A Whisper of Roses


Author: Teresa Medeiros

Publisher: Amber House Books

ISBN: 1939541131

Category: Fiction

Page: 425

View: 1963

Can a spirited beauty tame a Highland beast? Born into both affluence and adoration, Sabrina Cameron, the "princess" of Clan Cameron has never met a soul she couldn't charm—until she comes face to face with Morgan MacDonnell, the son of her father's lifelong enemy. As adults, they are thrown together to end the bloody feud between their families. Morgan spirits the delicate rose of a girl away to his rugged castle, never suspecting that his own surrender will be the sweetest victory of all. Book 3 of 5 of the Brides of the Highlands Series (Can be read in any order) The Brides of the Highlands Series includes The Devil Wears Plaid, Heather and Velvet, A Whisper of Roses, Some Like It Wicked and Some Like It Wild “A Whisper of Roses will make you laugh and cry.”—USA Today “Just one more fantastic example of Teresa Medeiros’s storytelling ability. Her characters leap from the page to capture your imagination and your heart. Enthralling and unforgettable!”—Romantic Times “Medeiros casts a spell with her poignant writing. An outstanding reading adventure from cover to cover!”—Rendezvous “A superb storyteller. Medeiros can pull every last emotion from the reader with tear-inducing scenes and laugh-out-loud dialogue.”—Booklist ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDITION Scottish romance, Highland romance, Clan romance, Bride romance

Teresa Medeiros


Author: Whisper of Roses

Publisher: Singapore Books



Page: N.A

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Blood Rose

A Legacy Reborn


Author: Lisa Hornsby

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469173255

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

View: 2000

Ever since Rose's mother died, she has planned her escape from her abusive step-father. Now she has finally managed to leave, and head to a cabin in the Montana hills where she and her mother had spent many happy days together. There, Rose begins to understand her own special abilities. As well as uncovering the secrets of her Chippewa legacy left behind for her by her mother. Before Rose was even born her grandmother a great Chippewa seer, enlisted Cole, a beautiful immortal man to look after Rose and protect her from the 'evil ones'. Together Rose and Cole embark on a journey that twists them through family secrets, unforeseen dangers, powerful abilities and unstoppable love.

As the Mountains Whisper


Author: Lucile Domon,Rose Jewett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462830176

Category: Fiction

Page: 188

View: 7702

THE CRITICS COMMEND AS THE MOUNTAINS WHISPER and Domon & Jewett "Priorities. Tonight dinner will be a little late, the kids are going to bed early and the TV won't even get turned on - you've got As The Mountains Whisper. "Finally, a heroine who keeps her mind (though maybe not her heart) while caught in a web of mystery laced with strands of attraction to the dangerous and deadly. Follow Lisa Warner as she bravely sets out alone to solve her younger sister's murder. Read descriptions so natural and complete you will find yourself in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, Canada. You too will be drawn to danger and a handsome stranger along with Lisa as she searches for answers at Kootenay Lake where there is much to hear...As The Mountains Whisper." ---Jennifer Proehl, Lewisville, TX "Lisa's investigation of her sister's murder is compelling and riveting. I read from page to page with anticipation. Amongst the great scenery, there is an edge of your seat kind of story, frightening but not gory. The characters are well drawn. It was an enjoyable read." ---Mary Evanger-Rambo, School Media Center Manager, Yakima, WA "Romance, murder and intrigue, all combined in this fast paced story, is sure to keep you reading to the last page." ---Mary Hammond, Carrollton, GA

Whisper of the Rose

Based on a True Story of Beauty, Tragedy and Hope


Author: Don Shilling

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781438289007

Category: Religion

Page: 216

View: 9556

Whisper of the Rose is based on the true story of Dorothy, a vibrant girl who brought joy and hope wherever she went. But when the Roman persecution of Christians came to her fourth-century city, joy and hope placed her in great danger. Dorothy's response to this threat stirred the hearts of those around her and has awarded her a special place in Christian tradition.

Blood & Roses


Author: C. Edward Samuels

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 149690401X

Category: Fiction

Page: 784

View: 9696

"Blood & Roses" is a tale of unspeakable acts of murder, misguided religious fervor and abject avoidance of anything human. A joint services Anti-Terrorist Special Operations Unit is ruthlessly slaughtered in the endless wild forests of Gray's Harbor County, Washington. The only calling card left behind by some murderous hoard is a wreath of blood-stained white roses next to the shredded remains of Yankee heroes! A Deputy Sheriff with an interesting history is asked by the Navy Judge Advocate General's Office, with permission from the Penatagon, to handle the investigation. He, along with fellow law enforcement and military specialists, chase shadows from coast to coast. A virtual quagmire of wild-goose-chases; false leeds, miss-information, miss-direction, attempts on thier lives, close calls, near misses and outright blackmail leads to the formation of a super-secret unit. Working surepticiously for the CIA, the Tyche Factor (Tyche - Greek and Roman mythological term for 'luck') follows fantical fundamentalist Islamic Jihadists from the waters of the Willapa Bay, Washington, to the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, to the Pasayten Wilderness back in Washington State, to Canada, and to Puget Sound. Eventually, the Factor uncovers a diabolical sceme to kill our President; the Prime Minister of Canada, two pro football teams, and some 70,000 fans at the Universtiy of Washington. In the process, a SEAL Vice Admiral's daughter, a Navy Lieutenant Commander and Tyche Factor member, is kidnapped by al-Quada mujahideens. The story then takes the Tyche Factor into the fires of hell going after their fellow unit agent. This is a tale of exactly how the shadow world of field operations Intelligence assets function. It ain't pretty; however, it is pretty accurate.

Wild Texas Rose


Author: Jodi Thomas

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101581344

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1409

From the New York Times bestselling Jodi Thomas comes this captivating tale about a headstrong beauty and the Texas Ranger who protects her without her knowledge. Twenty-five-year-old Rose McMurray may be beautiful, smart, and capable of running her family's ranch at Whispering Mountain, but she's backed away from marriage three times without giving anyone reasons. Everyone thinks she is a coward, afraid of any adventure, including falling in love. She's never done a single wild or reckless thing in her life...until now. Duncan McMurray, like Rose, was adopted into the family. As a Texas Ranger, he swears he'll never settle down and marry. He's been Rose's guardian angel since they were kids but for the first time in their lives he's the one who has caused her to be in danger. Somehow, he has to protect her from an outlaw gang determined to kill her without letting Rose know of the danger she's in. He's convinced that her heart can't take the stress if she knows...the only question is can his heart take the nearness of her. When opposites collide the adventure begins...

The White Rose


Author: George John Whyte-Melville

Publisher: N.A



Page: 357

View: 4487