Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease


Author: Richard Horowitz

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1250038480

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 544

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From one of the country's foremost doctors comes a ground-breaking book about diagnosing, treating and healing Lyme, and peeling away the layers that lead to chronic disease. You may not know that you have Lyme. It can mimic every disease process including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions like MS, psychiatric conditions like depression and anxiety, and cause significant memory and concentration problems, mimicking early dementia. It is called the "Great Imitator," and inaccurate testing-combined with a fierce, ongoing debate that questions chronic infection-makes it difficult for sufferers to find effective care. When Dr. Richard Horowitz moved to the Hudson Valley over two decades ago to start his own medical practice, he had no idea that he was jumping into a hotbed of Lyme disease. He would soon realize that many of the chronic disease diagnoses people were receiving were also the result of Lyme-and he would discover how once-treatable infections, in the absence of timely intervention, could cause disabling conditions. In a field where the number of cases is growing exponentially around the world and answers remain elusive, Dr. Horowitz has treated over 12,000 patients and made extraordinary progress. His plan represents a crucial paradigm shift, without which the suffering will continue. In this book, Dr. Horowitz: - Breaks new ground with a 16 Point Differential Diagnostic Map, the basis for his revolutionary Lyme treatment plan, and an overarching approach to treating all chronic illness. - Introduces MSIDS, or Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome, a new lens on chronic illness that may prove to be an important missing link. - Covers in detail Lyme's leading symptoms and co-infections, including immune dysfunction, sleep disorders, chronic pain and neurodegenerative disorders - providing a unique functional and integrative health care model, based on the most up-to-date scientific research, for physicians and health care providers to effectively treat Lyme and other chronic illnesses. Cutting through the frustration, misinformation and endless questions, Dr. Horowitz's enlightening story of medical discovery, science and politics is an all-in-one source for patients of chronic illness to identify their own symptoms and work with their doctors for the best possible treatment outcome.

How Can I Get Better?

An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme & Chronic Disease


Author: Richard Horowitz

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250111447

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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AN INSTANT NATIONAL BESTSELLER! “Horowitz is one of the most prominent ‘Lyme literate’ physicians...patients wait for months to see him, and several told me that he had essentially cured them of a disease that nobody else seemed able to treat.” —The New Yorker “If you have suffered from unexplained, chronic or hard-to-treat illness, this book is your pathway to health.” —Mark Hyman, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Blood Sugar Solution on Why Can’t I Get Better? From Dr. Richard I. Horowitz, one of the country's foremost doctors, comes a ground-breaking book about diagnosing, treating and healing Lyme, and peeling away the layers that lead to chronic disease. Are you sick, but can’t find any answers why? Do you have a seemingly unconnected collection of symptoms that leave doctors guessing? Or have you been diagnosed, but found that none of the treatments seems to make a difference? You may have Lyme disease and not even know it. Known as “the great imitator,” Lyme disease and its associated co-infections can mimic the symptoms of and often be misdiagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and even depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis. In his landmark book, Why Can’t I Get Better?: Solving the Mystery of Lyme & Chronic Disease, renowned internist and leading world expert Dr. Horowitz introduced his revolutionary plan for treating Lyme disease, and chronic diseases in general. Now, in this new handbook How Can I Get Better?, Dr. Horowitz updates his research and offers a direct, actionable step-by-step plan for implementing his 16 MSIDS Diagnostic Map. You will find: *The latest pertinent information on the most important scientific discoveries *Emerging research on bacterial “persisters”—bacteria that can survive antibiotics—and new therapies to get rid of them *A seven-step action plan that patients and doctors can follow to ensure better health.

Rumination-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression


Author: Edward R. Watkins

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462525105

Category: Psychology

Page: 360

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From a leading clinician-researcher, this book presents an empirically tested approach for helping clients with severe and chronic depression by directly tackling negative rumination. Rumination-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (RFCBT) combines carefully adapted elements of CBT with imagery, visualization, and compassion-based techniques. The book provides everything needed to implement this 12-session approach, including numerous sample dialogues, a chapter-length case example, reflections and learning exercises for therapists, and 10 reproducible client handouts. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size.

