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Who Was George Washington

Author : Roberta Edwards
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In 1789, George Washington became the first president of the United States. He has been called the father of our country for leading America through its early years. Washington also served in two major wars during his lifetime: the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. With over 100 black-and-white illustrations, Washington's fascinating story comes to life - revealing the real man, not just the face on the dollar bill!

Who Was George Washington Carver

Author : Jim Gigliotti
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Born in 1860s Missouri, nobody expected George Washingtoni Carver to succeed. Slaves were not allowed to be educated. After the Civil War, Carver enrolled in classes and proved to be a star student. He became the first black student at Iowa State Agricultural College and later its first black professor. He went on to the Tuskegee Institute where he specialized in botany (the study of plants) and developed techniques to grow crops better. His work with vegetables, especially peanuts, made him famous and changed agriculture forever. He went on to develop nearly 100 household products and over 100 recipes using peanuts.

George Washington

Author : John H. Rhodehamel
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A much-needed concise biography of America s first president"

George Washington s Mulatto Man

Author : James C. Thompson
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In "George Washington's Mulatto Man - Who was Billy Lee ?," author James Thompson re-weaves a fabric of events that began more than twenty-five years before the Declaration of Independence was written and ended more than twenty-five years after its ratification. Most of these events are known only through passing comments, many of them George Washington's. Sketchy though the record is, it confirms that Washington had a unique relationship with the mulatto boy he bought in 1767 for 61.15. What made this relationship special is not in the written record. Mr. Thompson unravels the mystery in his new book. The tie that bound Washington to Billy Lee remained unbroken through the last three decades of Washington's life. In his will, Washington freed "my mulatto man Billy" and bestowed upon him a lifetime annuity. What force forged this unique bond? Mr. Thompson discovered it, he says, by stepping beyond the boundaries that have limited previous deliberations on this curious matter: George Washington and Billy Lee were more than master and slave. The written record says nothing of Billy Lee's parents apart from his being a mulatto. It shows, however, that George Washington knew Billy Lee's former owner. In fact, he knew all of Billy's former owners. The author contends that the future President also knew the boy's parents and that therein lay the reason he sailed to Cabin Creek, Westmoreland County, and purchased the seventeen year old maroon (and his brother) from his distant kinswoman, Mary Smith Ball Lee. Mr. Thompson completes his stunning commentary by unveiling a portrait of his subject. The picture was painted from life by one of the four artists who knew Billy Lee. Charles Willson Peale portrayed him where he always was, at his celebrated master's shoulder. Mr. Thompson's ingenious detective work shows readers how conspicuous facts become invisible when viewed through the wrong lens. His investigation confirms the qualities that made George Washington history's greatest man. It also changes our understanding about race in colonial America.

George Washington Carver

Author : Lawrence Elliott
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A biography of the Afro-American scientist whose agricultural research revolutionized the economy of the South.

