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Who Shot Rock Roll

Author : Gail Buckland
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A former curator of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain presents a chronicle of rare and previously unseen images marking more than half a century of rock-and-roll history, in a tribute to star performers and leading photographers that also includes album covers and live concert shots.

Who Shot Sports

Author : Gail Buckland
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From the creator/editor of Who Shot Rock & Roll ("I loved this book" --Dwight Garner, The New York Times. "Whatever Gail Buckland writes, I want to read"), a book that brings together the work of 165 extraordinary photographers, most of their images heralded, most of their names unknown; photographs that capture the essence of athletes' mastery of mind/body/soul against the odds, doing the impossible, seeming to defy the laws of gravity, the laws of physics, and showing what human will, discipline, drive, and desire look like when suspended in time. The first book to show the range, cultural importance, and aesthetics of sports photography, much of it legendary, all of it powerful. Here, in more than 280 spectacular images--more than 130 in full color--are great action photographs; portraits of athletes, famous and unknown; athletes off the field and behind the scenes; athletes practicing, working out, the daily relentless effort of training and achieving physical perfection. Buckland writes that sports photographers have always been central to the technical advancement of photography, that they have designed longer lenses, faster shutters, motor drives, underwater casings, and remote controls, allowing us to see what we could never see--and hold on to--with the naked eye. Here are photographs by such masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Danny Lyon, Walker Evans, Annie Leibovitz, and 160 more, names not necessarily known to the public but whose photographic work is considered iconic . . . Here are photographs of Willie Mays . . . Carl Lewis . . . Ian Botham . . . Kobe Bryant . . . Magic Johnson . . . Muhammad Ali . . . Serena Williams . . . Bobby Orr . . . Stirling Moss . . . Jesse Owens . . . Mark Spitz . . . Roger Federer . . . Jackie Robinson. Here is the work of the great sports photographers Neil Leifer, Walter Iooss Jr., Bob Martin, Al Bello, Robert Riger, and Heinz Kleutmeier of Sports Illustrated, who was the first to put a camera at the bottom of an Olympic swimming pool and photograph swimmers from below . . . Here are pictures by Charles Hoff, the New York Daily News photographer of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, whose images of the 1936 Berlin Olympics still inspire shock and awe . . . and those of Ernst Haas, whose innovative color pictures of bullfighting of the 1950s remain poetic evocations of a bloody sport . . . To make the selections for Who Shot Sports, Buckland, a former curator of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain and Benjamin Menschel Distinguished Visiting Professor at Cooper Union, has drawn upon the work of more than fifty archives, from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, to Sports Illustrated, Condé Nast, Getty Images, the National Baseball Hall of Fame, L'Équipe, The New York Times, and the archives of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne. Here are classic and unknown sports images that capture the uncapturable, that allow us to experience "kinetic beauty," and that give us the essence and meaning--the transcendent power--of sports.

Focus On 100 Most Popular American Rock Songwriters

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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Focus On 100 Most Popular American Rock Guitarists

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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Right Place Right Time

Author : Bob Gruen
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An action-packed memoir that takes readers front row, backstage, and on the road with rock and roll's hardest-working photographer Bob Gruen is one of the most well-known and respected photographers in rock and roll. From John Lennon to Johnny Rotten; Muddy Waters to the Rolling Stones; Elvis to Madonna; Bob Dylan to Bob Marley; Tina Turner to Debbie Harry, he has documented the music scene for more than 50 years in photographs that have captured the world’s attention. Now in paperback, Right Place, Right Time is Gruen’s personal journey from discovering a love of photography in his mother’s darkroom when he was five, through his time in Greenwich Village for 1960s rock and 1970s punk, to being named the world’s premiere rock photographer by the New York Times. With fast-paced stories and iconic images, Gruen gives the reader both a front row seat and a backstage pass to the evolution of American music culture over the last five decades. In the words of Alice Cooper, "Bob had the ultimate backstage pass. Can you imagine the stories he's got?"

Black Diamond Queens

Author : Maureen Mahon
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African American women have played a pivotal part in rock and roll—from laying its foundations and singing chart-topping hits to influencing some of the genre's most iconic acts. Despite this, black women's importance to the music's history has been diminished by narratives of rock as a mostly white male enterprise. In Black Diamond Queens, Maureen Mahon draws on recordings, press coverage, archival materials, and interviews to document the history of African American women in rock and roll between the 1950s and the 1980s. Mahon details the musical contributions and cultural impact of Big Mama Thornton, LaVern Baker, Betty Davis, Tina Turner, Merry Clayton, Labelle, the Shirelles, and others, demonstrating how dominant views of gender, race, sexuality, and genre affected their careers. By uncovering this hidden history of black women in rock and roll, Mahon reveals a powerful sonic legacy that continues to reverberate into the twenty-first century.