Megan’s Cry


Author: Gregory Pollock

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475994311

Category: Fiction

Page: 254

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Reeling from the pain of being abandoned by her husband—the father of her son—Megan Richardson’s world is closing in around her in a dark haze of depression. She feels lost, without hope or answers. Worse, she must face the death of her beloved mother. She reaches for answers, wondering what really matters in life. Her mother’s final letter to her may hold some of these answers, and Megan clings to hope once again. She reads the letter over and over, desperate to find the meaning of her mother’s last words. Megan tries to understand the lesson the Lord is supposed to be teaching her, but she has pulled away from her faith of late. Perhaps that lesson is hidden within her work as a nurse on a cancer ward. When a patient, a frail young girl, reaches out to save Megan from a panic attack, they make a connection. Sarah heals a bit of Megan’s heart with that moment, and Megan’s life begins to change. She starts searching for God’s place in her life ... and for the man who will make her heart whole again. Megan returns to her family farm in search of the solitude she needs. There she meets Darrin, the new hired man. Is he the answer to her prayers?

The Chess Team (A Novel)


Author: James Sawaski

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595346308

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 148

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Jim Berzchak has a gift. His capabilities in the game of chess are remarkable and his brain works at levels most people only dream about. However, a horrific blunder while playing at the high school state tournament costs his Escanaba Eskimos the team championship. Depressed, he slips into a world of solitude. His life stalls and although he studies chess aggressively and enhances his skills, other aspects to his well being become reclusive. 15 years later a group of high school students coax Jim into reopening the defunct chess program. Through the kids, he finds he has an even better gift, the ability to teach the game and make it exciting. "The Eskychess Express is back on track!" or so it seems. Issues abound with their newfound success. Personal problems infect the team. Opponents take notice and hone their skills to incomprehensible levels. The pressure of competition makes Jim feel like collapsing. Can he get his life in order and lead his Eskimos over the second place hump? Or will they end up like him, devastated in life because they pinned too many hopes on winning a state championship title?

Linga Purana


Author: Dr. Vinay

Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.

ISBN: 9788128806797


Page: N.A

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The I Ching

The Book of Answers


Author: Wu Wei

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9780943015651

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

View: 2014

This revised and expanded edition of Wu Wei's well-loved version of the I Ching is unparalleled in its clarity, making this the easiest-to-grasp I Ching ever published. The I Ching is a book of answers that miraculously guides us to success in every possible situation. Yet, if we are to rely with absolute certainty on the I Ching for guidance to our most vital questions, we need answers that are clear and straightforward, leaving no room for confusion or misunderstanding. Wu Wei has guided thousands of people in the use of this great book and knows precisely what you need so you can put your trust in its prophetic guidance. Wu Wei's insightful interpretations of the I Ching's sixty-four hexagrams provide perfectly clear, unambiguous direction while remaining completely true to the ancient writings. You will know exactly what action to take to avoid misfortune and achieve success. The I Ching: The Book of Answers contains everything you need to know about the I Ching and how to use it.

The I Ching Workbook


Author: Wu Wei

Publisher: SCB Distributors

ISBN: 9780943015705

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: N.A

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The I Ching Workbook contains everything you need to know about the I Ching--one of the world's most profound sources of universal wisdom--and how to use it. The I Ching Workbook contains the entire text of Wu Wei's revised and updated edition of The I Ching: The Book of Answers as well as 100 special workbook pages to record your answers, a detailed explanation of how to use yarrow stalks, and a key for identifying the correct hexagram. It describes how you can work with the I Ching, one of the world's most profound sources of wisdom and divination, to receive guidance in every area of your life. This workbook will help you keep an accurate record of every reading you do as well as the results you experience. As the years pass, you will be able to look back over your workbook to gain an invaluable overview of your progress on the path you have chosen for this lifetime.

Black sheep live better

How to realise your dream live step by step


Author: Julia Noyel

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand

ISBN: 2322007110

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

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Are you unhappy with your current life? Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day! Creating a life that suits you, living in harmony with your values, being different from others, feeling happy and healthy. It is possible! You've reached a decision. You've had it! Things can't go on like this. Something has to change in your life. Perhaps you haven't quite identified what that something is yet; or maybe you know exactly what it is. Perhaps your job doesn't suit you, or you want to move to another city or another country. Maybe you even want to gather all your courage and separate from your partner. Julia Noyel reveals in this book proven strategies to change your life. She shares how she changed her life and created a different, happy, healthy and successful life. She shows you step by step how you can do it too.

Space Marine


Author: M. C. Duncan

Publisher: Duncan Publishing

ISBN: 1411635434


Page: 118

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May Grimes has all the bad luck.Orphaned at age five, Widowed at twenty three after only six weeks of marriage. Join Now. Be all you can be. See new worlds. Be a United Federation of Planets Marine. The Corps needs you, the sign said.Out of desperation she joined and became a fighter pilot on the first faster than light ship leaving earth to look for new homes for the millions waiting in the freeze ships in orbit. Her fighter wing is used as exploration ships to search out habitable worlds. Will they find intelligent life? Want to know more? Buy it here.