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Loving Someone Who Has Dementia

Author : Pauline Boss
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Research-based advice for people who care for someone with dementia Nearly half of U.S. citizens over the age of 85 are suffering from some kind of dementia and require care. Loving Someone Who Has Dementia is a new kind of caregiving book. It's not about the usual techniques, but about how to manage on-going stress and grief. The book is for caregivers, family members, friends, neighbors as well as educators and professionals—anyone touched by the epidemic of dementia. Dr. Boss helps caregivers find hope in "ambiguous loss"—having a loved one both here and not here, physically present but psychologically absent. Outlines seven guidelines to stay resilient while caring for someone who has dementia Discusses the meaning of relationships with individuals who are cognitively impaired and no longer as they used to be Offers approaches to understand and cope with the emotional strain of care-giving Boss's book builds on research and clinical experience, yet the material is presented as a conversation. She shows you a way to embrace rather than resist the ambiguity in your relationship with someone who has dementia.

Into the Mist

Author : Deborah Uetz
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Into the Mist, When Someone You Love Has Alzheimers Disease answers the questions that come along with an Alzheimers diagnosis. As Alzheimers reaches epidemic proportion more and more families are searching for answers that will best equip them to meet their needs and those of the Alzheimers patient. What are the symptoms of the early stages of Alzheimers disease? When should someone stop driving? Why is my loved one becoming withdrawn and insecure? Are hallucinations an occurrence with Alzheimers disease? Does Medicare or Medicaid cover expenses? How do I cope with the stress of constant care giving? Is Alzheimers disease fatal? Many other topics are addressed by leading Aging experts, researchers and a Neuropsychologist. Along with factual information the reader will be told the stories of three families caring for a loved one from the earliest stages to the last stages. Their personal accounts put a human face on the challenges of Alzheimers care giving. Jack, Frank and Shirleys stories are told by their daughters and they illustrate the commonalities and the differences among Alzheimers patients and the way their families handle their most difficult challenges. The book began as a personal journal but grew into a comprehensive resource for Alzheimers caregivers as well as a compilation of information from researchers, psychologists, Aging experts and families coping with this devastating illness all over the world. As you walk into the mist of Alzheimers disease this book serves as a roadmap because of the life lessons of others who have traveled this road before you. Deborah Uetz

When Someone You Love Has Dementia

Author : Susan Elliot-Wright
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Dementia affects more than 700,000 people in the UK; Alzheimer's is the most common cause of dementia, affecting around 417,000 people in the UK and some four million in the USA. While dementia affects mostly older people, some 17,000 young people also have dementia in the UK. There are treatments, but no cure. Caring for people with dementia is a well-recognized burden, but recently there have been moves to represent this in a more positive light, emphasising people with dementia as individuals who deserve respect, rather than as the challenge as which they have traditionally been viewed. Nevertheless, for individual carers without enough support, having a loved one with dementia often remains challenging. This book looks at practicalities and relationships, including: Defining Alzheimer's and other dementias; Diagnosis; After diagnosis; planning for the future; Medications to help with symptoms such as memory problems, wandering, and aggressive behavior; Other therapies such as music therapy; Practicalities: coping with strange behaviour, confusion, memory problems. Outside help and services and how to access them; Later stages of dementia; issues to consider such as residential care, financial arrangements, wills and living wills and coping with being a carer.

Help Someone I Love Has Alzheimer s

Author : Deborah Howard
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A small book helping people who care for loved ones with Alzheimer’s. A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease for someone we love can fill us with fear. Alzheimer’s robs people of their lives and dignity, and leaves grief and agony in its wake. How can we honor God when faced with this? This booklet will help you understand Alzheimer’s, learn about its practical implications, and, by meditating upon God’s Word, submit to God’s perfect will and find peace and joy along the journey.

Healing Your Grieving Heart When Someone You Care About Has Alzheimer s

Author : Alan D. Wolfelt
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Navigating the challenging journey that families and friends of Alzheimer’s patients must endure, this heartfelt guide reveals how their struggle is as complex and drawn out as the illness itself. Confronting their natural but difficult process of grieving and mourning, the study covers the inevitable feelings of shock, sadness, anger, guilt, and relief, illustrating the initial reactions people commonly feel from the moment of the dementia’s onset. Healthy and productive ways to acknowledge and express these feelings are suggested along with 100 tips and activities that fulfill the emotional, spiritual, cognitive, physical, and social needs of those who care about someone afflicted with this debilitating disease. Special consideration is also shown for caregivers, whose grief is often complicated by the demanding physical attention that patients require.