Music in American Life An Encyclopedia of the Songs Styles Stars and Stories that Shaped our Culture 4 volumes

Author : Jacqueline Edmondson Ph.D.
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A fascinating exploration of the relationship between American culture and music as defined by musicians, scholars, and critics from around the world.

Rock n Film

Author : David E. James
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Rock 'N' Film presents a cultural history of films about US and British rock music during the period when biracial popular music was fundamental to progressive social movements on both sides of the Atlantic.

Focus On 100 Most Popular Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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Rock n Roll Movies

Author : David Sterritt
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Rock ‘n’ Roll Movies presents an eclectic look at the many manifestations of rock in motion pictures, from teen-oriented B-movies to Hollywood blockbusters to avant-garde meditations to reverent biopics to animated shorts to performance documentaries. Acclaimed film critic David Sterritt considers the diverse ways that filmmakers have regarded rock ‘n’ roll, some cynically cashing in on its popularity and others responding to the music as sincere fans, some depicting rock as harmless fun and others representing it as an open challenge to mainstream norms.

The Kentucky Derby Preakness and Belmont Stakes

Author : Richard Sowers
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This is the definitive history of thoroughbred racing's three premier events, which have never before been explored in such detail. This book gives the history of America's classic races from the inaugural Belmont Stakes in 1867 through 2013, identifying which equine participants were truly worthy of lasting acclaim and which were one-hit wonders. Perhaps even more compelling are the stories of the men and women who rode, trained, owned, or bred classic winners, including their exploits on the turf and their triumphs and failures in arenas far removed from horse racing.

Kiss What

Author : Nick Costello
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Worship WHO? Kiss WHAT? Multitudes of Christian youth, unknowingly, offer Satan adoration and praise only God deserves while fellowshipping with the devil through listening to ungodly music. Kids don't recognize, when they listen to music representative of Satan's kingdom, they're giving him the honor, glory and worship he's always desired. This area of their heart and life isn't totally surrendered to God, consumed with passionately worshipping Him and Him alone.Nick's personal, "insider-experience" sheds light on the power possessed by music, to captivate young hearts and minds.Unlike other books addressing this topic, Nick avoids pointing out specific, ungodly lyrics. Instead, he challenges attitudes of their heart in worship to the Lord using solid biblical truth, while teaching valuable life principles that can be applied no matter where youth find themselves.In Kiss What?, Nick reveals what God and Satan think about our music listening habits. Teens will discover who's really receiving their worship, based on their entertainment choices. They'll journey through the lives of three young champions for God, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, learning valuable life lessons and will be challenged to become champions for Jesus Christ. The Lord boldly calls youth to make the decision to turn from their ungodly music, trash the junk and follow Jesus at all cost.Kiss' What? is an excellent teaching tool for youth pastors and parents. Challenging. Encouraging. Every Christian teen needs to read this book!Author Nick Costello attained his childhood dream by becoming a successful rock star, and spent 25 years in the secular music industry. While living in the fast lane, he fell from rock star to rock bottom. It was in that place where God miraculously redeemed Nick's life. He's now a popular evangelist, youth communicator and conference speaker.Visit

From My Veins

Author : Larry Mcalister
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In verse reminiscent of the work of bestselling author Tom Robbins and contemporary poet Dan Featherston, Larry McAlister delivers an eclectic mixture of poems that capture the complexity and wild diversity of human emotion. "From My Veins" celebrates both the simple and the intricate facets of life through a bold and pleasing mixture of sound and rhythm, tone and imagery. From the ebbs and flows of love to the visceral satisfaction of conquering a childhood bully, and from ruminations on the emotional lives of inanimate objects to meditations on identity, McAlister's verse crystallizes human experience in all its complicated glory. Voice and movement also play within McAlister's poems, creating an intriguing blend as perfect as any symphony. This style moves throughout the collection to provide a seamless narrative of the human experience. Filled with vivid language and images, "From My Veins" is a masterful compendium of how the soul and the heart communicate in intricate harmony.

New Book of Rock Lists

Author : Dave Marsh
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Gathers unusual and little-known facts about rock and roll performers, groups, recordings, and history

Justifying Intellectual Property

Author : Robert P. Merges
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In a sophisticated defense of intellectual property, Merges draws on Kant, Locke, and Rawls to explain how IP rights are based on a solid ethical foundation and make sense for a just society. He also calls for appropriate boundaries: IP rights are real, but they come with real limits.