Washington s Decision

Author : Patrick Charles
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On December 31, 1775, George Washington sent an important letter to the Continental Congress regarding the enlistment of black soldiers in the Continental Army. Washington had made the decision, once again, to allow free blacks to enlist pending Congressional approval. In the spring of 1775, blacks serving in the Continental Army and state militias were common, but orders issued by Washington, Continental recruiting officers, and legislation passed by Congress decided not to accept blacks as a means of meeting their troop quotas. Washington's decision to reject, then reaccept, black enlistments has been viewed by historians differently. Different reasons have been given for Washington's change of heart on December 31, but the same limited evidence has been used to support the differing theories. None of these historians have truly examined the evidence thoroughly enough to interpret Washington's decision. Some historians believe Lord Dunmore's proclamation influenced George Washington to reaccept black enlistments. Only by examining the full story, can it be seen that Washington was influenced by this and personal factors. There are three themes regarding Washington's decision to reaccept black enlistments. The first is that Washington made this decision due to the deteriorating state of army. It is argued that the army's personnel shortage caused Washington and later Congress to enlist black soldiers to solve their problem of meeting troop quotas. This theory is acceptable to the average American who learned about the American Revolution, but is not completely accurate. It is well known that the Continental Army was not a formidable fighting force in 1775, especially when compared to the British, the strongest standing army in the world at that time. Thus, proponents of this theory believe Washington needed every man who would serve the Revolutionary cause. Although this theory seems to help explain Washington's decision, it neither gives us the whole story nor was it the most influential factor.Another theory contends that Washington made his decision to reaccept black enlistments because he sympathized with the black soldiers who were already serving in his army. This argument has been made by Henry Wiencek, author of An Imperfect God, and implied by Benjamin Quarles, author of The Negro in the American Revolution. Although Congress, Washington, and the recruiting officers had decided not to allow any more blacks to enlist or reenlist before December, there were black soldiers who were finishing their terms of enlistment in Washington's camp. According to this theory, Washington's contact with these remaining black troops changed his mind. The daily exposure to the black soldiers caused him to sympathize with their desire to fight in the cause of liberty. Thus, Washington felt morally obligated to act on their behalf. This theory looks upon Washington the most positively, but ignores many pertinent facts about Washington. There is little doubt that this helps to partially explain Washington's decision, but does not tell the whole story. The phrase, "it has been represented to me that the free Negroes who have served in this army are very much dissatisfied at being discarded," in his letter on December 31, is the main evidence supporting the theory. Supporters also point to Washington's internal struggle over the issue of slavery as proof. Washington's letter requesting the reacceptance of black enlistments was written after months of frustration over many issues. What he wrote to Congress, was not necessarily what he thought. Especially since Washington's letters to Congress had always been written in a manner to persuade them to give in to his requests. Also, Washington's doubts regarding slavery did not develop until near the end of the Revolutionary War. Before the war, and for much of its course, he was a staunch supporter of slavery. He did not rethink the issue until he realized the dilemma the colonists were facing against the mother country, resembled slaves' struggle for freedom. During his presidency, this became an issue which he would contemplate often. The last theory is that Washington changed his mind in allowing free blacks to serve in reaction to Lord Dunmore's Proclamation. Some theorize that this prompted Washington and Congress to act in order to counter the effects of Dunmore's Proclamation. Proponents of this theory are correct that Lord Dunmore's Proclamation influenced Washington's decision, but have stated it incorrectly. These supporters have not fully examined the events that took place leading up to Washington writing the letter. Historians have used the same limited, and in many cases inaccurate, evidence in supporting this claim, thus, leaving the reader to make assumptions to complete the story. In order to understand what influenced Washington, the story must be told in its entirety. That requires consideration of the background and politics of black soldiers serving, Lord Dunmore and the effects of his proclamation on society, Congressional reaction to Dunmore's proclamation, George Washington's involvement with black enlistments, Washington's relationship with Lord Dunmore, and Washington's knowledge of the state of the army.

An Account of the Manuscript Papers of George Washington

Author : Jared Sparks
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George Washington Entrepreneur

Author : John Berlau
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A business biography of George Washington, focusing on his many innovations and inventions. George Washington: general, statesman...businessman? Most people don't know that Washington was one of the country's first true entrepreneurs, responsible for innovations in several industries. In George Washington, Entrepreneur, John Berlau presents a fresh, surprising take on our forefather's business pursuits. History has depicted Washington as a gifted general and political pragmatist, not an intellectual heavyweight. But he was a patron of inventors and inveterate tinkerer, and just as intelligent as Jefferson or Franklin. His library was filled with books on agriculture, history, and philosophy. He was the first to breed horses with donkeys to produce the American mule. On his estate, he grew countless varieties of trees and built a greenhouse full of exotic fruits, herbs, and plants. Unlike his Virginia neighbors who remained wedded to tobacco, Washington planted seven types of wheat. His state-of-the-art mill produced flour which he exported to Europe in sacks stamped "G. Washington"—one of the very first branded food products. Mount Vernon was also home to a distillery and became one of the largest American whiskey producers of the era. Berlau's portrait of Washington, drawn in large part from his journals and extensive correspondence, presents a side of him we haven't seen before. It is sure to delight readers of presidential biography and business history.

