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When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness

Author : Marge Eaton Heegaard
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A workbook to help children deal with feelings about serious illness. An excellent resource for helping children learn the basic concepts of illness and various age-appropriate ways of coping with someone else's illness.

Promoting Psychological Well Being in Children with Acute and Chronic Illness

Author : Melinda Edwards
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Living with a chronic illness can have a significant psychological impact on a child and his or her family, and it is essential that this aspect of their care is not overlooked. This book provides a comprehensive guide to promoting the psychological well-being of children with chronic illnesses and medical conditions, covering support within health, social services and education. It discusses issues such as the impact of diagnosis and the experiences of children and their families in managing their medical condition and treatment. Strategies to support children and help them to cope with medical conditions are demonstrated, including cognitive behavioural and systemic approaches, and techniques such as relaxation and motivational interviewing. Case examples from clinical practice are given to illustrate the application of psychological ideas and frameworks to a variety of medical conditions and psychological difficulties. The book also includes a comprehensive resources section of where to look for further information. This will be an essential book for all professionals working with children with medical conditions, including psychologists, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, social workers, speech and language therapists, dieticians and play therapists.

Parenting Through Illness

Author : Leigh Collins
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Parents get sick. Their lives change radically, and quickly. This book offers immediate, practical and experienced advice for adult family members and others responsible for the wellbeing of children when one parent has a serious illness. The authors are both clinical social workers with years of training and time spent with children and families in crisis. They establish a clear and authoritative voice, while keeping a tone of encouragement throughout. With its matter-of-fact language, the book is organized to make it easy for parents to turn to the sections they most need, when they need them. Collins and Nathan keep their readers focused on the child in every situation, while always supporting reasonable boundaries in positive self-care for the adults who serve them. The authors remind us that the task of parenting is hard enough, even when Mom and Dad are healthy, energetic and emotionally strong. Add a diagnosis of cancer, heart disease, or a debilitating accident to the mix, and parenting can quickly become overwhelming. They acknowledge that anyone faced with a serious health crisis will be challenged daily to decide on treatment options, to reorient priorities, and to deal with the many stages of grief that humans suffer when confronted with survival issues. They help us remember that one member’s illness will affect the entire family system, and explain how. The book is unique: • It deals with any kind of serious illness, not just cancer. • It explains how children of different age ranges commonly react to a parent’s illness, or other family crisis. • It suggests specific language in talking to children of different ages. • A full chapter is devoted to advantages and disadvantages of using information technology, rarely covered in other books on this topic. • Based on extensive qualitative research. • Includes excerpts from interviews with parents and children coping with illness in the family. Both authors rely on their training, but also on early life experience in which they encountered traumatic family events. As a teenager, Courtney Nathan lost her mother to breast cancer. Leigh Collins suffered a terrible accident as a young child, and was confined in hospital for many weeks. Their book reflects a dedication to other families who face such life-altering circumstances. The book has received wide endorsement from medical doctors and social service personnel who know the urgent need for this information for their patients and

Helping Children and Adolescents with Chronic and Serious Medical Conditions

Author : Nancy Boyd Webb
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Praise for Helping Children and Adolescents with Chronic and Serious Medical Conditions A Strengths-Based Approach "Helping Children and Adolescents with Chronic and Serious Medical Conditionsprovides a wellspring of knowledge, from the theoretical to the clinical. The many vignettes and transcriptions immeasurably enrich the reader's understanding of the interventions and their broader applicability."—Barbara M. Sourkes, PhDJohn A. Kriewall and Elizabeth A. Haehl Director of Pediatric Palliative CareLucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford An important and practical guide to providing compassionate care and support to medically compromised children and their families Helping Children and Adolescents with Chronic and Serious Medical Conditions: A Strengths-Based Approach presents practical guidance on integrating the latest research into evidence-based practice to ensure the best client care. Edited by a top scholar in the field, this essential resource contains contributions from renowned specialists in various helping fields. Utilizing an inter-professional perspective, helping professionals will draw from the experiences and expertise of a wide range of medical professionals, providing a "window" into their roles, responsibilities, and challenges, offering the most effective approaches for working with this special population of children and their families. Equipping practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to encourage children's resilience and help them build their emotional strengths, this book uses a caring yet authoritative tone and discusses: The emotional impact of illness on the individual and the family Child-life practice in hospitals School-based interventions for children and adolescents with medical conditions How to meet the spiritual as well as emotional needs of children with chronic and life-threatening illness With thoughtful coverage of positive helping approaches that encourage family and individual strengths, Helping Children and Adolescents with Chronic and Serious Medical Conditions: A Strengths-Based Approach is an invaluable resource for social workers, teachers, school counselors, and other mental health and medical professionals who work with medically challenged children and adolescents in every setting.

