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Who Financed Hitler

Author : James Pool
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Uncovers the means by which Hitler built the base from which the Third Reich would rise through contributions, bribery, and blackmail.

Hitler and His Secret Partners

Author : James Pool
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In this powerful expose about Hitler's secret funding, James Pool tells the full story of the financial calculation, exploitation, and greed at the core of the Third Reich--including startling revelations about those who provided Hitler with money and the moral support he needed. The current furor over Nazi money held in Swiss banks makes this book extremely timely. photos. Print reviews.

Who Financed Hitler

Author : James Pool
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Called "one of the most useful and illuminating studies of Nazism" by The New Yorker, this highly acclaimed work of history unravels the secret financial web which Hitler spun across Europe and around the globe to bankroll his dream of world domination

Summary of Antony C Sutton s Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Author : Everest Media,
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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The post-World War II Kilgore Committee of the United States Senate heard detailed evidence from government officials that American financial assistance had helped build the German cartel system, and the German Wehrmacht. #2 The American business press was aware of the Nazi threat and the nature of German war preparations, and they warned their readers about them. They were also aware of the financial burden imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, and they used it for their own benefit. #3 The reparations Germany was required to pay after World War I were fixed at 132 billion gold marks. In 1924, the Allies appointed a committee of bankers to develop a reparations plan. The resulting Dawes Plan was largely a J. P. Morgan production. #4 The Young Plan was a successor to the Dawes Plan, and it was designed by Morgan agent Owen D. Young. It required payments in goods produced in Germany financed by foreign loans. German firms with U. S. affiliations evaded the Plan by the device of temporary foreign ownership.

Hitler and Film

Author : Bill Niven
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An exposé of Hitler’s relationship with film and his influence on the film industry A presence in Third Reich cinema, Adolf Hitler also personally financed, ordered, and censored films and newsreels and engaged in complex relationships with their stars and directors. Here, Bill Niven offers a powerful argument for reconsidering Hitler’s fascination with film as a means to further the Nazi agenda. In this first English-language work to fully explore Hitler’s influence on and relationship with film in Nazi Germany, the author calls on a broad array of archival sources. Arguing that Hitler was as central to the Nazi film industry as Goebbels, Niven also explores Hitler’s representation in Third Reich cinema, personally and through films focusing on historical figures with whom he was associated, and how Hitler’s vision for the medium went far beyond “straight propaganda.” He aimed to raise documentary film to a powerful art form rivaling architecture in its ability to reach the masses.

The Hitler Legacy

Author : Levenda, Peter
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"Peter Levenda's extensive investigative work--begun in 1979 and published as Unholy Alliance, and continued through his recent ground-breaking revelations in Ratline of an Indonesian route in the Nazi escape of war criminals and their network is in-depth researched in The Hitler Legacy of the impact and influence of the Nazi underground on terrorism and global security past and present"--

Hitler s Fortune

Author : Cris Whetton
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In 1918 Adolf Hitler was penniless: within 25 years he was probably the richest man in Europe. In his fascinating book the author sets out to discover not only the extent of Hitler's fortune but how it was amassed and with whose help. He finds that royalties of Mein Kampf represent only the tip of the iceberg. His publishing company Eher Verlag and his fund Adolf Hitler Spende, which many 'voluntarily' contributed to, turn out to be much more important. We learn how Hitler's attraction to the opposite sex proved hugely lucrative. This book also traces what happened to the property, the funds, the art collection, and other items after 1945 and reveals who is - and who is trying to -profit today from the legacy of Adolf Hitler. Amongst items never before revealed is recently discovered evidence for two of Hitler's bank accounts; the truth about the financing of Hitler's publishing empire; and many other previously undisclosed facts.

Hitler s Scientists

Author : John Cornwell
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In a rich and fascinating history John Cornwell tells the epic story of Germany's scientists from the First World War to the collapse of Hitler's Reich. He shows how Germany became the world's Mecca for inventive genius, taking the lion's share of Nobel awards, before Hitler's regime hijacked science for wars of conquest and genocidal racism. Cornwell gives a dramatic account of the wide ranging Nazi research projects, from rockets to nuclear weapons; the pursuit of advanced technology for irrational ends, concluding with with penetrating relevance for today: the inherent dangers of science without conscience.

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Author : Antony Cyril Sutton
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‘The contribution made by American capitalism to German war preparations can only be described as phenomenal. It was certainly crucial to German military capabilities... Not only was an influential sector of American business aware of the nature of Naziism, but for its own purposes aided Naziism wherever possible (and profitable) - with full knowledge that the probable outcome would be war involving Europe and the United States.’ Penetrating a cloak of falsehood, deception and duplicity, Professor Antony C. Sutton reveals one of the most remarkable but unreported facts of the Second World War: that key Wall Street banks and American businesses supported Hitler’s rise to power by financing and trading with Nazi Germany. Carefully tracing this closely guarded secret through original documents and eyewitness accounts, Sutton comes to the unsavoury conclusion that the catastrophic Second World War was extremely profitable for a select group of financial insiders. He presents a thoroughly documented account of the role played by J.P. Morgan, T.W. Lamont, the Rockefeller interests, General Electric Company, Standard Oil, National City Bank, Chase and Manhattan banks, Kuhn, Loeb and Company, General Motors, the Ford Motor Company, and scores of others in helping to prepare the bloodiest, most destructive war in history. This classic study, first published in 1976 - the third volume of a trilogy - is reproduced here in its original form. (The other volumes in the series study the 1917 Lenin-Trotsky Revolution in Russia and the 1933 election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States.)

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler

Author : Antony C. Sutton
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Finance and trading, history.