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Barack Obama Speeches

Author : Barack Obama
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This handsome leather-bound volume features 85 of Barack Obama’s most influential and impactful speeches—spanning more than a decade from his time in the Senate to his final day in the presidency. Hailed as one of the greatest orators of modern times, former President Barack Obama has inspired millions through his speeches. This gorgeous collection—a hearty 704 pages, in a timeless leather-bound edition with a foil-stamped cover and gilded edges—provides a comprehensive look at how Obama’s message of hope and change evolved from before his presidency until his last day in office. Today more than ever, these speeches resonate with optimism and keen insights that people of all viewpoints and political backgrounds can appreciate and learn from. Pieces include… Pre-presidential speeches that signified Obama as a rising star. Speeches from some of the most important events of his presidency. His first and second inaugural addresses, all of his State of the Union addresses, and his moving 2017 farewell speech. Dozens more, covering the greatest issues facing the United States and the world. Perfect for any political aficionado, newshound, or admirer of the 44th president of the United States, this collection makes an ideal gift.

Barack Obama

Author : Tim Cooke
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Even though Barack Obama is recognizable to young readers, do they know his life story and all that he's accomplished? This volume bridges the gap between news reports of his presidency and what elementary readers really want to know about the first black president. Pictures on each page and inspirational quotes lead readers effortlessly through the meticulously uncomplicated and age-appropriate language. This highly requested biography is sure to be a quick hit in any collection.

Barack Obama Selected Speeches

Author : Barack Obama
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Find inspiration in these selected speeches from the 44th president of the United States. This curated collection of landmark speeches chronicles Barack Obama's presence on the national stage, covers his signature policy initiatives, and addresses major moments in American life and history during his eight-year term as the 44th president of the United States. Also included are speeches he made after he left the White House—most notably, his eulogy for John Lewis and his speech at the 2020 Democratic National Convention. Obama’s eloquent speaking style and ability to connect with a wide range of audiences made him one of the most admired presidents in recent memory, even as he dealt with staunch party-line opposition in Congress. Barack Obama Selected Speeches is a volume that will appeal to those with a keen interest in history, politics, and the role that the United States has played in shaping today’s world.

Who Is Barack Obama

Author : Roberta Edwards
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As the world now knows, Barack Obama has made history as our first African-American president. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, this biography is perfect for primary graders looking for a longer, fuller life story than is found in the author's bestselling beginning reader Barack Obama: United States President.

Tribute to Barack Obama

Author : Jonathan J. Chawora
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Jonathan J. Chawora, an African who is a British resident, had never heard of Barack Obama until the junior senator from Illinois campaigned to be the Democratic presidential candidate. When Obama clinched the nomination, Chawora became intrigued, and when Obama delivered his victory speech the morning after the election, he could not hold back tears as he heard the U.S.'s first black president pronounce his famous slogan: "Yes we can!" His respect only grew after Obama banned the use of torture by American forces, sought to shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison, and pledged his commitment to fighting terrorism throughout the world. Through it all, Obama was calm under pressure and served as an example to future leaders. Even when he had to respond to Islamic State attacks, Brexit, the Ukrainian crisis, or the Syrian conflict, he kept his composure. Join the author and examine the lasting legacy of one of the greatest presidents the United States of America has ever had with this book.

The Rise of Barack Obama

Author :
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A collection of exclusive photographs with explanatory text captures Barack Obama's political career, from his first day in the U.S. Senate to the early months of his presidential campaign.

Leadership and Legacy

Author : Tom Lansford
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Applies a variety of scholarly approaches to analyze the long-term impact of President Obama as a leader and policymaker. Historic, intriguing, and important in so many ways, the Obama presidency will be studied by scholars and students for years to come. With the rise in hyperpartisanship, legislative gridlock, political dysfunction, “fake news,” and other negative trends, it is imperative that academicians weigh in with a rigorous assessment of Obama’s presidency. This volume applies a variety of scholarly approaches to analyze the impact of Obama as a leader and policymaker. Scholars from disciplines such as political science, history, environmental science, economics, and communication come together to provide an interdisciplinary and wide-ranging appraisal of the president. Across the varied chapters, Obama’s leadership is central to understanding the success or failure of his policies and initiatives. The president’s decisions and actions are also assessed against the constraints and possibilities created by the modern US political system, rapid changes in technology and society, and shifting patterns in international relations. The result is a book that covers executive leadership, administration, domestic issues, foreign and national security policy, and more, to present a comprehensive review of the Obama legacy. Tom Lansford is Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern Mississippi. Douglas M. Brattebo is Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the James A. Garfield Center for the Study of the Presidency at Hiram College. Robert P. Watson is Distinguished Professor of American History and Director of Project Civitas at Lynn University. Casey Maugh Funderburk is Vice Provost, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Director of the Speaking and Writing Center at the University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast.

Barack Obama

Author : Tamara L. Britton
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This title introduces readers to Barack Obama, the forty-forth and first African-American president of the United States. This engaging biography explores Obamas childhood, education, and early career. Readers learn how he overcame challenges and what inspired him to public service. The presidents first term accomplishments are reviewed, from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to the elimination of Osama bin Laden and the end of the war in Iraq. Final chapters look forward to second-term goals including addressing climate change, equal rights, tax reform, and gun control. A timeline highlights President Obamas personal and professional journey, while hard-to-find photos and engaging text complete this up-close examination of this historic individual. A special section includes qualifications for the office of the presidency, the address to write President Obama, quick-reference table of all presidents and their terms, an explanation of the Electoral College process, the term of office, the jobs benefits and perks, a diagram of the branches of government, and the line of presidential succession. A list of cabinet members and a list of Supreme Court appointments are also included. Glossary words in bold, an index, and phonetic spellings for those hard-to-pronounce terms, full-color and historic photographs, and primary source documents enhance and supplement the text. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Obama Quiz Book

Author : Jeanette Ivory Williamson
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The Obama Quiz Book includes questions that are educational and informative. The questions have been carefully compiled by Williamson using materials from President Barack Obama's novels; newspapers; magazines; Library of Congress collections and other governmental resources. There are two questions on each page; the answers to the questions, along with information sources and additional explanatory notes are printed on the back of each page. The first chapter presents questions about the United States Presidency. The questions and answers in Chapter 2 were selected from the information gathered about President Obama's childhood. President Obama's college years are featured in Chapter 3. President Obama's years as a community organizer in Chicago, Illinois provides the material for questions in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 highlights President Obama's days at Harvard Law School. The years that President Obama spent as a University of Chicago Lecturer, Civil Rights attorney, and Chicago politician can be found in Chapter 6. Chapter 7 provides details about the 2008 Presidential Campaign. President Obama's books, Grammy Awards as well as the President's speeches provide the material for Chapter 8. First Lady Michelle Obama and members of her family are featured in Chapter 9. Quotations from President Obama's friends; family and supporters can be found in Chapter 10. Also included in the Obama Quiz Book is an essay entitled, What President Barack Obama's Inauguration Means to Me written Brenda Truedell-Bell, a renowned African American Scientist. The Obama Quiz Book is meant for a diverse readership. This quiz book contains questions not only about President Obama, but the United States Presidency; United States Senate; United States electoral process and the 2008 Presidential Campaign. Now you can have the answers to some of these questions at your fingertips in the Obama Quiz Book.

The Audacity of Hope

Author : Barack Obama
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The junior senator from Illinois discusses how to transform U.S. politics, calling for a return to America's original ideals and revealing how they can address such issues as globalization and the function of religion in public life.