Museums in the New Mediascape

Author : Dr Jenny Kidd
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The museum today faces complex questions of definition, representation, ethics, aspiration and economic survival. Alongside this we see burgeoning use of an array of new media including increasingly dynamic web portals and content, digital archives, social networks, blogs and online games. At the heart of this are changes to the idea of ‘visitor’ and ‘audience’ and their participation and representation in the new cultural sphere. This insightful book unpacks a number of contradictions that help to frame and articulate digital media work in the museum and questions what constitutes authentic participation. Based on original empirical research and a range of case studies the author explores questions about the museum as media from a number of different disciplines and shows that across museums and the study of them, the cultural logic is changing.

The Independent Film Experience

Author : Kevin J. Lindenmuth
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You see them on the video shelves, with titles such as Shadow Tracker, Psycho Girls, and The Blair Witch Project. Skeptically, perhaps, you rent one and slip it into the VCR. Hey, you think, this isn't so bad--sometimes actually quite good. Suddenly, you discover that there is a whole range of movies from filmmakers operating outside the studio system that have their own attractions that the big budget fare can't match. You have, of course, discovered the world of independent filmmaking. A fascinating group of independent film directors and producers, in interviews with the author, discuss their work and the state of the independent film industry at the end of the 20th century. Joe Bagnardi, Dennis Devine, Andrew Harrison, Jeff Leroy, Andrew Parkinson, Brett Piper, and 23 others cover such topics as the increased interest in independent films and how they are changing thanks to high-tech advances. These filmmakers vary widely in age, experience, formats and budgets--and choice of subject matter--but they all have a great passion for their work.


Author : Kevin Cummins
File Size : 79.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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'One of the greatest music photographers of all time...this book is indispensable to anyone who is a fan of Morrissey, or of great photography ' Classic Pop magazine 'Unsurprisingly, given Cummin's history, the photographs are beautifully composed, from the live shots with their webbing of shredded shirts and outstretched arms to the lyrical portraits on staircases or Japanese streets' Q Magazine Taken by renowned photographer Kevin Cummins and featuring hundreds of previously unseen images, Alone and Palely Loitering chronicles Morrissey's world as he emerged from The Smiths and established himself as a solo artist. Breathtaking photographs cover chaotic live performances, intimate portrait sessions and snatched moments backstage and on tour over a ten-year period. Cummins provides insightful commentary on the art of photography and what it was like to work and travel with Morrissey. The book also includes portraits of from fans around the world with Morrissey-inspired tattoos, featuring an essay by literary academic Dr Gail Crowther exploring how this art form is used to display devotion to a unique musician.

Minds of Fear 30 Cult Classics of the Modern Horror Film

Author : Calum Waddell
File Size : 72.56 MB
Format : PDF
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Waddell has interviewed the directors of these 30 modern day horror films and in addition provides critiques and memories of fillms such as An American Werewolf in London, King of the Ants, 2000 Maniacs!, Strange Behavior, Intruder, etc. Waddell spent years interviewing the cutting-edge horror film makers featured in Minds of Fear. Exclusive commentary from horrormeisters such as John Landis, David Cronenberg, Wes Craven, Bill Condon, Scott Spiegel, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Tobe Hooper, Guillermo Del Toro, Bob Clark, Sean Cunningham, David Naughton, Chuck Russell, Jack Sholder, Lewis Teague and many others offers readers an in-depth look at 30 modern horror film classics. "In a market that is so full of material on genre product, it must be a daunting task to try and write something fresh and original and approach the subject from a unique perspective. It's certainly not something I would like to have to try and attempt – but Calum Waddell is brave enough to enter into the fray and offers his own entry into the library of books on genre films. And furthermore, he succeeds in his endeavours and his book Minds of Fear is a triumph and a joy to read."—Digital Retribution

The Mammoth Book of Sex Drugs Rock n Roll

Author : Jim Driver
File Size : 89.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Over 60 gripping accounts tracking the dark side of rock 'n' roll from the early days of the drugs-and-drink culture, and the birth of rock 'n' roll, through The Beatles, Stones, Sex Pistols, Madonna, Kurt Cobain and Oasis, to Amy Winehouse, Pete Doherty and other stars of the current rock-music scene. From trashed hotel rooms to cars in swimming pools, all rock 'n' roll's excesses are here, including murder and sexual deviancy, surprising brushes with the law that the stars thought they'd kept quiet, early and tragic deaths, drug overdoses, robbery, mis-marriages and groupies by the truckload