Alzheimer s Days Gone By

Author : Deanna Lueckenotte
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This book is designed to be an easy read for all dealing with someone with Alzheimer's; from the caregiver in the personal home to professional caregivers working in the long term care setting. It includes an overview of dementias as well as ways to cope with behaviors. Communication is also an important aspect covered. Research updates as well as possible resources for the caregiver are included. Activities of daily living and a lifestyle enhancement program are featured. A brief section on the medical side is included but again this book is not designed from the clinical prospective and its focus is toward helping caregivers cope with their current situation of taking care of someone with Alzheimer's. Short summaries of caregivers that found their "light in the tunnel" are included as the last chapter. The first chapter is about taking care of your self because the caregiver will find it a difficult feat to continue to care for someone with Alzheimer's if taking care of themselves is not a priority. The overall goal of the book is to give the caregiver a compass or light to help through the day to day care of the person with Alzheimer's.

Alzheimers Disease Love Lives On

Author : Angela V. Blackman
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WHEN YOU FIRST FOUND out that your loved one had Alzheimer's disease and you realized that you would have primary responsibility for their care, you probably experienced a wave of emotions: concern, fear, confusion, maybe even anger. You probably heard so much about the disease from friends and other family members and seen others go through the challenges associated with the disease that you were uncertain about your ability to cope. However, despite the fact that Alzheimer's disease is a serious condition and being a caregiver to someone with the disease can be an overwhelming experience that can lead to burnout. And, despite the fact that it can bring irreversible changes to lives and relationships causing many caregivers to try balancing their role with job and family responsibilities, the good news is that there is a lot you can do to stay healthy and improve your quality of life as you journey through the unchartered waters of Alzheimer's caregiving. There are millions of Alzheimer's caregivers, just like you, all over the world who provide invaluable care to family and friends and are able to continue living healthy and fulfilled lives. One in eight older Americans has Alzheimer's disease. It is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. Over 15 million Americans provide unpaid care for persons with Alzheimer's or other Dementia. In Canada one in every five Canadians provide some form of care for seniors with Alzheimer's disease and family caregivers contribute over $5 billion dollars of unpaid care. There are estimated to be over 670,000 people in the UK acting as the primary caregivers for people with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias and contributing over 8 billion pounds in unpaid care. Always keep in mind that how well you fare during this journey is determined by you. Being a caregiver to someone with Alzheimer's disease is something that you can manage well, by making some important lifestyle changes including mental, physical and spiritual changes. When you take the reins and make a conscious decision to survive, you will! I have seen this firsthand in my life, and that of family members and friends who have changed their approach to caregiving and have reaped the benefits-Your Life Guide to Preventing Alzheimer's Burnout will map out a clear and practical plan for living healthy, overcoming the challenges of Alzheimer's caregiving and surviving the journey physically, socially and emotionally sound. Once you know what the Alzheimer's disease is, how it affects your loved one and in turn you and others around and you sincerely want to make life easier and happier for you and your loved ones you'll feel more in control and less afraid of life and the future as a primary caregiver.

Help Someone I Love Has Alzheimers

Author : Deborah Howard
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A diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease for someone we love can fill us with fear. Alzheimer's robs people of their lives and dignity, and leaves grief and agony in its wake. How can we honor God when faced with this? This booklet will help you understand Alzheimer's, learn about its practical implications, and, by meditating upon God's Word, submit to God's perfect will and find peace and joy along the journey.

Walking in Their Shoes

Author : Michael Krauthamer
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"Walking In Their Shoes," is a sociological perspective on communicating with people diagnosed with moderate-severe Alzheimer's disease and where/how negative behaviors originate. This book includes true stories and illustrates how to successfully understand behaviors, resolve conflict, and redirect persons diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. The Alzheimer Association estimates between the years 2010 and 2030, 17 million people will become at high risk to develop Alzheimer's disease. It is important that you see the faces and realities of these people, not just the numbers. My book is designed to assist you in exploring the reality, and face, of Alzheimers disease by inviting you on a short journey into the world of Alzheimers disease. 2010 Alzheimers Disease Facts And Figures, Prevalence, pages 10-12: Alzheimers Association.

Living with Alzheimer s and Other Dementias

Author : Kylie Ladd Rand
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You or someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease or dementia. Chances are, through your shock and alarm your mind is teeming with questions. What will happen to me? Does this mean my husband will have to go into a nursing home? Can I still drive? Is it OK for my mother to continue to babysit my children? Are there any pills that can help? And most of all, what on earth should I do next?