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Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights

Author : Lemony Snicket
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Before he wrote 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', before the Baudelaires became orphans, even before the invention of Netflix, Lemony Snicket asked all the wrong questions. Four to be exact.This is the account of the fourth question. There was a town, and there was a train, and there was a murder. Apprentice investigator Lemony Snicket was on the train, and he thought that if he solved the murder he could save the town. In the tradition of great storytellers, from Dickens to Dahl, comes an exquisitely dark comedy that is both literary and irreverent. You’ll laugh only if you find humour in gothic and mysterious things involving detectives and crime solving. Lemony’s other literary outings in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ have sold 60 million copies worldwide and been made into a Hollywood film starring Jim Carrey and a Netflix series starring Neil Patrick Harris. These regrettable developments mean that millions of fans have found out about the dreadful plight of the Baudelaire orphans, but you do not have to. You have been warned. Have you read all four mysterious titles in the Wrong Questions series? ‘Who Could That Be at the This Hour?’ ‘When Did You Last See Her?’ ‘Shouldn’t You Be in School?’ ‘Why is This Night Different from All Other Nights?’ Author Lemony Snicket was born before you were and is likely to die before you as well. He was born in a small town where the inhabitants were suspicious and prone to riot. He grew up near the sea and currently lives beneath it. Until recently, he was living somewhere else. He is a broken man, wracked with misery and despair as a result of writing 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. He spends his days wandering the countryside weeping and moaning and his evenings eating hastily-prepared meals. Artist Seth has portrayed suspicious circumstances and shady characters in much of his work. He is a multi-award-winning cartoonist, author and artist, whose works include Palookaville and Clyde Fans.

Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights

Author : Ilana Kurshan
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This fascinating, informative, and beautifully illustrated books translates the Passover seder's Four Questions into twenty-three languages and provides capsule histories of the Jews in the countries where the languages are spoken. The recitation of the Four Questions at the beginning of the Passover seder by the youngest participant is one of the highlights of the evening and captures its very essence: to keep the memory of the Exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery alive in our minds, and to teach our children about their heritage and history. This unique volume covers a variety of languages of the Jewish Diaspora—from French to Farsi, from Latin to Ladino, from Amharic to Afrikaans, from Yiddish to Swedish to Chinese. For each language a translation (and, where necessary, a transliteration) of the Four Questions is provided, accompanied by a brief overview of Jewish life and culture among the speakers of the language, and an illustrations of either historical or contemporary interest. The perfect seder gift, Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights? is also an excellent introduction to Jewish history in the Diaspora for young and old alike. From the Hardcover edition.

The Passover Celebration

Author : Leon Klenicki
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This new edition of The Passover Celebration has been prepared for occasions when Christians join with members of the Jewish community to celebrate the seder. The service provided in this booklet is completely faithful to the Jewish tradition and provides background on the seder meal, instruction, commentary, a pronuciation guide and a glossary.

On Wings of Freedom

Author : Richard N. Levy
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Toby Belfer s Seder

Author :
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Toby invites her best friend Donna Barker, who is Christian, and her family to the Belfer's Passover Seder, and the Barkers learn about the origins and customs of this holiday.

You Shall Tell Your Children

Author : Liora Gubkin
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Passover is among the most widely observed holidays for American Jews. During this festival of redemption, Jewish families retell the biblical story of Exodus using a ritual book known as a haggadah, often weaving modern tales of oppression through the biblical narrative. References to the Holocaust are some of the most common additions to contemporary haggadot. However, the parallel between ancient and modern oppression, which seems obvious to some, raises troubling questions for many others. Is it possible to find any redemptive meaning in the Nazi genocide? Are we adding value to this unforgivable moment in history? Liora Gubkin critiques commemorations that violate memory by erasing the value of everyday life that was lost and collapse the diversity of responses both during the Shoah and afterward. She recounts oral testimonies from Holocaust survivors, cites references to the holiday in popular American culture, and analyzes examples of actual haggadot. Ultimately, Gubkin concludes that it is possible and important to make a space for Holocaust commemoration, all the time recognizing that haggadot must be constantly revisited and “performed.”

Author : John Levi
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A passover prayerbook (Haggadah) for families. Used for Jewish holiday of Passover. Perfect addition to the Passover table.

