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King Tut

Author : Diana Briscoe
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Readers of all ability levels will want to read these high-low books from 5 high-interest nonfiction subject areas: sports, history, biography, adventure, and science. Each easy-to-read book explores a fascinating narrative account of the subject. This all-new series features historical photographs, full-color graphics, glossary words on each page, and a contemporary chapter-book format. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

The Curse of King Tut

Author : William W. Lace
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Shortly after the ancient tomb of Egypt's King Tutankhamun was opened in 1922, the English lord who had financed the discovery died. In subsequent years, others connected with the tomb also died, some under mysterious circumstances. This title examines the so-called "curse of King Tut" and attempts to answer numerous pivotal questions.

King Tut s Tomb

Author : Julie Murray
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This title takes readers to the Valley of the Kings in Egypt to discover the place where King Tut's tomb was finally found. Fascinating and historical images, maps, and more facts complete this title. This series is at a Level 3 and is specifically written for transitional readers. Aligned to Common Core standards & correlated to state standards. Dash! is an imprint of Abdo Zoom, a division of ABDO.

Science in King Tut s Tomb

Author : Tammy Enz
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"One of the most well-known pharaohs from ancient Egypt was King Tut. Did you know that science played a big role in ancient Egypt? Find out how the Egyptian pyramids were engineered. Learn about the science behind King Tut's mummy. And discover how modern technology helps us learn more about King Tut's life and death"--

The Curse of King Tut s Tomb

Author : Janey Levy
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When archaeologist Howard Carter saw gold gleaming in a dark chamber he excavated in Egypt in 1922, he knew he had found the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb. People around the world eagerly read newspaper accounts of the discovery. Yet the story had a dark side. Numerous deaths connected to the find prompted rumors of a curse. Throughout the pages of this captivating tale, readers will play the roles of Egyptologist, historian, and detective as they examine the facts of the curious events surrounding the excavation of King Tut's tomb.

Who Was King Tut

Author : Roberta Edwards
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Highlights the life of the boy pharaoh, describes the process by which his body and his tomb were prepared for the afterlife, and describes the search and excavation of his tomb in 1922.

King Tut s Tomb

Author : Emily Rose Oachs
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A group of tourists crowds into a dusty room with brightly painted walls. They have entered King Tut’s tomb! Priceless artifacts once filled every chamber of the tomb. Now they are in museums across the world, carrying on King Tut’s legacy thousands of years after his death! This high-interest title uses vivid photographs, timelines, graphs, and profiles of important discoveries to introduce readers to the fascinating world of this ancient Egyptian ruler.

King Tut s Tomb

Author : Michael Burgan
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"Describes King Tut's tomb, including the treasures found there, King Tut's mummy, and what scientists have learned from the tomb's discovery."

LIFE King Tut

Author : The Editors of LIFE
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In 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter uncovered the mythological King Tutankhamun’s Egyptian tomb and the many magnificent artifacts contained therein, and ever since, the world has clamored for a firsthand look. This ornately illustrated volume shares the real-time narrative of Carter’s historic expedition in photographs – and much more.

Highlights include:
  • The true story of King Tut, as told by today’s historians
  • Photographs of the beautiful treasures uncovered from the tomb
  • A definitive guide to all the renditions of King Tut in movies and on TV

The Real King Tut

Author : Virginia Loh-Hagan
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Everyone knows his story, but do you know the REAL history behind the story of King Tut? History has never been so juicy! Written with a high interest level to appeal to a more mature audience and a lower level of complexity with clear visuals to help struggling readers along. Considerate text includes tons of wild facts that will hold the readers' interest, allowing for successful mastery and comprehension. A table of contents, timeline, glossary with simplified pronunciations, and index all enhance comprehension.