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Who Was Jesus Fingerprints of the Christ

Author : D. M. Murdock
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In this fascinating "CSI-style" investigation, Murdock, author of the controversial book "The Christ Conspiracy," examines evidence for the life of Jesus Christ, revealing that with Christianity what is seen is not always what one gets. (Christian)

Who was Jesus

Author : Paul Copan
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Collects articles that are comprised of a dialogue between Jewish New Testament scholar Peter Zaas and Christian apologist William Craig, focusing on the Jewish and Christian assesments of Jesus and the question of Jewish-Christian relations. Original.

Who Was Jesus

Author : N. T. Wright
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Previously published: Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1993.

Who Was Jesus

Author : Ellen Morgan
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This fascinating addition to the best-selling Who Was...? series does not settle questions of theology. Instead, it presents young readers with a biography that covers what is known historically about Jesus and places in his life in the context of his world when Jerusalem was part of the Roman Empire. In an even-handed and easy-to-read narrative, this title—illustrated with eighty black-and-white drawings—also explains the early origins of Christianity and how it became a major religion.

Why do Men Starve Who Was Jesus Christ Poverty Its Effects on the Political Condition of the People and other Essays

Author : Charles Bradlaugh
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Why is it that human beings are starved to death, in a wealthy country like England, with its palaces, its cathedrals, and its abbeys; with its grand mansions, and luxurious dwellings, with its fine enclosed parks, and strictly guarded preserves; with its mills, mines, and factories; with its enormous profits to the capitalists; and with its broad acres and great rent rolls to the landholder? The fact that men, old, young, and in the prime of life; that women, and that children, do so die, is indisputable. The paragraph in the daily journals, headed "Death from starvation," or "Another death from Destitution," is no uncommon one to the eyes of the careful reader. In a newspaper of one day, December 24th, 1864, may be read the verdict of a London jury that "the deceased, Robert Bloom, died from the mortal effects of effusion on the brain and disease of the lungs, arising from natural causes, but the said death was accelerated by destitution, and by living in an ill-ventilated room, and in a court wanting in sanitary requirements;" and the verdict of another jury, presided over by the very Coroner who sat on the last case, "that the deceased, Mary Hale, was found dead in a certain room from the mortal effects of cold and starvation;" as also the history of a poor wanderer from the Glasgow City Poor House found dead in the snow. In London, the hive of the world, with its merchant millionaires, even under the shadow of the wealth pile, starvation is as busy as if in the most wretched and impoverished village; busy indeed, not always striking the victim so obtrusively that the coroner's inquest shall preserve a record of the fact, but more often busy quietly, in the wretched court and narrow lane, up in the garret, and down in the cellar, stealing by slow degrees the life of the poor. Why does it happen that Christian London, with its magnificent houses for God, has so many squalid holes for the poor? Christianity from its thousand pulpits teaches, "Ask and it shall be given to you," "who if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?" yet with much prayer the bread is too frequently not enough, and it is, alas I not seldom that the prayer for bread gets the answer in the stone of the paved street, where he lays him down to die. The prayer of the poor outcast is answered by hunger, misery, disease, crime, and death, and yet the Bible says, "Blessed be ye poor." Ask the orthodox clergyman why men starve, why men are poor and miserable; he will tell you that it is God's will; that it is a punishment for man's sins. And so long as men are content to believe that it is God's will that the majority of humankind should have too little happiness, so long will it be impossible effectually to get them to listen to the answer to this great question.

Who Was Jesus Bible for Kids Children s Religion Books

Author : Baby Professor
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Do you know Jesus? He was the baby born in a manger and the man who died on a cross to save humanity from sins. In this book, your child will be reading about the stories about Jesus. What miracles did he do? What does it mean to live your life in accordance to God’s will? Find out the answers today!

Who Was Jesus

Author : Kamal Salibi
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Very little is known about the life of Jesus. The gospels were written to propagate an image of Jesus as the prophesied Messiah, and give few details of his life. Moreover, most of the fundamental tenets of Christianity are not derived directly from the gospels but from the teachings of St Paul. Between and indeed within these sources there are baffling inconsistencies. This book seeks, as far as possible to uncover the historical figure of Jesus, and to explore what it was about his teaching that created a dedicated and able following that propagated a religion in his name. It also traces the life and teachings of St Paul, asks what Paul knew of the man, Jesus, and suggests that there may have been a conspiracy between Paul and Peter to disseminate a selective and distorted image of Jesus' life, character and teaching.

Jesus of Nazareth Who was Crucified

Author : Doug Bragg
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Based on the Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus, Jesus of Nazareth, Who Was Crucified takes readers “behind the scenes” and provides a unique perspective on the childhood, ministry, and death and resurrection of Christ. While incorporating details from the biblical stories, the novel explores what might have happened in a fictitious yet realistic manner. Doug Bragg wrote the novel, which was found by his wife after his death. Doug lived his spiritual beliefs every day, and he believed that Jesus did as well. He held that Jesus was blood and bone, just like the rest of us. This story is about the man Jesus was—the joys, struggles, and relationships he experienced as a man walking through his life as a human being as well as the Son of God. Insight into the possible thoughts, intentions, and even insecurities of Jesus and other “players” in the tale infuse the story of the Messiah with a humanity often forgotten by those who focus primarily on his divinity. A refreshing look at the heart and message of Jesus!

Was Jesus Who He Claimed to Be

Author : Michael A Heiser
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An analysis of Jesus' claims and their source.

Jesus Christ Who Is Who Was and Who Is to Come Hell and Heaven Testimony By Scientist Sarah Seoh

Author : Sarah Seoh
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-Encounter with the apostle Peter in Heaven- Then Jesus said to Peter, “Peter, open your heart and show Sarah.” I didn’t understand what Jesus meant by that. But I found myself asking Peter, “Peter, when you were imprisoned and chained between two prison guards, how were you able to sleep not knowing when they will execute you?” Peter said, “The thought of dying tomorrow really brought me joy.” As he spoke these words, I was able to clearly understand what he was saying. Peter had followed Jesus for three years, has witnessed the death and resurrection and even the ascension of Jesus! It was clear to me that Peter was not afraid of death because then he would be with Jesus forever in Heaven. Although it was a simple truth, it shocked me because I had never regarded death as a joyful thing in the past. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s—Romans 14:8