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Teacher Reforms Around the World

Author : Motoko Akiba
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This book introduces how large-scale teacher reforms are implemented and impacting teachers around the world. Previous books on teacher policy or reforms have tended to focus on the background, development, and descriptions of teacher reforms.

Vocational Teaching in Diverse Cultural Settings

Author : Edward T. Ferguson
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Education and Training Policy Teachers Matter Attracting Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers

Author : OECD
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Teachers Matter provides a comprehensive, international analysis of trends and developments in the teacher workforce in 25 countries around the world including research on attracting, developing and retaining effective teachers.

Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments First Results from TALIS

Author : OECD
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This survey aims to help countries review and develop policies to make the teaching profession more attractive and more effective.

Teachers Personal Epistemologies

Author : Gregory Schraw
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The focus of this book is to explore teachers’ evolving personal epistemologies, or the beliefs we hold about the origin and development of knowledge in the context of teaching. The chapters focus on a range of conceptual frameworks about how university and field?based experiences influence the connections between teachers’ personal epistemologies and teaching practice. In an earlier volume we investigated preservice and inservice teachers’ beliefs and teaching practices (Brownlee, Schraw and Berthelsen, 2011). While we addressed the nature of teachers’ personal epistemologies, learning and teaching practices, and approaches for changing beliefs throughout teacher education programs, the volume did not address conceptual frameworks for the development of teacher’s personal epistemologies. To address this gap, the book is focused on teacher educators, teachers and teacher education programmers in universities with an overall aim of highlighting how we might support preservice teachers’ involvement in learning that is challenging and inservice teachers’ engagement in professional experiences that promote changes in teaching practice. We argue that teachers need to be encouraged to question their beliefs and develop increasingly sophisticated beliefs about their knowledge and their students’ knowledge that facilitate learning and intellectual growth.

New Challenges in Tertiary Foreign Language Teaching Surviving and Thriving in Testing Times

Author : Paolo Costa(柯士達)
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本書集結六篇論文(第一、三、四、六篇德文,第二篇西班牙文,第五篇義大利文),本書為因應時代變遷下的教育環境及學生職涯挑戰,在教學方法上所提出新的論述及建構。 This book contains essays by various teachers from different universities and departments with the aim of presenting modern teaching methods for the changed learning and study conditions on the basis of theoretical preliminary considerations. Language teachers at Taiwanese universities often encounter similar difficulties in designing lessons: students’ increasing frustration and lack of motivation. Many students experience a high level of frustration and demotivation; they cannot find future prospects in language studies. Confronted with reality of time-consuming internships, part-time jobs and life, many students become painfully aware that a linguistic degree won’t prepare them for later work or provides career opportunities. In addition, they realize their low language skills and life experiences. Aware of that problem, the language departments have to find new teaching methods and create curricula which increase the interest of the students and prepare them for professional life. Many students studying in the language departments will later find a job in trade or business. The universities are therefore increasingly shifting their curriculum away from classic language studies to professionally oriented teaching, including business communication or translation related to cross cultural training. The authors introduce modern teaching methods to meet the aforementioned challenges for business and cross-cultural courses. Although the contributors explain their methodical approach, the teaching methods are described and evaluated on case studies and surveys. The publication offer suggestions for course outlines.

TALIS 2018 Results Volume II Teachers and School Leaders as Valued Professionals

Author : OECD
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This report aims to provide an in-depth analysis of teachers’ and school leaders’ perceptions of the value of their profession, their work-related well-being and stress, and their satisfaction with their working conditions. It also offers a description of teachers’ and school leaders’ contractual arrangements, opportunities to engage in professional tasks such as collaborative teamwork, autonomous decision making, and leadership practices.

A Guide for Substitute and Interim Teachers

Author : Barbara Washington
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If you're a substitute or interim teacher, or thinking of becoming one, you won't want to miss the techniques and strategies in this user-friendly, easy-to-read book. Author Barbara Washington guides you through every step, including the application process, lesson planning, classroom management, and school safety. Each chapter offers practical examples and current best practices to support you on your way to success. The book also includes essential tools such as reproducible lesson plans, worksheets, graphic organizers, and more. Concise but complete, this is an ideal resource for substitute teacher professional development.

The Effectiveness of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools

Author : Zhenzhen Miao
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The Effectiveness of Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools: Lessons from England and China provides a unique insight into the mathematics classrooms of these two countries and arrives at a time when the world is eager to know how Chinese learners consistently excel at learning mathematics and other core subjects. Showcasing the kinds of teaching methods that work within and across countries, this book presents a rich collection of views, including those from teachers, their native colleagues, their foreign colleagues and the researcher, regarding the quality of mathematics teaching today. Interweaving scientific results about teaching and learning evaluations with multiple perspectives of various roles in and out of the classroom, Miao and Reynolds offer insights into how and why different approaches of teaching have led to different learning outcomes in mathematics internationally. Building on rigid and robust analyses of the most up-to-date data in England and China, the book indicates that it is through changing teaching rather than changing teachers that mathematics learning can be improved, because it is what teachers do in the classroom that really makes a big difference. Containing four decades of wisdom from the field of teaching effectiveness research, this book is essential reading for all who want to improve the quality of mathematics teaching worldwide. This book is particularly relevant for educational researchers, postgraduate students and teachers, as well as school leaders, policymakers and parents.

The National Teachers Monthly

Author :
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