George Washington s Indispensable Men

Author : Arthur S. Lefkowitz
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While history has immortalized George Washington, it has largely forgotten those who helped to propel him to such greatness: the 32 men who served as his aides-de-camp. George Washington's Indispensable Men asserts that Washington relied heavily on these men for help in formulating policy and strategy. His aides were definitely not just "pen men, " but real, behind-the-scenes advisors that potentially affected some of his greatest decisions.

George Washington and Slavery

Author : Fritz Hirschfeld
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Because General Washington - the universally acknowledged hero of the Revolutionary War - in the postwar period uniquely combined the moral authority, personal prestige, and political power to influence significantly the course and the outcome of the slavery debate, his opinions on the subject of slaves and slavery are of crucial importance to understanding how racism succeeded in becoming an integral and official part of the national fabric during its formative stages.

George Washington the Christian

Author : William Jackson Johnstone
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George Washington, The Christian by William Jackson Johnstone, first published in 1919, is a rare manuscript, the original residing in one of the great libraries of the world. This book is a reproduction of that original, which has been scanned and cleaned by state-of-the-art publishing tools for better readability and enhanced appreciation. Restoration Editors' mission is to bring long out of print manuscripts back to life. Some smudges, annotations or unclear text may still exist, due to permanent damage to the original work. We believe the literary significance of the text justifies offering this reproduction, allowing a new generation to appreciate it.

George Washington

Author : Captivating History
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This is the history of George Washington who was a president, a general and a Founding Father of a new nation. But, most of all, it is the story of George Washington the man. Many of the anecdotes related herein are true stories told by the people who were his own family and friends.

George Washington s Sacred Fire

Author : Peter A. Lillback
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Uses Washington's writings, journals, letters, and manuscripts to examine the religious views of George Washington.

The Real George Washington

Author : Jay A. Parry
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Describes the country's first President through a biography and a compilation of quotes that cover such topics as John Adams, the American Revolution, liberty, taxation, and foreign relations.

George Washington

Author : George Washington
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"Published for The Center for the Study of the American Constitution."

His Excellency

Author : Joseph J. Ellis
File Size : 32.77 MB
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Draws on the Washington papers from archives at the University of Virginia to chronicle George Washington's military career and presidential years, discussing his struggle to keep an emerging America united and other accomplishments.

George Washington and the Men Who Shaped America

Author : Torrey Maloof
File Size : 89.3 MB
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The Primary Source Readers series will ignite students' interest in history through the use of intriguing primary sources. Students will learn about the fascinating life and times of George Washington and other important individuals who influenced this significant period of history. This nonfiction reader features purposefully leveled text to increase comprehension for different learner types. Text features include captions, a glossary, and an index to help build academic vocabulary and increase reading comprehension and literacy. This book prepares students for college and career readiness and aligns with state standards including NCSS/C3, McREL, and WIDA/TESOL.

The Life of Washington

Author : Mason Locke Weems
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The effect of this "single, immortal, and dubious anecdote," and others like it, has made this book one of the most influential in the history of American folklore. The first republication of the book since 1927, it is unique in its detailed commentary on Weems and other biographers of Washington.

George Washington s Mount Vernon

Author : Robert F. Dalzell
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Through a detailed account of George Washington's forty-five-year effort to build Mount Vernon, complemented by more than eighty photographs, the authors bring to life the real man behind the image and his talents as architect and builder. UP.

The Story of George Washington

Author : Lisa Trusiani
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The life of George Washington for kids--a story about fighting for independence and building a country George Washington became the first president of the United States of America and is known as the father of our country. He won the fight for American independence from England, but before that, he was a hardworking kid who enjoyed challenging himself in school and sports. He learned that overcoming challenges in his life would help make him a great leader. Explore how George went from being an ambitious farm boy in Virginia to the most well-known founding father in American history. How will his revolutionary spirit inspire you? This book about George Washington for kids includes: See George's progress--Unlike other books about George Washington for kids, this one has a visual timeline of his life so you can get a picture of his important milestones. Helpful definitions--Discover a glossary with easy-to-understand definitions for the more advanced words and ideas in this book about George Washington for kids. A lasting legacy--This unique book about George Washington for kids explains how he changed the world for future generations and you. If you've been searching for fun, colorful books about George Washington for kids, look no further--this one has it all!