Jewish Junior League

Author : Hollace A. Weiner
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From its founding in 1901 through the second half of the twentieth century, the Fort Worth section of the National Council of Jewish Women fostered the integration of its members into the social and cultural fabric of the greater community. Along the way, it championed important social causes, including an Americanization school for immigrants and literacy initiatives. But by 1999, facing declining membership and—according to some—decreased relevance to the lives of Jewish women, the Council’s national and local leaders found themselves confronting the end of the group’s existence. Hollace Ava Weiner has mined the records of this organization at both the local and national levels, interviewed surviving members, and examined Fort Worth newspapers and other local historical documents. Her lively and careful study reveals that the Fort Worth Council of Jewish Women was, in fact, so successful that it prepared the way for its own obsolescence. By century’s end, the members and the times had changed more rapidly than the Council. While Jewish “Junior League” focuses on a particular organization in a particular city, it simultaneously serves as a case study for the exploration of important themes of women’s and Jewish history throughout the twentieth century.

The Dinner Party

Author : Brenda Janowitz
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This Passover Seder is not just any Passover Seder. Yes, there will be a quick service and then a festive meal afterwards, but this night is different from all other nights. This will be the night the Golds of Greenwich meet the Rothschilds of New York City. The Rothschilds are the stuff of legends. They control banks, own vineyards in Napa, diamond mines in Africa, and even an organic farm somewhere in the Midwest that produces the most popular Romaine lettuce consumed in this country. And now, Sylvia Gold's daughter is dating one of them. When Sylvia finds out that her youngest of three is going to bring her new boyfriend to the Seder, she's giddy. When she finds out that his parents are coming, too, she darn near faints. Making a good impression is all she thinks about. Well, almost. She still has to consider her other daughter, Sarah, who'll be coming with her less than appropriate beau and his overly dramatic Italian mother. But the drama won't stop there. Because despite the food and the wine, despite the new linen and the fresh flowers, the holidays are about family. Long forgotten memories come to the surface. Old grievances play out. And Sylvia Gold has to learn how to let her family go.

Found in Translation

Author : Pamela Jay Gottfried
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Found in Translation is more than just a book about words. In its lighthearted and inspirational essays, the book offers readers an opportunity to enhance their vocabulary and gain a fresh perspective about everyday experiences.

Growing Up Jewish Or Why is this Book Different from All Other Books

Author : Jack Moline
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Pokes fun at contemporary Judaism the lifestyles of American Jews, and the Yiddish language

Dictionary of Jewish Terms

Author : Ronald L. Eisenberg
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The vocabulary of Judaism includes religious terms, customs, Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish terms, terms related to American Jewish life and the State of Israel. All are represented in this new guide, with easy to read explanation and cross-references.

A Taxonomy of Barnacles

Author : Galt Niederhoffer
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The Barnacle sisters--Bell, Bridget, Benita, Beryl, Belinda and Beth--have been raised in New York bytheir eccentric, self-made father in a fabulous, gigantic Fifth Avenue apartment that, encrusted with Barry Barnacle's scientific collections, feels like a little piece of the Museum of Natural History transplanted to the other side of Central Park. Now that most of the sisters have come of age, Barry Barnacle proposes a contest, a test of wits and wills that should at long last settle what is to Barry the most essential of all questions: nature, or nurture? Whichever of his daughters can most spectacularly carry on his name will inherit his fortune; the others are out cold. It's a proposition to set a Jane Austen heroine on her ear, but in Galt Niederhoffer's A Taxonomy of Barnacles, the Barnacle girls are up to the challenge. Throw the girls' mother Bella and their childhood crushes--the Finch twins next door--into the mix and the stage is set for a completely inventive and utterly fresh social comedy that is as beautifully written as it is unique.

