced or made invisible. This pioneering volume will be of interest and value to feminist scholars, as well as those interested in disrupting patriarchal academic structures.

Wild Soul Runes

Author : Lara Veleda Vesta
File Size : 50.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Highlights the feminine origin of the runes in the context of an immersive course in rune practice. Using inquiry and original translations alongside traditional rune poems and sacred art, Wild Soul Runes invites readers to develop their own wisdom connection with the runes through practice. The book is based on the premise that all of us possess the ability to receive divine information through rune practice. Rather than telling the reader what the runes mean, author Lara Veleda Vesta shares an interactive practice for readers to discover the unique ways the runes speak to them. The book covers the history of the runes, both in myth and through the connection with Old European archaeological findings. This history offers evidence for the idea that the runes have a feminine origin, coming from the well of the Norns, the female triple giantesses who represent the fates in Norse myth. It introduces the concept of the runes as beings rather than simply an alphabet or magical tools. The purpose of Wild Soul Runes is to create a relationship with these beings through ancestral connection, personal gnosis, and ritual practice. Readers will learn how to: Make a rune altar Develop a daily ritual practice with the runes Honor the Germanic/Anglo Saxon wheel of the year Craft a rune set and rune ceremonies for divination v