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Where He Stands

Author : Spiro T. Agnew
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Where He Stands

Author : Dickson A. Mungazi
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The purpose of this book is to discuss some critical components of Albert Shanker's work in American education, first as a teacher, then as president of the AFT. This is done in the context of the developments that took place in the United States since 1902 and the formation of the AFT in 1916. It focuses on the elements of leadership that were critical to the development of the United States from that time to the present. It presents these developments in the context of Shanker's involvement since 1964. It also focuses on the dynamics of human relations cast in institutional settings. In doing so it presents features of a nation as it struggled with economic, social, and political issues that make society what it is. This discussion is done as a reflection of the need to strengthen democracy. The relations that Shanker has had with other people and organizations forms a critical component of the study.

He Stands Alone

Author : Randy Lee Eickhoff
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Randy Lee Eickhoff, the award-winning translator of the epic Ulster Cycle, continues his retelling of Ireland's spellbinding history and folklore in He Stands Alone. For the very first time, Randy Lee Eickhoff has combined several translations of the tale of the Irish Achilles, Cuchulainn, to provide a new and searching look at the warrior whose dedication to his country became the inspiration for Irish rebels in 1916, providing them with a rallying cry heard throughout all of Ireland. Beginning with Cuchulainn's mysterious birth, Eickhoff skillfully weaves the tale of the magical warrior; from his training with Scathach, the dreaded woman warrior, to his first encounter with the war-goddess, Morigan, a story that foreshadows Cuchulainn's heroic action the Cattle Raid of Cooley. Cuchulainn's adventures unfold as he grows in battle to become the king's champion, but, all the while, he struggles with his mortal side, and with human failings that inevitably draw him away from his wife, Emer, and under the spell of the mystical Fand, wife of the Irish sea-god, Manannan Mac Lir. In a style that is often compared to Nobel Prize winner Seamus Heaney's, Randy Lee Eickhoff demonstrates his knowledge and storytelling ability and once again introduces readers to a truly fascinating aspect of Irish mythology with He Stands Alone. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

She Stands Accused

Author : Victor Macclure
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[Y]our natural creature, not inhibited by reason, lives by theft, murder, and dissimulation. It lives, even as regards the male, but for one purpose: to continue its species. Enrage a woman, then, or frighten her into the natural creature, and she will discard all those petty rules invented by the human male for his advantage over, and his safety from, the less disciplined members of the species.... And she will fight you with tooth and talon, with lies, with blows below the belt-metaphorically, of course. -from the Introductory The subtitle says it all: "Being a Series of Accounts of the Lives and Deeds of Notorious Women, Murderesses, Cheats, Cozeners, on whom Justice was Executed, and of others, who, Accused of Crimes, were Acquitted at least in Law; Drawn from Authenticated Sources." In this deliciously histrionic book, Victor MacClure explores with glee a rogues' gallery "deeply shocking" women who were "less than kind and good, something so antagonistic to the smug conception of Eve as the 'minist'ring angel, thou.'" He regales us with the once infamous and now forgotten crimes of Lady Warriston, who in 1600 violently killed her aristocrat husband; the Countess of Somerset, who unleashed a scandal of adultery, witchcraft, strip poker, and murder at the court of King James the Sixth of Scotland and First of England; and others. True crime with an historical twist, this is a wonderfully wicked read. Scottish author VICTOR MACCLURE (1887-1963) also wrote Death on the Set, The Clue of the Dead Goldfish, and The Ark of the Covenant.

By Noble Things She Stands

Author : Carl Wells
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An important writer . . . or deservedly forgotten? Gwendoline Keats (pen name Zack) was born in a stately home just outside the small town of Northam, in Devon, in the western part of England in 1865. By 1896 she had begun publishing short stories which attracted considerable attention on both sides of the Atlantic. It was not unusual to see the word genius connected with her name. However, her writing career did not last long. The year 1903 marked the appearance of her fifth and final book. After that, silencefrom Zack, and from critics. She was quickly forgotten by the reading public. Most people who read books have never heard of her. By Noble Things She Stands contends that Gwendoline Keats/Zack is a writer of unique gifts, and one whose writing would be enjoyed by vast hordes of thoughtful readers.

He that stands on the Mountain

Author : Dameon Gibbs
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In this book one will come to understand how the mind is the mountain of God, which is the House of God, and how the House of God is the dwelling place of God. According to I Corinthians 6:19 the Church is the dwelling place of God. As believers we must understand that we are the cozy place where God wants to dwell. And by dwelling in us, He makes us erect (lit. to build up esteem) and fixes us up (lit. unwavering) into our purpose in Him. God wants us to become a place where the law of His words will flow to teach His people. “You will worship God on this mountain.....” Exodus 3:12

Official Report of the Standing Committees

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Where I Stand

Author : Abubakar Gumi (Sheikh.)
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Where He Leads Me

Author : Lois Ballard Crain
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Official Voters Pamphlet

Author : Oregon. Office of the Secretary of State
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