When Someone Has a Very Serious Illness

Author : Marge Eaton Heegaard
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Handbook of Long Term Care of The Childhood Cancer Survivor

Author : Grace A. Mucci
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This authoritative reference examines in depth the myriad challenges facing pediatric cancer survivors and proposes a robust framework for structured follow-up of these patients through adulthood. Approaches to long-term follow-up include both established models of care and targeted models of lifelong surveillance of late effects by bodily systems and neurological outcomes. Sections devoted to quality of life and re-entry after treatment focus on key concerns such as health risk behaviors, school and career issues, psychological challenges, and care disparities. And a robust resources section adds extra usefulness to the expert coverage. Among the Handbook's topics: • Developmental considerations in the transition from child and adolescent to adult survivorship. • Long-term follow-up roadmaps by disease and treatment. • Neuropsychological effects of pediatric brain tumors and associated treatment. • Building resiliency in childhood cancer survivors: a clinician’s perspective. • School issues and educational strategies for survivors of childhood cancer. • Educating and preparing the childhood cancer survivor for long-term care: a curriculum model for cancer centers. A work of rare scope, scholarship, and clinical acumen, the Handbook of Long-Term Care of the Childhood Cancer Survivor is a rewarding, practice-building resource essential to a wide range of healing professionals, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, oncologists, nurses, psychologists, neuropsychologists, child psychologists, and licensed therapists.

Preparing a child for loss

Author : Macmillan Cancer Support
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Produced with Winston's Wish for parents who have a diagnosis of terminal cancer and are nearing the end of life. It aims to support them in having the difficult conversations necessary to prepare a child for the death of a parent or close family member.

A Practical Guide to Early Intervention and Family Support

Author : Emma Sawyer
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Parental mental health problems and substance misuse affect a significant number of families. This handbook provides practitioners with early intervention techniques and effective support strategies for ensuring the best outcomes for these vulnerable families. Featuring pointers, models and practice examples, A Practical Guide to Early Intervention and Family Support considers the concept of resilience and effective family support. Assessing the policy context and possible barriers to support, it looks at assessment of need, safeguarding children, minimising negative impact, and most importantly, keeping families together where possible. Drawing on key research on the risks and impacts, this book demonstrates the need for a unified approach from a range of adult and children's services. This third edition has been fully updated to reflect developments in policy and services. Essential reading for all professionals who are involved in providing services to families, it will also be of interest to service commissioners and those with an academic interest in what helps to support children and families in these circumstances.

Growing Community Health Literacy through Libraries

Author : Prudence W. Dalrymple
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The capacity to understand and communicate health information is a major international health concern. Sponsored by the Health and Biosciences Section of International Federation of Library Associations, this book highlights the contribution that librarians are making to improving health literacy and enabling citizens to be active participants in the management of their own health. Knowledge is power and the World Health Organization recognizes that health literacy, involving effective access to and understanding of health information, is essential to health and well-being in society by empowering and enabling citizens to participate in their own healthcare. The book presents inspiring studies from an international group of authors showing how libraries and librarians are partnering with diverse sectors of society including universities, hospitals, public health clinics, community-based organisations, voluntary bodies and government agencies, to help citizens understand and manage their health. It provides guidance by example to suggest how libraries can help citizens participate in their healthcare and their communities by collaborating with others to increase health literacy in society.

Hand in Hand

Author : Betty Bedard-Bidwell
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