The Human Inheritance

Author : Brian D. Sykes
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Very little excites human curiosity quite so much as contemplating human origins. More than any other branch of science, evolution - and human evolution in particular - is fraught with controversy. Working from what is essentially the same data, schools of opinion have come to diametricallyopposed conclusions. Are we adapted Neanderthals, or a new species altogether which wiped them out? Did the first Americans enter the continent 30,000 or 12,000 years ago? Did the Polynesians sail against wind and current to an unknown fate, or were they just blown across from South America whileout fishing? Why do we speak different languages? Is it because language traces our biological history, or are the two things completely unrelated? Evolution, because it deals with a past that can never conclusively be known, was once ideal material for perpetual debate. Enter genetics with acompletely new source of objective data. Surely these old questions would soon be settled one way or another. Or would they? Bryan Sykes brings together a world-class set of contributors to debate these questions. The result is eight lively essays, each of which offers a different opinion aboutwhat the links between genes, language, and the archaeological record can tell us about human evolution - and indeed, whether they can tell us anything conclusive at all. This stimulating and challenging book poses more questions than it offers answers, eschews jargon, and pursues controversy.Guaranteed to fascinate anyone who has ever wondered how the fossil record, the incredible diversity of human language, and our genetic inheritance might combine to give a glimpse of human origins.

A Midrash and a Maaseh

Author : Hanoch Teller
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How to Raise Jewish Children Even When You re Not Jewish Yourself

Author : Kerry M. Olitzky
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Still Dews of Quietness

Author : E. Jane Seeman
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Feeling a need to experience Gods peace in spite of strain and stress has been the impetus for the writing of the meditations in Still Dews of Quietness. Each meditation has a lead thought or nugget from Gods Word followed by choice thoughts and a challenge or prayer relating it to daily Christian living of the reader. A priceless feature is the easily accessible thoughts of the 140 topics by using the cross referencing pages in the book. They will enrich your life, provide thinking for sharing with others, and be foundations for presentations in seminars, retreats, and other ministries.

Mordecai Richler

Author : Reinhold Kramer
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Based on never-before published material from the Richler archives as well as interviews with family members, friends, and acquaintances, Mordecai Richler: Leaving St Urbain shows how Richler consistently mined his remarkable life for material for his novels. Beginning with the early clashes with his grandfather over Orthodox Judaism, and exposing the reasons behind his life-long quarrel with his mother, Kramer follows Richler as he flees to Ibiza and Paris, where he counted himself as one of the avant-garde who ushered in the 1960s. His successes abroad gave him the opportunity to remain in England and leave novel-writing behind — but he did neither. More than a biography, Mordecai Richler: Leaving St Urbain is the story of a Jewish culture finding its place within a larger stream, a literary culture moving into the colloquial, and a Canada torn between nationalism and cosmopolitanism.

The Luminous Mysteries

Author : Tim Gray
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Pope John Paul II has called the Rosary a true doorway to the depths of the Heart of Christ, ocean of joy and light, of suffering and glory. Author Tim Gray celebrates this life-changing truth as he uncovers the deep scriptural roots of the five Luminous Mysteries?the Baptism in the Jordan, the Wedding of Cana, the Proclamation of the Kingdom, the Transfiguration, and the Institution of the Eucharist. In his foreword to The Luminous Mysteries, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of St. Louis writes: Tim Gray is an outstanding teacher of the Catholic faith, as he has demonstrated by his other writings and his presentations given to a variety of audiences. His love of Christ is transparent in his writing and inspires the reader to love Christ more fully and ardently. The Luminous Mysteries: Biblical Reflections on the Life of Christ is a most worthy tool for growth in the knowledge of Christ and growth in Christ's likeness. This book also includes five meditations from the Church Fathers on the Luminous events!

Power Questions

Author : Andrew Sobel
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An arsenal of powerful questions that will transform every conversation Skillfully redefine problems. Make an immediate connection with anyone. Rapidly determine if a client is ready to buy. Access the deepest dreams of others. Power Questions sets out a series of strategic questions that will help you win new business and dramatically deepen your professional and personal relationships. The book showcases thirty-five riveting, real conversations with CEOs, billionaires, clients, colleagues, and friends. Each story illustrates the extraordinary power and impact of a thought-provoking, incisive power question. To help readers navigate a variety of professional challenges, over 200 additional, thought-provoking questions are also summarized at the end of the book. In Power Questions you’ll discover: The question that stopped an angry executive in his tracks The sales question CEOs expect you to ask versus the questions they want you to ask The question that will radically refocus any meeting The penetrating question that can transform a friend or colleague’s life A simple question that helped restore a marriage When you use power questions, you magnify your professional and personal influence, create intimate connections with others, and drive to the true heart of the issue every time.