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Who s who in America

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Who s who in America

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Dynamics of American Politics

Author : Raymond E. Wolfinger
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Describing the major political processes and institutions of national government, this book presents an in depth analysis of the political scene in America today. It also provide an intellectual evaluation of such topics as policy making, public opinion, interest groups and civil rights.

American Book Publishing Record

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Who s Who in America

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Reference Readiness

Author : Agnes Ann Hede
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Tells how to use dictionaries, encyclopedias, yearbooks, almanacs, handbooks, indexes, directories, atlases, bibliographies, and computer sources

Teaching Library Skills in Freshman English

Author : Barbara A. Schwartz
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Index to American Reference Books Annual 1990 1994

Author : D. Aviva Rothschild
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**** The annuals, to which this is the index, are cited in Sheehy and BCL3. This five-year index gives access to 8771 reviews of references reviewed in ARBA, volumes 16 through 20. **** American Reference Books Annual (ARBA) is an essential tool, not only for libraries, but for reference book publishers as well (we at Book News would not be without it), and is cited in BCL3, Sheehy, and Walford. This five-year cumulative index provides access by subject, title, and author to reviews of the 9,284 reference works covered in the last five volumes of ARBA. In addition to being used to locate reviews, the index also serves as an anlytical tool for collection evaluation and development and acquisitions. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

America s Game s

Author : Benjamin Eastman
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This insightful volume considers how to locate America in the sporting world: in the traditions and rituals of a national pastime or in the baseball academies run by American professional teams in the Dominican Republic? With the athletes that carry a flag in Olympic ceremonies or among the executives in the boardrooms of Nike? The contributors arg

How Obama s Gender Policies Undermine America

Author : Furchtgott-Roth Diana
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Women are riding out the recession more easily than men, with a lower unemployment rate and a higher percentage attaining high school diplomas and Bachelor and Master degrees. Yet President Obama and Congress, responding to fierce feminist lobbying, propose to expand preferences for women in both education and hiring. Whereas original feminists portrayed women as equal to men, the 21st century feminist message is that women cannot succeed without affirmative action. Not only does this harm men by reducing their opportunities, but it hurts women by invalidating any legitimate credentials gained without the benefit of gender preferences. The great irony is that women succeed in everyday America, but are doomed to failure in the distorted lens of radical feminists. A woman who chooses a job with a flexible schedule in order to have time both for her family and her career thinks of herself as successful. But to feminists, she is a failure because she has chosen a lower earnings path rather than the CEO track.

America s Youth in Crisis

Author : Richard M. Lerner
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Many adolescents in the United States are at risk from substance abuse, unsafe sexual practices, academic underachievement, crime and violence. What can be done to tackle these growing problems? The author of this thought-provoking book suggests the need to focus on young people's development in relation to specific features of the individual's environmental 'context' such as family, neighbourhood and culture. By effecting changes in these contexts, in the form of community programmes, researchers can test for differences in children's behaviour and development.

Mobile and Entangled America s

Author : Maryemma Graham
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A superb combination of focused case studies and high level conceptual thinking, this volume is an important monument in the ongoing development of Inter-American studies The articles gathered here closely examine a wide variety of cultural phenomena implicated in the 'entanglements' which have defined the history of the Americas. From religious networks to music and dance, and across a range of literary and artistic works, the mobility of people, objects, and ideas in the Americas is expertly mapped. At the same time, the book represents a serious enterprise of theory-building. Drawing on the histories of postcolonial thought, mobility studies, and work on human migration, Mobile and Entangled America(s) clearly establishes a new interdisciplinary field attentive both to the complexities of cultural form and the pervasiveness of power relations. Each article stands as a significant piece of scholarship on its own, but all are in dialogue with each other. The result is a richly satisfying and important volume of cultural scholarship.

Latin America s Potential in Nation Branding A Closer Look at Brazil s Chile s and Colombia s Practices

Author : Eva Niesing
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In the globalized world of today, a well-elaborated, long-term oriented nation branding strategy can help nations to improve and to better control of their nation image. Nation branding activities increase the countries’ competitiveness in the global marketplace, and help to foster the tourism arrivals, inward foreign direct investment flows and exports, and further, they help to attract talented workforce and students. Despite its growing importance, most Latin American countries still have not engaged enough in the area of nation branding, and mostly only focus their activities on the tourism promotion. The region’s countries have a good image regarding soft factors such as their people and tourism attractions but have a weak image regarding their products and investment opportunities. Brazil has a relatively good nation image in many dimensions but still has not developed an extensive nation branding strategy. Chile and Colombia are among the Latin American countries which have started to conduct more complete nation branding activities. Although, such advances can be observed, there is still a lot of improvement potential in the nation branding practices of Latin American countries.

Federal Charter to Gold Star Wives of America S 1179

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Restoring America s Global Competitiveness through Innovation

Author : Ben L. Kedia
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America is at the frontier of modern technological and scientific advances and sustaining economic growth depends substantially on its ability to advance that frontier. This insightful book provides some important ideas to enhance this process. The con

Protecting America s Competitive Edge Act S 2198

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Subcommittee on Education and Early Childhood Development
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Decline in America s Reputation Why

Author : Bill Delahunt
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This report is based on a series of 10 hearings held by the Congress. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack there was worldwide sympathy and support for the U.S. Since then, polls have revealed a precipitous decline in favorability toward the U.S. and its foreign policy. As the very first witness told the Subcommittee, ¿We have never seen numbers this low.¿ The reversal is unprecedented and widespread. Americans are grasping for the answer, and competing schools of thought have emerged. Contents of this report: (1) What Do They Think, and Why? Eight Findings from Polling Data on International Opinion about the U.S. and Its Foreign Policy; (2) Conclusion: America¿s Monolithic Image; (3) Comments. Charts and tables.

106 2 Hearing Broadband Access In Rural America S Hrg 106 1100 March 28 2000

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America s Children in Brief

Author : Katherine K. Wallman
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This report provides an accessible compendium of indicators drawn from the most reliable official statistics across topics. Indicators are chosen because they are easy to understand; are based on substantial research connecting them to child well-being; vary across important areas of children¿s lives; are measured regularly so that they can be updated and show trends over time; and represent large segments of the population, rather than one particular group. The indicators are organized into seven sections, each focusing on a domain relevant to children¿s lives: Family and Social Environment; Economic Circumstances; Health Care; Physical Environment and Safety; Behavior; Education; and Health. Charts and tables.

America s Climate Security Act of 2007 S 2191

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Environment and Public Works
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