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Who Was Benjamin Franklin

Author : Margaret Coleridge
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Who Was Benjamin Franklin? is aligned to the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts, addressing Literacy.RI.1.4 and Literacy.L.1.1. Benjamin Franklin's life is entertainingly explained with narrative nonfiction text and beautiful photographs and images. This book should be paired with “The Life of Benjamin Franklin" (9781448889921) from the InfoMax Common Core Readers Program to provide the alternative point of view on the same topic.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Author : Benjamin Franklin
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The text of this celebrated work by the early American statesman and inventor is supplemented by notes on its creation and influence.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Author : Benjamin Franklin
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was written by Benjamin Franklin from 1771 to 1790; however, Franklin himself appears to have called the work his Memoirs. Although it had a torturous publication history after Franklin's death, this work has become one of the most famous and influential examples of autobiography ever written.

Benjamin Franklin

Author : R. Conrad Stein
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A charming bilingual edition of a timeless tale, in which one of the founding fathers of the United States of America comes to full and colorful life.

Ben Franklin s Web Site

Author : Robert Ellis Smith
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Explore the hidden niches of American history to discover the tug between our yearning for privacy and our insatiable curiosity. Book jacket.

Ben Franklin

Author : Thomas Fleming
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A classic biography of Benjamin Franklin for young readers in a new, illustrated edition. Benjamin Franklin was a true American original -- an accomplished scientist, athlete, inventor, writer, statesman, diplomat, printer, and philosopher. This classic biography by eminent historian and Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Fleming paints a lively portrait of Franklin, a self-made man blessed with talent and immense curiosity about the world around him. With charm, humor, and a keen understanding of human nature, Franklin guided the American colonies to independence and nationhood. His remarkable career will inspire readers of all ages.

20 Fun Facts About Benjamin Franklin

Author : Theresa Morlock
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"Benjamin Franklin was one of America's most inventive Founding Fathers. He wrote books, tinkered with machines, and created entire new professions with his work. This book is full of fun facts and tantalizing trivia about his inventions, his ideas, and how he became one of the most influential Founding Fathers involved in the birth of America. The book also explores some of his strange medical beliefs, his printing industry, and some of the friendships he made during his time in America, giving readers a fuller appreciation for one of America's most famous, and cherished, citizens."

Recovering Benjamin Franklin

Author : James Campbell
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The Entrepreneurial Ben Franklin Third Edition

Author : Psy D. Ph. D. James Charles Bouffard
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Starting with little but his native talent, Ben Franklin rose from insolvency to success in such a short span, few of us realize his progress was more a struggle in his time than for us today. With sheer determination did he conquer his debasement, and an obsessive fear of failure, to retire one of the wealthiest businessmen in Philadelphia, extending to a distinguished career as a scientist, statesman and diplomat... Informative and entertaining, this well researched and written work also includes his inventions, civic accomplishments, along with his personal life and thoughts... Illustrated with period drawings, artwork and paintings... Easy indexing.

The Library of Benjamin Franklin

Author : Edwin Wolf
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