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When Peacocks Dance

Author : Vasanthi Victor
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In these stories there is an interweaving of the past and the present while the main characters -women are seemingly engaged in some ordinary pursuit of daily life. As in The Long Journey where Kamala is traveling by rail, or in the case of Nirmala in The Corner Laundromat, Asha waiting to pick up her child outside school in Blessing From Above, Uma commuting to work in Silicon Valley in Suburban Mona Lisa; the small betrayals or infidelities in their lives, whether real or imagined, and their effort in surmounting these form the main theme of this collection. The stories are short and precise and written in a compelling narrative voice that draws the reader in. There are no boundaries here, whether it be the U.S. or India, they all celebrate women's lives-their trials and tribulations and the heartfelt messages of soul and survival. "Vasanthi Victor's stories are infused with tastes and textures of India. Her ability to transform the mundane and ordinary with her words drew me into her stories and I stayed with her characters through their sorrows, their dreams and their victories." -Amulya Malladi, author of A Breath of Fresh Air and The Mango Season "The surprises emerge when we realize the skill with which she is able to portray the wide range of characters in her stories short and precise and the narrative voice is fascinating These are the kinds of stories that may become the stitches that keep our lives seamed together." -from the foreword by Roshni Rustomji-Kerns, author of The Braided Tongue, editor of Living In America and other anthologies

When Peacocks Dance

Author : Juhi Sinha
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Who can suppress excitement at the first sighting of looming monsoon clouds? Who can deny the joyful prospect of relief from the unrelenting heat of an Indian summer? The season draws every corner of our vast, diverse country together—regardless of what we call it, how we deal with it or where we live, we all understand the monsoon. In this anthology, Juhi Sinha celebrates the monsoon with monsoon recipes and festivals from different parts of the country, and fiction and poetry both modern and historical. With Khushwant Singh, Ruskin Bond and Rabindranath Tagore; the Meghaduta, the Ramayana and the Rig Veda; and, of course, Alexander Frater, this book is the perfect medley to bring the rains alive anytime and anywhere.

Dance O Peacock

Author : Aruna Jethwani
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"The novel opens up uncomfortable questions about the biological and social, lack and love and reform and rebellion-to which there are no easy answers. Dance O' Peacock is a truly engaging account of a woman's search for love, meaning and calling a search for herself." - Dr. Sharmila Rege, Director, KSP Women's Studies Centre, University of Poona, Pune "Dance O'Peacock is the story of Neelam, an intelligent and independent woman. She struggles hard to get rid of the oppressing tradition of taboos. To find solace and to build up inner strength, she puts relationships at stake and rigorously strives for emotional and intellectual freedom; where she can have every right to nurture the weltanschauung of her own. Neelam's voice against the tradition and history, that have thrown her into such a predicament, could be termed feminist." - Dr. Khursheed Alam, Urdu writer

Dance of the Peacocks

Author : James McNeish
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The true story of five talented young men in exile in the time of Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung. 'Altogether they knew five wars, three revolutions and - in the case of Ian Milner, accused in the Cold War of being a spy - a slander.' Regarded by one critic as 'the best book published in New Zealand in the last twenty years', this is a fascinating story based on letters, diaries and interviews in several countries. It is the story of a group of Rhodes scholars, five young men - James Bertram, Geoffrey Cox, Dan Davin, Ian Milner, John Mulgan - caught up in the turmoil of their times: Spain, Hitler's Germany, Greece and North Africa, Eastern Europe, China. They left New Zealand in the thirties for 'the dreaming spires' of Oxford. War intervened. Only one returned.

When Peacocks Dance

Author : Juhi Sinha
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Peacock in Indian Art Thought and Literature

Author : Krishna Lal
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The National Bird Of India Is The Peacock. Majestic And Graceful, With A Beautiful From And Charming Colours, It Caught The Fancy Of The Indian Artisans From Early Times, Who Used It Profusely In Their Artistic Creations. From The Harappan Period To The Present Day, In Every Art Expression, The Peacock Is Beautifully Portrayed. It Has Been Depicted As A Sacred Bird; Mount Of Kartikeya, An Important Deity Of Hindu Pantheon And An Absent Lover In The Miniature Paintings.The Present Monograph Is An In Depth Study Of All Aspects Related To This Bird Its Habitat, History, Narration In Indian Mythology And Literature, Various Forms, Its Uses And Medicinal Properties Mentioned In Ancient Texts. 107 Carefully Selected Colourful Illustrations And 25 Sketches On The Subject Show Various Aspects Of Peacock In Art Forms.

Cry the Peacock

Author : Anita Desai
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Cry, the Peacock is the story of a young girl, Maya, obsessed by a childhood prophecy of disaster. The author builds up an atmosphere of tension as torrid and oppressive as a stifling Indian summer, both in the crowded, colourful cities and the strangely beautiful countryside. Maya’s extreme sensitivity never alienates the reader because it is rendered in terms of measurable human loneliness... How well Desai does in the business of carrying her narrative through to a satisfactory, even explosive end.' — The Times Literary Supplement, London

Amazing Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge for UPPSC UPSSSC other Competitive Exams

Author : Disha Experts
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Dance of Divine Love

Author : Graham M. Schweig
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The heart of this book is a dramatic love poem, the Rasa Lila, which is the ultimate focal point of one of the most treasured Sanskrit texts of India, the Bhagavata Purana. Judged a literary masterpiece by Indian and Western scholars alike, this work of poetic genius and soaring religious vision is one of the world's greatest sacred love stories and, as Graham Schweig clearly demonstrates, should be regarded as India's Song of Songs. The story presents the supreme deity as the youthful and amorous cowherd, Krishna, who joins his beloved maidens in an enchanting and celebratory "dance of divine love." Schweig introduces this work of exquisite poetry and profound theology to the Western world in the form of a luminous translation and erudite scholarly treatment. His book explores the historical context and literary genre of the work and elucidates the aesthetic and emotional richness of the composition, highlighting poignant details of this drama of divine love. Schweig illuminates the religious dimensions and ethical nuances of the drama, drawing widely from the commentaries and esoteric vision of masters of the Caitanya school of Vaishnavism, a prominent devotional Hindu tradition. Themes such as transcendence of death through love, the yoga of devotion, the contrast between worldly love and passionate love for God, and the dialectical tension between ethical boundaries and boundless love are presented. The final event of the Rasa dance, the author concludes, presents a dynamic symbol of supreme love that provides the basis for a theological vision of genuine religious pluralism.

Kathakali Dance Drama

Author : Phillip Zarrilli
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Kathakali Dance-Drama provides a comprehensive introduction to the distinctive and colourful dance-drama of Kerala in South-West India for the first time. This landmark volume: * explores Kathakali's reception as it reaches new audiences both in India and the west * includes two cases of controversial of Kathakali experiments * explores the implications for Kathakali of Keralan politics During these performances heroes, heroines, gods and demons tell their stories of traditional Indian epics. The four Kathakali plays included in this anthology, translated from actual performances into English are: * The Flower of Good Fortune * The Killing of Kirmmira * The Progeny of Krishna * King Rugmamgada's Law Each play has an introduction and detailed commentary and is illustrated by stunning photographs taken during performances. An introduction to Kathakali stage conventions, make-up, music, acting, and training is also provided, making this an ideal volume for both the specialist and non-specialist reader.