Who Cut the Cheese?

A Cultural History of the Fart


Author: Jim Dawson

Publisher: Springer Science & Business

ISBN: 9781580080118

Category: Humor

Page: 175

View: 2549

A humorous look at the influence of flatulence in religion, science, music, literature, television, film, and radio

Who Cut The Cheese?

A Cutting Edge Way of Surviving Change by Shifting the Blame


Author: Mason Brown

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743214463

Category: Humor

Page: 96

View: 2033

Who Cut the Cheese? uses a delightful little fable to encapsulate the fundamental rule of modern American management and the new economy: "Survive change by shifting blame." The fable revolves around two malevolent rats and two spiteful "Punypeople" who find themselves trapped together in a maze, fighting over a dwindling supply of constantly moving cheese. Some characters adapt readily to this treacherous, shifting environment -- blaming the weak and overpowering the helpless. Others perish in horror, praying for death. Read this book and live! Written for all ages, the story can be understood by even the youngest reader: The "maze"is a metaphor for life, and the "cheese" is a metaphor for whatever you desire in life -- be it worldly goods, spiritual well-being, or unspeakable sexual encounters too deviant even for the Internet. The more advanced reader will also understand the secondary message of the book: "Resistance is futile." As soon as change happens, we must accept it immediately or suffer the consequences. This heavy-handed lesson is designed to engender unquestioning obedience to authority, and makes the book an ideal gift for subordinates. Large companies would be well advised to give this book to each and every one of their employees, especially if they are considering a restructuring to bolster shareholder value. Extremely short, even including illustrations, the story takes less than an hour to read, but its unsettling conclusions on the nature of humanity should last a lifetime!

Who Cut the Cheese?


Author: Jo Nesbo,Mike Lowery,Tara F. Chace

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442433086

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 464

View: 7190

New adventures await Doctor Proctor, Lisa, and Nilly as they try to protect Oslo, Norway, from invading aliens, enormous snakes in the sewers, seven-legged Peruvian sucking spiders, and sinister waffle irons.

Cutting the Cheese


Author: Edward C. Patterson

Publisher: Edward C. Patterson

ISBN: 1434893847

Category: Fiction

Page: 118

View: 4663

Luke Oliver has just come out of the closet and confronts a brave new world - a meeting of the Gay and Lesbian Activist Association of New Birch and Sipsboro (GLAABS) - your run of the mill, gay political caucus. Run of the Mill? . . . my @$$. Stepping across the threshold of the Otterson estate exposes Luke to horny and hilarious shenanigans that give the Boys in the Band a run for its money. Who wants whom? Who has whom? Who will win Luke's . . . let's say, attentions? A self-effacing, comic romp through the Gay hierarchy, Cutting the Cheese is a reality check from the author's provocative coming out experience in a drizzled-pink world If your funny bone needs tickling and you don't mind seeing yourself in the mirror, pick up your knife and join the Cheddar Brigade - only, watch how you slice and dice it. This gang is fussy about size. It's every one for themself in New Birch's Gay Ghetto. To Hell with Robert's Rules of Order. This is a full revision for 2010.

Blame It on the Dog

A Modern History of the Fart


Author: Jim Dawson

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

ISBN: 0307778770

Category: Humor

Page: 176

View: 8226

Did you know that James Joyce liked to smell his wife'¬?s farts? That some fish communicate by expelling gas? Or that the Pentagon is developing weapons of mass olfactory destruction (WMOD)? That'¬?s just a whiff of what's in store in this breathtaking follow-up to the best-selling fart history, WHO CUT THE CHEESE?In BLAME IT ON THE DOG, eminent fartologist Jim Dawson sniffs out the latest and greatest new items of the past century, from flatulent robot dogs and fart fetishists to poot-proof underwear and anti-stink pills. In fifty breezy chapters, he spills the beans about scientific (wind)breakthroughs, celebrity butt rumblings, and real-life fartistes like Flatulina Fontanelle Boutier, cyberspace entertainer the Queen of Farts, and Mr. Methane, England'¬?s Prince of Poots. Plumbing the nether regions of politics, pop culture, and the (f)arts, this stinker of a bathroom book will leave you gasping for air. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Winchell Cuts the Cheese


Author: Peter Van Dijk,Taylor Lee

Publisher: Tricycle Press

ISBN: 9781582461403

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 3353

When an unpleasant odor wafts through the barnyard, Sheep asks, “Who cut the cheese?” Winchell the pig avoids the question again and again throughout the day. But at bedtime, the porcine stinker realizes good little piggies should excuse themselves after letting one slip. Vibrant art and clever wordplay introduce an adorable pig (and his long-suffering friends) as he comes to grips with that most natural—and embarrassing—of acts.Fun(ny) way to learn the etiquette of flatulence—without using the f-word.More Winchell books on the way!

Jo Nesbo's Fart Powder Series

Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder, Bubble in the Bathtub, Who Cut the Cheese


Author: Jo Nesbo

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1442461829

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 1240

View: 7067

An eBook boxed set of Jo Nesbo's Fart Powder series, featuring Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder, Bubble in the Bathtub, and Who Cut the Cheese?. In Dr. Proctor's Fart Powder, eleven-year-old Nilly moves to his new neighborhood in Oslo, Norway, and meets his neighbor, Doctor Proctor, an eccentric professor who invents wacky potions and powders—including an industrial strength fart powder that can send people to outer space. Bubble in the Bathtub features even more hijinks as Doctor Proctor has plans for a new invention. You see, he lost his true love years ago, when Juliette Margarine married an evil count. The good Doctor has never quite gotten over this, and he’s going back to change the course of history. But when things go wrong, it’s up to Nilly and Lisa to travel back in time to reunite the two lovebirds. In Who Cut the Cheese? Nilly, Lisa, and Doctor Proctor are too busy inventing things to watch TV, and everyone says they’re missing out on the hot singing competition. But then Nilly and Lisa notice that their friends and family are acting really weird. And the only people acting weird…are the ones watching TV.

Top Maui Restaurants 2008 From Thrifty to Four Star

Indispensable Advice from Experts Who Live, Play & Eat on Maui


Author: James Jacobson,Molly Jacobson

Publisher: Maui Media LLC

ISBN: 0975263145

Category: Travel

Page: 236

View: 9845

Opinionated and knowledgeable restaurant critics who live on Maui offer a user-friendly reference so island visitors can fulfill any food craving.

Discover Your Sweet Spot

The 7 Steps to Create a Life of Success and Significance


Author: Scott M. Fay

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1614485933

Category: Education

Page: 154

View: 1338

Learn to design, build, and maintain an effective and fulfilling life with this unique guide from the innovative entrepreneur, speaker, and author. To create an effective space, landscapers must design, build, and maintain that space. To create an effective life, we must do the same with ourselves. In this unique and insightful guide to crafting a better life, author Scott M. Fay uses a landscaping metaphor and an approachable, conversational style to reveal the seven steps that enabled him to find his own Sweet Spot of personal and professional success. These same steps helped Fay acquire fourteen distressed businesses and turn them into profitable environments for leadership and commerce. They prepared him to forge a partnership with the No. 1 leadership guru in the world and create the world’s fastest-growing speaking, coaching, and training team. It primed him to start several other ventures, projects, and initiatives related to his core strengths. And finally, it enabled him to create a robust life with a variety of opportunities. If this can work for Scott—a guy who wears jeans and boots and drives a pickup truck—then it can work for you too. In fact, it can work for any individual or organization serious about creating a growth environment. Discover Your Sweet Spot and discover the life you’ve always wanted.